Lawn scarifier - how to choose

There are several electric tools with which the well-kept appearance of the lawn is maintained. One of them is a scarifier for lawn. Immediately make a reservation that this is not an aerator and not a verticutter, although the scarifier has some of the functions of these two devices. We will understand the article with this electric garden device, tell you what technical characteristics it should choose, what to look for, so that the equipment worked without problems for more than one year.

Lawn scarifier - how to choose

Scarifier for cleaning the lawn

Principle of operation and design features of the scarifier

    This garden tool working body is a shaft connected to an electric or gasoline engine, which are welded around the perimeter and the length of the claws. In fact, this shaft with claws performs the function of a rake. The first one rotates about its axis, the second ones scoop up garbage and dry grass, throwing it right there in a special container located at the device assembly.

    Many people confuse the scarifier with the aerator. The latter is also used for "mopping" the lawn. Only in addition it has a function of soil perforation, that is, plowing it. Today, manufacturers offer a universal model in which except for claws and knives are attached to the shaft. With their help, the partial perforation of the soil layer is made. But again, this is not an aerator, whose main function is not lawn cleaning, but plowing.

    The same must be said about the Verticutter. This machine is designed for plowing the land and for cutting through the roots of vegetation. In this way, improved grass growth is achieved, plus the frequency of germinating stems increases, causing the lawn to become more fluffy.

    Lawn scarifier - how to choose

    The design of the scarifier - shaft with claws to collect dry grass

    How to choose

      The first selection criterion is the type of engine. There are two positions: gasoline and electric. What are their advantages and disadvantages relative to each other.

      • It is better to purchase electric models if the lawn is located close to home. So that it can reach the power cable of the device.

      • The petrolic gasifier does not depend on the socket, hence its mobility.

      • Devices running on gasoline are more powerful. They even clean football fields. Electric is better to use for small areas. They quickly heat up, so immediately advice - stop for cooling the electric motor.

      • Gasoline models are units that emit gas emissions into the atmosphere, which has a negative impact on the environment. Yes, and work with the device, from which it smells bad, unpleasant.

      • They make a lot of noise during work.

      Lawn scarifier - how to choose

      The petrol model of the scarifier

      But we must pay tribute to the scarifier for the lawn of petrol. These are workhorses, unpretentious, working from dawn to dawn, requiring periodic inspection with minimal investment. True, gasoline consumes a lot, which affects the budget of their operation.

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        What parameters pay attention to when there is a task - to buy a gasifier for a lawn electric or gasoline.

        The first is the power of the unit, or rather, its engine. There is a fairly wide range, ranging from 1 to 4 kW. The dependence is this: the more powerful the engine, the greater the power of the scarifier. Therefore, it is very important to place accents correctly. For example, if it is a small lawn, then you can do with the tool with a power of 1 kW. He is cheaper than the rest.

        If the cleaning area is significant, then it is recommended to buy a larger and more powerful device. Firstly, the speed of "combing" and cleaning of such models is higher, thereby reducing the time of application of the garden device. Secondly, more powerful units easily cope with uneven lawn planes. They produce better cleaning and collection of dry grass on the territory.

        Lawn scarifier - how to choose

        Professional Gasoline Scarifier

        The second characteristic of the choice is the width of the cleaned (cleaned) strip. It is clear that the wider the strip, the faster the work ends. Here, this parameter varies in the range of 30-50 cm. It is clear that the larger the area of ​​the lawn, the longer the shaft with its claws should be.

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        Convenient Functions

          First of all, you need to say about the collection box.Not all models have this capacity as an integral part of the unit. But preference is better to give such structures. Because collecting garbage, even collected by beds or heaps, you still have to manually. And this time spent for nothing. The collection box itself is a bag or a plastic container of 30 or 50 liters. Look at the area of ​​the cleared lawn. The larger it is, the larger the capacity for garbage. Rarely have to clean.

          Lawn scarifier - how to choose

          Plastic collector for scarifier

          It will be convenient if the handle is adjustable in the design. It will be easy to adjust it to the height of a person so that it is convenient to push the cart with the device in front of you.

          Pay attention to electrical models. Today, manufacturers offer accumulator accumulator for lawn. More convenient option than powered by a power outlet. But such devices are limited time. Depends on battery charging. In addition, the latter are installed on the frame of the scarifier, making it heavier. And this will affect the work of the person who pushes the device in front of him. He just gets tired quickly.

          Not the last selection criterion - the materials from which the unit is made. Usually, domestic models are either aluminum alloy casing or durable plastic. Both materials have shown themselves on the positive side. But everything again depends on the quality.

          Professional scarifiers are made of steel only. This is understandable, too much load devices are exposed. To do this, and require increased strength. But steel makes equipment heavy.

          The video shows how the scarifier works and what it is needed for:

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          Conclusion on the topic

          So, the article deals with the topic: lawn scarifier - which one to choose As you understand, the main task is to determine the area of ​​the lawn to be cleaned. For example, if it is a small platform in front of the house, then purchase a miniature appliance, electric, powered from a power outlet.

          If the area of ​​the lawn is formed on a sufficiently large field, then it is better to buy a scarifier for the lawn more powerful. And preference to give the gasoline variety.

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