glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

When the apartment has a balcony, you can make a separate comfortable room from it. But even if this is not necessary, it is convenient to have a roof on the balcony. From this article you will learn what are the roofs, what kind is better to choose, what is the price of roofing materials.

glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

The roof to the balcony is an important element that will protect you from the sun and weather


In Residential Homes balconies are usually open. This is a box with a floor that can be reached, but it is not protected from wind and precipitation. In the summer it does not cause much inconvenience, and in other seasons sometimes a balcony cannot be used at all. There is a way out of this situation - to make it glazed or at least build a roof over it. The roofs over the balcony can be different:

  • independent;

  • dependent;

  • combined.

Independents are a separate structure that is not connected to a balcony. This is a frame that is attached to the wall of the house. Roofing material is laid on it. The frame can be wooden and metal. However, wood is rarely used because of its fragility.

The metal is joined by welding. Type of frame - a few triangular consoles, located at a certain distance from each other. They are attached to the wall with dowels or anchor screws. This type of roof has its drawbacks:

  • is subjected to a large load;

  • as a roofing material you need to use something light;

  • high windage is inherent.

glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

Metal roof for the balcony
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A dependent view is applied when glazing with a roof is made. It is connected to the balcony through vertical pillars, which gives the design reliability and stability. These racks are the base for further glazing, but the roof is performed first. The material for the roof in this embodiment can be chosen any - there are no restrictions. This design is used for balconies of any dimensions, in contrast to the independent look. It can be used if the balcony is not wide and not long.

The third type of roof is a combined one. It combines the elements of the two previous ones. This is a frame that is supported by vertical pillars, but they are not intended for glazing. This design is more reliable than independent. This view can be used to install the roof on the balcony of the last floor. Since special strength is required there, an independent design is not suitable. The most versatile is the dependent version with glazing. However, you must always calculate the load on the balcony. Sometimes it needs strengthening.

Roof installation work is estimated based on the degree of complexity of the structure. Independent are a bit more expensive than dependent. In general, for the fact that a roof will appear over a 3 meter long balcony, you will need from 20,000 rubles. If the length is greater, the cost will increase. Full glazing of a balcony with a roof will also cost from 20,000 rubles depending on the type of choice (cold, semi-warm, warm).

glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

Metaloplast roof and full glazing of the balcony will create an additional room
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Roofing materials

Roofing for a balcony roof can be of the following materials:

  • Metal . It is a professional flooring and a metal tile. The most commonly used is the first. This is a light and durable coating in the form of a solid metal sheet. It meets all the requirements of reliability. If the balcony is located on the top floor of the house, it will hold any mass of snow and at the same time it will not bend. Even the fall of something heavy will not leave a big mark on it. Fire safety in this case is also observed. At hit on such roof of a stub it surely will not light up. But it has a drawback - when it rains, the falling raindrops make a lot of noise. Therefore, when installing it is necessary to perform noise insulation. At a cost of 1 m 2 sheeting can be found in the range of 200 to 400 rubles. The metal tile is more expensive - from 300 to 750 rubles.

  • Transparent - glass and polycarbonate . These are very common views, as they make the space on the balcony completely lit. In addition, they visually increase it. The glass version is most often made of tempered triplex. This is a durable material, but if, nevertheless, it collapses for some reason, it will not crumble, but simply crack.Sometimes, double-glazed windows are used instead, which can be frosted or tinted.

glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

Overlapping balcony roof with polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is stronger than glass, but much lighter. It does not hold snow on itself if the roof is made at a good angle. You can choose different shades of color and appearance (monolithic or with cells). For the price it is one of the most affordable materials. His sheet size 2.1 x 6 m can be purchased at a price of 1650 rubles. The cost depends on the thickness of the sheet. The larger it is, the more expensive polycarbonate is. For example, at a thickness of 32 mm, a sheet of the same size will cost 25,000 rubles. Also, the value of the price depends on the color and manufacturer.

  • Ondulin . These are bitumen sheets from Europe, imitating the look of slate. But they are completely different in quality. Compressed resin-coated cellulosic fibers are lightweight and durable. However, not enough to withstand a strong blow or a large array of snow. But because of their softness, they do not create noise in the rain. Also, their advantages include an attractive appearance, as the sheets are made in different colors. But they are subject to fire, which is a big disadvantage. The cost of a sheet with a size of 0.95 x 1.95 m varies from 400 to 500 rubles.

  • Shingles . It is a soft, flexible material that does not absorb moisture and does not corrode. Strong gusts of wind are not terrible for him either, as well as temperature drops. When it rains, it almost makes no noise. However, it has a mounting feature: it is placed on a prepared, flat surface. For this purpose, for example, a sheet of plywood or chipboard is suitable. The price of 1 m 2 can be from 225 to 700 rubles.

glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

When laying tile has its own characteristics, but not essential
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Angle of inclination and form

A balcony with a roof is a building structure, during which certain rules must be observed:

  1. Roof Balcony should be installed at an angle. The recommended value is 30 °, but can be adjusted to 45 °. The main selection criterion: the angle must be such that the snow does not linger. Otherwise, a large array may form, which, when thawed, will fall down. This can cause damage to cars or people if they are below.

  2. Eaves overhang should be from 20 to 35 cm.

  3. Consoles in independent structures are located at a distance of 70 to 100 cm.

The roof on the balcony of the last floor is installed taking into account the construction of the roof of the house itself. If it is flat, then the angle of inclination of the roof on the balcony is chosen arbitrarily. If with a slope, then the balcony should be a continuation of the main roof. In form, they mostly make straight constructions, but there are also semi-circular ones. Snow easily falls off of them, but it is not easy to execute them. For this you need to choose a flexible and durable material. Most often it is polycarbonate.

glazing of balconies with a turnkey roof, the price in Moscow

Semicircular roof for the balcony of a private house

Steps for mounting the frame

Consider how the installation of the frame is done:

  1. the upper part of a metal profile construction is welded (width is not less than 7 cm).

  2. It is made fixed to the wall to a depth of at least 8 cm.

  3. crate is made from wooden bars. They are pre-processed with special compounds that protect against moisture penetration.

  4. vertical stands are performed.

  5. On the crate the roof fits.

  6. If the balcony is on the top floor , the junction of the roof and the house is closed with an apron made of metal.

  7. Additionally, the joint is foamed and filled with sealant .

  8. Made glazing .

If the balcony is glazed, waterproofing and insulation are made from the inside out.

You can watch the installation of the roof over the balcony in the video:

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The best option is not only installing the roof on the balcony, but also its glazing. This will create absolute protection at any time of the year and in any weather. However, not always dependent species is suitable in each case. There are other options for this. The main thing is to have information about them and choose the most appropriate one, thinking about the reliability and safety of the structure.

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