How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

The construction market has a huge selection of finishing materials. Siding under the log, the price of which is significantly lower than the natural counterparts, is becoming increasingly popular. In order not to overpay unscrupulous sellers for low-quality goods, it is necessary to thoroughly study the characteristics of the material and the estimated cost of facade decoration.

How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

Facade house trim with siding for a log is an affordable alternative to natural finishing materials with many advantageous characteristics of

Advantages and disadvantages of cladding the facade with siding log

Many owners of country plots adhere to the old style when building houses, making out the facades under natural wood. Since the rounded log is not available to everyone due to the high cost, it is replaced with metal or vinyl imitation.

Many factors indicate the choice of siding under the beam. The indisputable advantages of this facing material are:

  • acceptable price available to ordinary average people with an average income level;

  • simplified installation process , which reduces the time for performing a complex of facing works;

  • reliable imitation of natural wood;

  • material is not subject to rotting , which prolongs the life of the facade;

  • installation independence from weather conditions;

  • possibility of use in the construction of new buildings and the reconstruction of old constructions.

Also, unlike wood cladding of natural origin, siding, which imitates a log, is not subject to attacks by insects. Artificial material is not to taste and rodents, which increases its durability.

How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

In addition to the reasonable price and a spectacular appearance that authentically imitates the natural wood origin of the cladding, such siding will not be eaten.

Along with obvious The advantages of the fa├žade cladding under consideration also exist. Those who want to buy a siding for a log should consider the following factors:

  • the use of material for finishing the facade requires preliminary insulation and waterproofing with thin polyurethane films, increasing the cost of construction work;

  • the need for arranging multi-stage ventilation of the sheathing, which complicates the process of building a house.

In addition, despite the ease of installation, its implementation requires certain skills. Inexperienced masters who are not familiar with the construction business are quite capable of spoiling the material.

How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

The siding siding process involves additional work and installation of the substructure in the form of multi-stage ventilation of the sheathing, insulation, hydro- and vapor-insulation, creating a multi-layer cake between the facade and the lining that requires professional skills of craftsmen

Varieties of material

Wanting to get closer to the origins, many owners of private houses tend to use natural wood for the decoration of the structure. When limited financial resources do not allow you to purchase expensive natural material, you have to look for a substitute for it. An excellent imitation of wood cladding is a siding block house.

The modern market provides the consumer with two types of material for facade finishing under the log: metal and vinyl siding. To make the right choice of a suitable lining, you need to learn more about the characteristics of each type.

Metal siding

It is a worthy alternative to natural material. It is made of galvanized metal, followed by coating with a layer of polymers, imitating the texture of natural wood. Metal siding log, the price of which attracts consumers with its cheapness, is in great demand. The following factors are considered to be the determining factors when choosing a material:

  • fire resistance , which is fire safety;

How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

Metal siding made of galvanized metal is attractively priced, imitates the texture of wood and is resistant to fire.
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  • simplified installation process provided by the presence of special fastening elements;

  • simplicity and accessibility of maintenance consisting in periodic cleaning with a water jet from a hose;

  • the possibility of using for frame lining ;

  • high mechanical strength , allowing no fear of damage;

  • resistance to exposure to chemicals , supplemented with anti-corrosion properties;

  • a wide range of temperatures safe operation, allowing to perform installation regardless of seasonal conditions;

  • not susceptible to the influence of ultraviolet , which prevents burnout;

  • large range provided by a variety of colors.

Metal siding is preferable to vinyl block house due to its large number of preferential characteristics. It is less susceptible to deformation caused by shrinkage of the new structure, and the influence of temperature differences.

How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

Externally without visible differences, but if you choose between a vinyl block-house and a metal siding, the latter is preferable due to the best characteristics (resistance to deformation, resistance to temperature changes)

The durability of the material is determined by the quality of anticorrosion treatment during production. From this depends on the price of metal cladding. Cheap siding rust in a few years. Products of a higher value category retain their original appearance up to 20 years.

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PVC siding

It reliably repeats the natural structure of natural wood. Purposeful application of innovative technologies allowed manufacturers to form a special vinyl bar. Make it a method of mono-extrusion and coextrusion. Using the first method makes it possible to obtain a uniform strip at the output. A more complex second method forms a two-layer panel. The outer layer performs protective functions without experiencing physical exertion, the lower one is able to counteract mechanical damage, but is wary of moisture. Their combination create a vinyl log.

How to choose a siding under the log: price, types, differences

Vinyl log is a modern, high-tech material, looks great and has the best qualities for siding: resistance to mechanical damage, moisture, ease of attachment, maintenance and acceptable cost

Undoubtedly, for the majority of domestic homeowners the most attractive quality of such siding is an acceptable cost. In addition, the vinyl log has the following advantages:

  • the ability to mount on lightweight frames and dilapidated walls, allowing the use of material for the reconstruction of old buildings;

  • no need frequent painting due to the long preservation of the original color;

  • simplified care , which consists in the periodic elimination of dusty water ;

  • no need additional processing for protection against insects and rodents, since they do not like plastic.

If you choose vinyl siding for a log for exterior home, the price in the catalog can vary from 129 p. The profile of the higher cost category is made using a special coating that prevents fading. In the production of material, classical polyvinyl chloride is replaced by a new polymer called acrylic. In the manufacturing process used high-tech method of staining. Therefore, acrylic siding is more expensive than vinyl counterpart.

More details about the types of siding tell video:

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Choosing one of the above materials will allow you to design a building of a private house in the old style. The log building will bring back memories of the roots, maintaining its original appearance for a long time.

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