Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

The article describes how landscape works are carried out at the dacha plots, which elements are included in their list, and what principles have to be observed in their implementation. Experienced designers share tips on how to save on greening the local area. Photos and videos clearly demonstrate the capabilities of the described field of activity.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

The art of designing the dacha

Elements of landscape design

Many wonder if it is possible to design landscape cheaply . In order to get an answer, it is necessary to understand what is generally included in the scope of work aimed at greening the local area. The described direction contains several elements. Their application implies the observance of certain principles. The cost of the final result will largely depend on what exactly the customer wants to see. Experts are able to offer:

  1. Design a site that is closely adjacent to a residential house , make the space around beautiful and well-groomed, cozy and very harmonious. An experienced designer is able to hide the flaws and highlight the advantages of the terrain.

  2. Split green lawns , cover the lawn, tie up existing functional areas with tracks.

  3. Beat beds , roses , rockeries , plant trees and shrubs.

  4. Build large and small forms on the site that can become part of landscape design (swimming pools, ponds, streams, fountains, sculptures, garden figurines).

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Paths, lawns, flower beds as elements of landscape works

The list of services offered may be supplemented, but the listed elements are the basis for many landscape design projects.

Basic Principles

There are a number of provisions that should be followed when drawing up a preliminary sketch of the improvement of the local area. Any private landscape designer (pricing his services inexpensively) necessarily uses them when fulfilling orders.

The unity and harmony of the elements that determine the internal content of landscape gardening is the main rule. Initially, you need to decide on the choice of the thematic concept of the project, and already starting from it, choose natural and decorative elements. So, for example, if a customer wants to see a Japanese garden on his land, it is necessary to use stones, water, stylized plants and small architectural forms for its implementation. If it is a tea garden, there should appear a tea pavilion and a path to it, composed of flat stones. Garden with a "dry" landscape, involves the creation of water space with rubble and gravel.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Dry river, stone lanterns, dwarf trees are the main components of the Japanese garden

Simplicity of execution is the second principle of landscape design. In nature, there are no complex forms, everything is formed in it in a natural way, so you should try to avoid using a pile of different designs, a combination of a large number of colors. The landscapes in which one two colors are repeated in the main elements look beautiful.

Symmetry or asymmetry - two components that help to competently organize the available space. In the first case, the basis of the design of the local area will be a repetition of identical elements in the mirror image. In the second, the unity of structure and form is achieved due to the predominance of the large over the small.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

The principle of symmetry in landscape design
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It is imperative to keep a diary for planting and caring for plants. Without it, it will be impossible to care for the garden. When drafting a landscape design, great attention is paid to the combination of plants. There will be many or few, all the same, the owner of the garden should know everything about each type: what size the bush reaches in adulthood, how it can look during flowering, how to care for it (when watering, feeding, seating, trimming). When landscaping a plot, the principle of vertical and horizontal filling of space is often used. It helps to create very beautiful compositions.

Smooth transition of available lines. This principle is taken into account when planting plants. The largest should always be in the backyard, the closer to home, the lower should be the height of plantings. In this way, the correct depth of the landscape is formed. If you do not comply with this rule, and plant close-up low-growing flowers and branched shrubs, the latter, growing, completely close the flower bed, no one will notice its beauty.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Smooth transition from large in the background to small in the front

It is also important to use the principle of proportionality of objects. It is foolish to place in a small area a statue of a man’s height. A small fountain in a large clearing will also look ridiculous.

The reception works well when in one area different elements of landscape design are made of the same material, or combined, with each other only in color. On a stretch of sun, there is no need to experiment with bright light. It is appropriate only when making shady corners.

The relief area always looks advantageous. It is easier to beat and draw. Therefore, many designers make artificial elevations, if they are not there initially, build alpine slides, make mounds with props, and then garden figures are set up on artificial hills or they scample through them.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

The principle of working with the relief
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The principle of natural naturalness is always put in the forefront. The garden should give the opportunity to communicate with nature. It will bring joy only if everything around is alive and beautiful. Therefore, experienced landscape designers never use numerous elements in strict forms, with clear geometric lines, as well as artificial plants to decorate the local area.

The implementation of these principles in practice is a difficult task. In order to facilitate its solution, you can listen to the following tips:

  • The landscape will have to care for , so you need to have the necessary tools at hand (garden shears, shears, gloves, tape measure, hacksaw for cutting branches, lawn mower, rakes, buckets, shovels).

  • For the garden you need to look at year-round . To not miss anything, will have to keep a diary of works. Plants need to be watered, watered, fed. Each plant species has its own rules of care. They need to know.

  • If fruit trees are used to decorate individual zones, they need pollination. Therefore, fruit planted always in pairs.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Fruit trees in landscape design
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  • Many people want to see on the site a reservoir . It is a functional element of landscape design. Its presence well influences a plant, moisture evaporates from its surface in hot time, it increases humidity of air. This is beneficial for all living organisms. There are optimal sizes of artificial ponds. The smallest - weaving, the depth of not less than one and a half meters. It is best to have a small lake where ground water is close to the surface of the earth, where moisture evaporates longer.

Other ideas for implementing landscape design can be scooped by watching the following video:

Design Rules for the Project

To begin with, it is necessary to photograph the site in the daytime and draw a schematic plan of the site in place, denoting on it all the objects that are in the picture. It is important to immediately indicate on the sheet the exact area of ​​the future garden and determine its shape.

After that you need to mark on it objects that need to be additionally erected (pond, creek, arbor). Experts recommend at this stage to designate even the smallest details, such as a dog house or a shed for firewood.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Schematic plan-project of landscape design

The remaining space is usually divided into functional areas. In each plan to place the desired object of landscape design (tree, bush, lawn lawn, retaining wall), note the finding of perennial plantations that are already growing, and which are planned to be left in its previous form. This will help to properly distribute the territory and not forget anything.

The next stage is tying tracks. They must link together all the designated zones. Then you can begin to draw up the layout of utilities (water, lighting, irrigation).

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What can you save on?

There are parts that will allow you to carry out the landscape design of the summer cottage cheaply and at the same time keep all the necessary scope of work. To reduce the price helps to optimize material costs. What you need to pay attention, wanting to solve the task?

On the area of ​​the plot: the larger it is, the lower the cost of the project.This is because for the design of small spaces need to do paving over the entire area. This is the most expensive type of work. But you can save money here by choosing not laying tiles, but adding gravel or pouring concrete for the arrangement of the territory.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Paving a small local area

If the site is in a forest zone, you do not need to get rid of large trees and wild bushes. It is better to hire a professional and ask him to refine the existing landscaping. Holders of an empty house territory need to act on the contrary: do not import large trees, but buy trees and shrubs of small sizes for planting, plant them, grow them, and then find a landscape designer who can inexpensively tie together the existing elements of gardening. This approach will greatly reduce the final budget.

The price of a landscape design project increases markedly if there is a need for the construction of a reservoir, separate arbors, alpine slides made of natural stone blocks. If possible, they should be discarded and used for the decoration of the local area of ​​the composition of branches, stumps with large snags. Instead of a large pond, make a small stream flowing from a broken earthen jar. There are many alternatives, the implementation of which can cost much less. The main thing is to be able to find them.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

Inexpensive pond made with the help of geotextile
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The most flexible category that can influence the total budget is the choice of green spaces. There always works one principle: the smaller and “younger” the plant, the cheaper it is. Of course, many people want to see their site immediately beautiful and harmonious. But if you wait a little, you can plant young shrubs and trees, in a couple of years they will grow to the desired size, and then there will be a picture that meets all the criteria of existing expectations.

And the last moment is the lighting. To save money, you can install fewer luminaires, choose low-cost models for this, refuse masking and decorative lighting, and use standard schemes. In fact, you only need to illuminate the entrance to the house, set for this street lights from the gate to the front door of the house. It'll be enough.

Landscape works at the dacha plots - the main elements and design details

An economical option to illuminate the landscape

The indicated savings will not harm the overall look of the project; beautiful. But you need to save wisely. It often happens that in order to reduce the cost estimates, homeowners try to independently perform some type of work. At the same time, they make mistakes, the correction of which requires as much money as would be spent on paying for the services of a professional designer. In this case, as practice shows, saving does not justify itself.

The video tells about the ideas and planning of landscape design:

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Generalization on the topic

It is not easy to create a beautiful garden on a plot that could meet certain ideas about comfort and harmony. Especially when it comes to the implementation of a complex project. Making your dreams come true will be easier if you invite a professional designer. Payment of its services will allow you to compensate for cost optimization.


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