Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

Sometimes it seems that the times of low-cost housing, when, after several years of savings, an ordinary family could afford to buy an apartment or a house, is over. Now the standard option for a poor person is a mortgage for many years with a huge overpayment. But innovations in the construction industry offer another opportunity - modular homes for year-round living, the price of which is affordable even with an average income level.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

Design of a modern modular house

Modular houses: device and features

Low cost of modular houses due to their simplicity construction and lack of architectural delights that are inherent in capital construction. A modular house for year-round living is set up as follows:

  • Frame. Made of metal, wood, or a combination of these materials.

  • Panels. Mounted on the base, acting as a wall, roof, or ceiling. Available in standard sizes - 2.4 x 4.8 m.

  • Outer sheathing. Moisture-resistant plywood, which provides protection against various atmospheric influences.

  • Inner surface. Cement-bonded particle plate is a modern, durable and durable composite material.

  • In the middle of the panels heat insulation is placed, the thickness of which is calculated in accordance with the average annual temperature in the region.

Additionally, all materials are treated with special compounds: for metal, a coating with anti-corrosion properties is used, for wood - impregnation, which increases fire resistance and protects against rotting.

As a result, standard-size block-modules are obtained, from which a single dwelling will be assembled in the future.

A characteristic feature of modular homes is the possibility of construction at any time of the year. Reduced requirements that are imposed on this type of buildings, allow you to install them without reference to the season.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

Construction of a modular house

Advantages and disadvantages of a finished house from a factory

Before purchasing a modular house for permanent accommodation, you need to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of this type of buildings.

Benefits include:

  • The minimum time that runs from placing the order to putting the finished housing into operation.

  • Versatility. It is possible to build a low-rise building in almost any conditions. If for capital construction there are a number of restrictions, for example, on the composition and density of the soil, then for modular houses there are much fewer obstacles, as they are much easier.

  • High performance strength and durability . Given the characteristics of the materials of manufacture, the building is able to stand for about half a century without the need for major repairs.

  • Improved functional properties inherent in modern building materials.

  • Possibility of unlimited expansion of the area by adding new modules with certain parameters.

  • Low weight . This allows significant savings on the foundation.

  • Ability to move. Modular frame houses are not only quickly assembled, but just as quickly dismantled into separate blocks, which allows them to be moved if necessary.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

Modular house of original design

Among the shortcomings it should be noted:

  • Height restriction. The strength characteristics of the frame do not allow buildings to be erected above three floors.

  • Whatever your preferences regarding building exteriors, because of the characteristic shape of the modules, the design will still be cubic, so there are some limitations in appearance.

  • Standard panels do not always provide an adequate level of sound insulation , so you have to fork out a little for additional finishing if the house owners do not want to hear everything that is happening outside.

Although the minuses are present, they are not global in nature, do not have a significant impact on the functional characteristics and in some cases can be ignored.

The advantages listed above make it possible to classify modular homes for year-round living as modern, affordable and high-quality housing.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of modular houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition “Low-Rise Country”.

Construction of a turnkey modular home

Low cost makes it possible not to save unnecessarily, but to order turnkey modular homes, completely shifting the work to the shoulders of a construction company that will provide the client with a finished building.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

Modular house before settling owners

The whole process can be divided into five points, each of which has its own significance.

  • Examine the sentences. The choice of a particular construction company will largely determine the durability and reliability of the building.

  • Do not neglect reading reviews of people who have already acquired and live in a modular home for some time. This will help to avoid some mistakes.

  • Define a approximate design . A professional on the basis of your outline, supplemented by specific wishes, will be able to develop a unique one or pick up one of the typical projects.

  • Documentation. You should have a package of drawings with marked utilities, windows and door openings and other important characteristics. You will need to enter into an agreement with a construction company and get permission to start work.

  • Estimates. The customer is provided with settlement documentation indicating the necessary volumes of materials and a list of work performed. The client, signing this document, agrees with the proposal; the contractor undertakes to deliver the object with the listed parameters in strict accordance with the specified time frame, without going beyond the agreed budget.

By focusing on this list, the customer will be able to protect himself from unforeseen expenses and get a high-quality modular home.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

A comfortable modular home is ideal for a large family.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer modular design services. houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Basic principles for the construction of modular homes

There are "three whales" on which the production of block houses stands:

  • Versatility. Thanks to changes in the internal filling of the base module, you can make the living room, bathroom or garage.

  • Low price , obtained by adding three indicators. Cheaper modern materials, in the manufacture of which they abandoned massiveness and seeming capitalism for the sake of increasing functional qualities. Reduced options for architectural diversity. Reducing the requirements for the foundation - the most expensive parts of construction.

  • Construction speed. Large components, a single size and factory assembly allow to hand over finished objects a few weeks after the conclusion of the contract.

The listed characteristics prove that the construction of modular houses is a huge step forward in providing everyone with comfortable accommodation.

Clearly about modular homes in the video:

Production of a modular house

The process of building block buildings can be divided into four stages:

  • Creating at the factory of the module in accordance with the developed project.

  • Delivery of separate blocks to the place of construction of the house.

  • Assembling a a single structure of individual elements.

  • Connection of external communications to the internal engineering network of the building.

A similar approach provides high construction speed.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

Factory hall where separate modules are created

Turnkey pre-fabricated houses: prices and stages of construction

Citizens Our country has a distrust of inexpensive things. This is the only reason why modular construction has not yet become comprehensive. Therefore, it is necessary to explain why a house for turnkey year-round living is inexpensive, using as an example the consideration of each stage of building construction.

  • Fundam. Capital construction requires a massive foundation, which takes an impressive part of the budget, and its installation takes a lot of time. Modular homes are lightweight, they can be installed on inexpensive screw piles, which are quickly mounted and cost much less.

  • Walls. Brick, wood, cinder block and other similar materials are small in size of individual elements, construction takes a long time, workers are paid, the price rises. The block building is delivered to the object as a finished product - this means that even if the installation is not included in the price, you will have to pay only one working day for the crew of installers - the savings are evident.

For an example of installing a modular home in one day, look at the video:

It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the projects of frame houses up to 100 sq. M. m.
  • Roof. Instead of assembling rafters, ceilings, ridges, crates and other components, a ready-made module is installed, which again saves time and money.

  • Engineering communications. In case of standard construction, they are mounted after the erection of walls and ceilings, in a modular house they are laid at the production stage. At the facility, you only need to connect the internal parts and connect them to the engineering routes outside.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

The process of assembling a modular home in the area

In accordance with the listed construction steps, the price of a modular home is much lower similar in size and indicators of a standard building. For example, a brick building will cost 2.5 times more than a block.

Individual design of modular homes

Despite the characteristic form of the modules, thanks to the development of an individual project, you can give unique features to any building. Combining the wishes of the client, his own professional experience, construction standards related to the laying of communications, the location of the rooms and interior elements inside the house, the specialist is able to create an exclusive product.

Individual design allows not only to select a modular house in a series of similar buildings, but also successfully fit it into the landscape or beat the characteristic features of the site. Developed by professionals, the designs are characterized by high ergonomics and rational use of the internal space.

It is also necessary to take into account the weather of the area. For example, modular homes for year-round living in Yekaterinburg require good thermal insulation, due to the changing climate.

About modern modular frame Finnish houses with individual planning, see the video:

Modular homes for year-round living in the country

In the presence of a country site where it is necessary to spend a lot of time caring for the crop or watching the garden, you should pay close attention to block buildings. Modular home to give provide reliable protection from any weather, shelter from the summer heat and winter cold.

Modular homes for year-round living in Moscow turnkey: projects and price

A small modular home, ideal for living in the summer cottage

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Although in our country such buildings are not very common yet, foreigners have already appreciated the wide possibilities offered by modular buildings. Reasonable price, high manufacturing speed and excellent functional indicators allow us to state that these are the houses of the future.


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