landscaping types, rules and services

The article describes the features of landscaping for various purposes and outlines the main types and rules for gardening. After reading the article, you will know what questions you need to ask when talking with a construction campaign and will be able to correctly optimize your expenses for the improvement of the site - WITHOUT a loss in the quality of work.

landscaping types, rules and services

The beauty of a properly landscaped plot increases not only the mood, but also the value of the house

Greening different zones of the summer cottage

The territory can be divided into 3 main parts:

  1. internal;

  2. external;

  3. intermediate zone.

The plot near the house is decorated with various flowerbeds and curb compositions. Climbers

(ivy, vine and grapes) are often used in pavilions and altars. Beautifully look in hanging pots ampelous plants (fuchsia, sufinia, pelargonium).

The outer zone of the area along the perimeter can be decorated with a fence of trees and shrubs. For this purpose it is better to use:

  • coniferous trees (juniper, cedar, fir, pine);

  • fruit species (plum, mulberry, apple tree );

  • honeysuckle, currant, lilac.

When landscaping the intermediate part, special attention is paid to irrigation and drainage systems. A significant part of this zone, as a rule, is occupied by a lawn. You can add an alpine slide or a small pond.

landscaping types, rules and services

If you wish to equip a reservoir on the site, you should definitely equip a drainage system

Landscaping types

When landscaping The territory of the site pays special attention to the formation of mixborder flower beds. Properly selected plants for the flowering period, shape and shades delight the eye with its beauty.

There are the following variations:

  1. Rabatki . Rectangular flower beds (up to 4 m wide). Mainly used in areas of large size.

  2. Beds . Sites of various forms on which different types of flowers are planted. There are a little raised above the ground.

  3. Soliter . Tree or shrub attractive appearance.

  4. Curbs . Components of flower beds, paths (plants are planted in narrow rows).

On our site you can find the contacts of construction companies that offer the service of developing and decorating the house-side landscape of any complexity. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Basic principles of design and the right combination of shades when creating flower beds

There are several basic requirements for the design of flower beds. These include:

  • Compliance with the proportions between height and the number of different plant species.

  • Create smooth lines using approximately the same size of colors. Higher grades are planted in the background.

  • Literate combination of different shades of .

landscaping types, rules and services

The selection of color and shape is one of the main issues in the development of plantations

Depending on the color gamut There are the following types of flower beds:

  1. Monophonic . Combine several plants of the same shade of different saturation. In this case, the intensity of color increases from the extreme line to the middle of the flower bed.

  2. Harmonious . Create in places of rest near the benches and gazebos. Use soft pastel colors (beige, white, blue, gold, lilac).

  3. Multi-tonne . Combine 4-5 shades. Use the dominant color as a bright accent. When decorating flowerbeds in cold colors, the base is chosen in blue tone. The remaining flowers are lilac, blue and purple color. Sometimes based on a combination of warm and cold tones.

  4. Combinations that combine 3 colors. Create near children's institutions, at the main entrances, central parks. Use bright colors (red, orange, green, coral, purple). It is important to observe the proportions of different varieties of plants. These flower beds are pleasing to the eye and stimulate action.

landscaping types, rules and services

Combination of flowers in the flowerbed

And they also form plant hedges, ridges, tapestries, pictures of flowers and stones, tapeworms, lawns.

Gardening landscaping - planting plants

Before planting plants, you must make a plan, taking into account the movement of the sun from East to West. High garden trees are planted in the North, so that they do not create shade to other plants. Along the south form alleys of stunted rocks and shrubs.

If you wish, you can plant seedlings that grow thick crown near the benches and at home to create cool places.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular areas in the Moscow Region for the construction of a country house.In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.

Improvement and gardening of trees in the dacha plot

It is better to plant trees in the country in the fall when the growth of the root system slows down, the movement of nutrients, as well as sap to the crown and trunk. The landing process must be completed before the first frost in November. During this period, seedlings cover sawdust around the trunk.

Pits must be fertilized with manure. Medium-sized fruit trees are planted in a checkerboard pattern, while large ornamental trees are planted with a triangle. Between plants can withstand a certain distance, which depends on the growth of the crown of certain species.

landscaping types, rules and services

Example of a project on landscaping the site

Major factors affecting the greening of the territory

Consider such features :

  • host lifestyle;

  • region temperature;

  • composition soil;

  • amount of precipitation;

  • wind direction and speed;

  • terrain structure;

  • depth of deposits of geological rocks and groundwater;

  • flora;

  • background radiation;

  • the presence of a pond;

  • the purpose of the plot.

Gardening and landscaping begin with sketches and photos

Before beginning gardening and landscaping, it is advisable to order a topographical map with the designation of the heights and depths of the land waters. This plan is used as a basis for a sketch on the design of landscape design. And also need photos of the site from different sides.

For convenience, it is better to make several copies of the thumbnails. On paper, it is easier to choose the direction and shape of the paths, the location of lawns and plots for tiles. Turning to the company engaged in gardening and landscaping, you will be presented with many interesting options.

landscaping types, rules and services

Sketch of the project for locating trees in the area
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Improvement of the local area

To decorate the local area, it is necessary to analyze all the details of future landscaping and draw up a detailed plan for the implementation of works.

In this case the following factors are taken into account:

  • wishes and financial capabilities of the hosts;

  • terrain features ;

  • the presence of plants that should be left.

In the following video, see a few ideas for landscaping:

All stages of landscaping

The process of landscaping consists of several stages:

  • determination of features of the territories;

  • research of the soil and relief;

  • development of the project ;

  • falling asleep pits ;

  • establishment of communications drainage system ;

  • division of the area into zones;

  • creation of artificial reservoirs;

  • fertilizer of soil;

  • formation dor ;

  • installation lighting devices;

  • landscaping ;

  • construction arbors and benches.

landscaping types, rules and services

A well-equipped gazebo always looks very nice in the garden or patio

Features of transplanted plants

Basic requirements for plants that are used for gardening and landscaping:

  • lack of toxic components and a strong odor;

  • aesthetic appearance;

  • certain form;

  • growth intensity;

  • resistance to pests , various diseases.

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Costs for the improvement of the site

For the improvement of the site , the calculation amount includes :

  • project creation and planning;

  • payment for the services of workers (engineers, designers, drivers, agronomists);

  • purchase of materials (tiles, fertilizers, seedlings, benches).

In the process of improvement, funds will also be needed to attract equipment, gasoline and other unforeseen expenses.

The price also depends on the relief features of the site and the complexity of the project.

Approximate costs for gardening 1 acres of territory:

  • Gardening from 50 000r.

  • Gardening with a paving of 150,000 r.

  • Greening with paving and engineering networks (lighting, drainage, watering) from 250,000 r.

  • Gardening with paving, engineering networks, planting krupnomerov, water facilities (fountains, ponds, cascades), small architectural forms (sculptures, gazebos) from 450 000 r.

landscaping types, rules and services

Paving tracks is only one of many options for arranging them

Artists and customers

Landscaping and landscaping of personal plots are occupied by tenants themselves or tenant firms.

It is necessary to seriously consider the choice of the performer. At the expiration of time it will be difficult to eliminate the shortcomings of poor-quality landscaping. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • quality and variety of seed , whether the company itself grows it;

  • availability of the necessary documentation for work;

  • which specialists are involved in the development and implementation of land improvement activities (machinery, designers, agronomists );

  • contents of the portfolio with completed works;

  • cost of the services provided.

landscaping types, rules and services

Properly created and implemented project definitely worth the money

To make sure that the performer is of high quality doing his job, you can personally go to the already handed over objects and see the result.

Time lapse of landscape works in the following video:

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Landscaping and landscaping is important for a person, because contemplation of the beauty of the environment has a positive effect on both physical and psychological condition. Therefore, it is desirable that professionals develop and implement the project.


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