how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

As can be seen from the experience of the cartoon characters Kota Matroskin, Sharik and Uncle Fyodor, living on the same territory with minimum footage did not lead to anything good - Uncle Fyodor fell ill, and the animals quarreled at all. A human face, was able to save only one unencumbered postman, who lives separately.

The Ball, penetrated by the problem, tried to depict on the stove an approximate plan of the future dwelling, however, a desperate striped Cat, decided that it would be cheaper to send the official message to the dog.

In view of the fact that the Soviet cartoons have a sacred meaning, you can be sure that for a strong, mentally stable man in his prime, it is easy to calculate a comfortable and budget footage for a future home.

how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

Planning the future house consists of calculating the comfortable area of ​​each room for reasonable use

How to independently calculate the area of ​​the house

Do not forget that each "extra" square meter carries both material and labor costs: cleaning and repairs.

Your task is to find the optimal size of the house, the construction of which will not afford your money, and caring for it will not be burdensome.

Note! Consider an example: a standard family consisting of 4 people, with 2 children and 2 adults. As a rule, in order to feel comfortable in a residential area, 100 m2 is enough, however, if you plan to attach a garage to the house, the area can be increased by another 20-30 m2.

Of course, the footage of the house depends on financial possibilities, however, be sure to calculate the minimum useful total area for all family members, taking into account the fact that everyone must have their own independent space.

For a comfortable stay of 1 adult, 30 m2 is enough, and for a child - 12m2. From here you can calculate the area required for a small family: according to estimates, this is at least 80 - 90 m2.

how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

When calculating it is recommended to consider the size of the minimum area for each family member

The minuses of large cottages

Oddly enough , but the fashion for big houses has not yet passed and often you can see sad pictures of concrete expressionism outside the city.

The story does not say why the little boy is called "Uncle Fedor", and why he was forced to assemble a gang without documents, and to hide from relatives for a long time. Thanks to the vigilant employee of the rural post office, the fugitive was discovered and defeated by the facts.

Consider the most popular reasons for not building a large cottage:

  • Unfinished . As a rule, large cottages are built for a long time, if not to say directly - for years. You can get into construction bondage, which will last forever. For this money, you can build a small, comfortable house and live now.

  • Difficulty in selling . The real estate market is full of offers with large and expensive cottages that are very difficult to sell. And if you talk with an experienced realtor, he will tell you that the cost of such buildings often reaches cost, and in fact, the owners beat off, at best, the cost of building materials.

  • The inconvenience of moving . Moving around a huge house can quickly bore you, especially this will be noticeable for older people.

Calculation of the optimal layout for a country cottage

It is necessary to take into account living rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms and corridors. Consider the most comfortable room sizes, based on their destination.

How many rooms should be in the house, what size, how to correctly calculate the area and what to avoid mistakes are told in the video:


The living room can be connected to the dining room or can be made into a cinema room, so the area should allow many guests to receive at a time. Usually allocate about 35-40 m2 in the warmest part of the house, on the south side.

Note ! For example, a family of 3-4 people plan to make on the ground floor a large living room with a home theater and built-in niche for dishes. According to preliminary calculations, the required footage for a comfortable stay in the room should reach 30 m2.

how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

Example of a hall-living room of 30 m2 with a bay window
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It all depends on the wishes of the future hostess: she can be made in a square shape with great functionality, which is necessary only for cooking (about 15m2), and can be connected to the bar and make a kitchen "island" in the center. It looks nice rectangular layout, where the kitchen is located along the entire wall. This option looks expensive and rich, and also provides an opportunity to harmoniously integrate all household appliances.

Important! In any case, the kitchen should be at least 6 m2, and provided that the family is large - reach 20 m2.

Calculate the footage for the kitchen is quite convenient, since all embedded appliances have approximately the same dimensions. If you want to build in a refrigerator, a touch plate and a washing machine, you should add up all the values ​​in the total length, not forgetting about the place for washing. Thus, deciding in advance what will be in the kitchen, you can determine the footage for the future cooking zone, based on the functionality.

how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

Particular attention in determining the footage of the future kitchen is the place where they spend the most time, the maximum number of appliances, equipment, furniture and products


For an ordinary bedroom, an elongated layout is suitable, measuring about 20m2. But, if you want to build a dressing room, feel free to increase the area by another 5-6 m2 and make the room wider - this will visually increase the usable space.

how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

In each family, the concept of an ordinary bedroom is its own and, undoubtedly, the possibility of being located in a space of more than 20m2 is more pleasant
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For children of different sexes, it is necessary to make the rooms isolated and, as practice has shown, the optimum quadrature “for growth” is 18-20 m2. Rooms for children should be spacious and bright, so count the footage so that the place to sleep, work at the computer, were as close as possible to the window opening.

Most often, for teenagers they make “dens” by the type of vestibule: with the help of partitions, you can zone the room into separate spaces for sports, study and sleep.

how many square meters is comfortable for an adult and child

Depending on the gender and age of the child, the room and interior of the child's room is calculated taking into account "the growth"

Toilet and bath

The combined toilet with a shower takes only 5-6 m2, while a complete bathroom project is about 15 m2.

Household unit or laundry

Of course, you can make a pantry in the basement, however, in domestic terms it is not very convenient. Best of all, select a couple of free squares near the kitchen for storing small items and equipment for cleaning.

For information on what should be the area of ​​the house, how to determine reasonable sizes for comfortable housing, see the video:

It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about how to calculate the size of the bath.


Undoubtedly, on a square-shaped plot, small cottages in the Scandinavian style look great, but on the elongated ones there are new-fashioned one-story buildings in the Loft style.

In any case, it is the availability of free space that determines the future layout of rooms and economic extensions. An excellent option for those who want to save both the budget and the place will be the construction of a two-tier cottage for 2 families. Thanks to the common wall and communications, it is possible to save up to 30% of the total cost.


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