price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

The topic of this article is very important for anyone planning any construction. It will be a question of how the installation of snow catchers is carried out and what is the price for working in Moscow and the Moscow region. After you read the text, you will no longer have questions about what types of structures there are, on which roof they are installed, and how much the installation process costs. Now you can order for your home or technical room the correct and suitable design, taking into account all the features of the building.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

Snow guard on the roof of the house

What is the snow guard

Snow guard is most often metal structures on the surface roofing material needed so that the snow does not fall from the roof. Such a solution does not allow the entire snow cap to disappear in a single layer, but keeps it until it melts. At the same time melt water will flow down the drain system strictly to the designated areas. For a modern home it is very important to have such an addition. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • The risk of a large amount of snow suddenly disappears, which in turn increases safety.

  • The snow is on the roof until it melts , and then the water goes through the drainage system. This is very convenient, because the bottom does not form puddles and the material from which the tracks are made does not deteriorate, and the foundation of the building does not heat up.

  • While snow lies on the surface of the roof, it performs the function of insulation , due to its looseness and poor thermal conductivity.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

A snow guard is needed to prevent snow falling from the roof

How to choose a snow guard

When choosing this design, you should pay attention to several factors. First, you need to take into account the angle of the roof. From this depends largely on how successful the installation of snow catchers on the roof will be. Secondly, you should definitely pay attention to information about how much precipitation falls in your area. Thus, it will be possible to calculate the required barrier height. Thirdly, in order to fix the structure reliably and firmly on the roof surface, it is necessary to take into account which roofing material was used to create the coating.

Depending on any requirements and conditions, you can stop at either a dense solid barrier, or a snow guard, the design of which provides for the passage of snow through itself. The former are called snow barriers and are needed to fully retain the entire mass of snow on the roof.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

To select the height of the snow barrier barrier, you need to know the amount of precipitation in your area

The second type is snow cutters. They allow the descent of the snow cap in thin layers. The advantage of such a device is that the entire mass of the coating can not descend immediately, and part of it will remain before it melts. In addition to safety for people, it can also protect against damage to the roof surface.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

Snow cutters allow snow to fall in thin layers

Various designs of snow holders

Tubular snow blowers are the most popular. This is a fairly simple device of two tubes that are attached to brackets, which are metal plates with holes. The disadvantage is that they can be fixed only with the help of special screws, and the price for such accessories is quite high.

Typically, the price for work on installing snow guard of this type is lower than for other types of structures. The diameter of the tubes ranges from 15 to 30 millimeters. Mounted on the roof with any coating, whether metal, wood or Ondulin.

Most professionals believe that this type of design is most successful and can be used on almost any building. It is also possible to install on the roof, which was operated before.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

The snow protector can be installed on the roof with any cover

The tubular snow cutter must be installed in one line. If you pick it up to the color of the roofing, it will be almost invisible on the roof.

During the installation process, such snow guards usually first make holes with a drill, and then assemble the structure without tightening the bolts. The brackets are fixed through the cover to the batten. The lower part is fixed on the eaves, then the fixing elements are connected by tubes, and the bolts are tightened to the stop.

Also used are snow stoppers that look like hooks. The problem is that such elements will not be able to hold a large mass of snow, so they are only suitable in cases when regular roof cleaning is carried out. Most often, such devices are installed on a soft roof.You can also use hooks as an auxiliary addition to other types of snow guard.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

Hooks are used as an auxiliary addition
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Lattice snow retainers are used when there is a lot of pressure on the structure. Such a barrier is able to hold an impressive mass of snow on the roof surface, due to its design. But the price for work on installing snow guard of this type is slightly higher than for analogues. The effectiveness of the design depends on its height. Installed under the slope. You can always choose the color of the finish coating.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

Lattice snow protectors hold a large mass of snow

Corner snow protectors are often mounted on metal-coated roofs and are used in cases where need to hold a significant mass of snow. Such barriers are installed both in one line and at different levels. But do not install them on the roof with a slope greater than 30 °.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

Corner snegozaderzhatel

On wooden-roofed roofs, for example, from a tree or shingle, sometimes used as a snow guard, a log using hooks. However, such a construction can be found quite rarely. To increase efficiency, the barrier is mounted at a height of several centimeters above the surface. Due to this, part of the snow, having melted, flows down the drainage system, and the rest of the mass remains lying.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

The log can be used on wooden roofs

Price for installing snow catchers

Price for installing snow catchers on the roof depends on several factors :

  1. At what stage are the roofing works (if the roofing is fully installed, the price rises, due to the difficulty of getting attachments to the batten).

  2. View of the snow guard.

  3. Material from which the roofing is made.

Also, the final cost of all installation work increases with increasing roof area and length of structures, because all firms specify the price per meter.

It is also worth noting that by trusting the work to professionals, you get a guarantee that everything will be done with high quality and reliable. You should not try to install snow catchers on your own, if only because this requires special tools and tools.

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price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

You should not try to install the snow guard yourself

So, let's go directly to the price offers. The price of installation of snegozaderzhatel on metal roofing is on average 500 rubles per linear meter on the finished roof and 350 rubles on the roof, the installation of which is not yet completed. The same price was established for the installation of snegozaderzhateley on a soft roof. Fastening the barriers to the folded roof and composite tile will cost 600 rubles per meter for the mounted roof and 400 for the unfinished.

Now we will consider the prices for the installation of snow holders on the roof, if the roofing consists of ceramic tiles or sheeting. In this case, construction companies offer you to make installation of 650 rubles per meter, if the topcoat is already installed and 450, if the roofing work is not finished yet.

price for work in Moscow and Moscow region

Installed snegozaderzhatel

Sometimes when calculating the cost of work the company is not based on the roofing, but on the type of construction. So the cost of installing a tubular barrier will cost about 400 rubles per linear meter, and the price of installing a snow barrier will average 350 rubles a meter.

The griddled snow guard will be installed at 500 rubles per meter, and the assembly of the logs will be carried out at a price of 550 rubles per square meter. Here is the average price in Moscow for the installation of snow holders on metal roofing. But the cost may be slightly increased due to the use of another type of roofing.

Most often, the measurement is made free of charge by a representative of a construction company. After that, the manager is ready to listen to your wishes, and only then the final cost is calculated.

From the video you can find out how to install the snow holders on the roof correctly:

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Now the installation of snow stoppers on the roof of a house is just coming into fashion.Such a device can provide good protection for your roof against damage caused by a sudden snow cap. You will also supplement the roof with this element, you will increase safety, as well as adjust the drainage system. During frosts, the snow cap will act as an additional layer of insulation. Now, after you have familiarized yourself with the prices for the installation of snow catchers and with the main types of structures, you have the opportunity to order such an adaptation for your home without spending extra money.


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