Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

Construction of cottages using Finnish technology has become widespread in post-Soviet countries. Attractive such houses makes the combination of modern construction methods and the use of natural materials. The standard construction is a frame base, and the exterior lining is collected by shields, which consist of woodworking production waste. In sum, this gives a tangible result in terms of ease of installation and reducing the total cost of the finished house.

Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

A classic Finnish house

The main material is a Finnish timber, the processing technology of which gives a built house such qualities as:

  • Energy Efficiency - Finnish houses are designed for living in the winter season;
  • Environmental friendliness - natural wood;
  • Aesthetically attractive appearance - it is very difficult to make a wooden house ugly;
  • Versatility - the ability to assemble structures of various shapes and sizes;
  • Practicality - if necessary, part of the house can be easily rescheduled.

A Finnish house to give is one of the most acceptable options when choosing a site arrangement. It is affordable in terms of construction and operation costs, and also has a number of advantages, proven by many years of experience in use.

Basic characteristics

Finished single-storey houses are a classic version with a gable roof, but there may be many options for building, depending on the wishes of the customer. In housing, space is now more valued, so more and more often projects of Finnish houses are built on two floors, or at least with a mansard. But the main feature remains unchanged - this is a combination of high technology and basic architectural traditions.

They wanted to show you an inexpensive and very interesting project of a frame house according to Finnish technology with a sauna inside the house.

Finnish house building technology has several advantages:

  • quick installation and finishing of the room;
  • the possibility of construction, even in winter;
  • natural material that creates a special atmosphere and comfort in the house;
  • ensuring a favorable internal climate all year round;
  • long life of the building;
  • creation of excellent noise insulation due to a layer of insulation;
  • attractive appearance;
  • reasonable price;
  • savings on heating, provided by good thermal insulation;
  • low foundation costs;
  • A variety of project choices.

It should be noted that the Finnish production technology of houses does not provide for the construction of a garage, cellar, basement or attic. This is due to the fact that these particular rooms are sources of high humidity and extraneous odors. They need to be built on the site, separately from the cottage. But the terrace and balcony are among the required attributes of the building.

In Finnish houses, the ceiling height is about half a meter lower than usual. This feature makes it possible to warm up the room faster and retain heat longer. To maximize the use of solar energy on a short winter day, the window openings are large.

Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

A distinctive feature of Finnish houses is large windows

The rooms of this building are spacious, the kitchen has direct access to living room. Also, a distinctive feature is the presence of two entrance doors and several storage rooms.

A coniferous tree, which is used in construction, is subjected to special treatment, which provides low fire risk and almost no shrinkage, so you can start living in a Finnish house immediately after the completion of the installation work.

Finnish houses, whose projects differ in the materials and area used, as well as the layout and type of foundation, are accessible to most Russians. Finnish frame houses will be especially inexpensive, one-storeyed, with a size of no more than 6x8 meters. The approximate price of a house with an area of ​​150 m² will be about 500 thousand rubles.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular house designs on the most popular technologies today, from construction companies represented at the exhibition Low-rise Country houses.

Manufacturers of Finnish houses

A turnkey Finnish house, the price of which is acceptable to many, is ready to live right after it is handed over. There are many firms involved in developing a plan and building such houses. Consider the most famous:

Light House

This company is the official representative of Kontio, which has been an example of high quality construction of wooden timber houses for 9 years. It operates in more than two dozen countries, including Russia.

Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

"Levi A" Light House project

The company is responsible for the quality of its products, high-tech and the professionalism of their employees. Light House in the short term will build a comfortable, cozy, eco-friendly housing that meets all the requirements and wishes of the customer. You can order as a finished construction from Finland, or choose a project using wood from Russia, which has a guarantee of 25 years. Construction is carried out in different areas of the country, and already has more than 300 satisfied customers.


The company builds turnkey Finnish frame houses in Moscow at an affordable cost. Customers have the opportunity to choose a ready-made project from the numerous ones presented in the catalog, or to order the development of an individual according to their own drawings. "Vitoslavitsa" perfectly proved itself and gained a huge amount of positive feedback from customers. Specialists fully control all stages of construction, and the company offers good prices for building structures.

The company provides a service that provides complete customer support during the construction phases, from the choice of material to the installation of communications. With Vitoslavitsy, the customer has the opportunity to purchase a high-quality comfortable home at the most attractive price.

Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

"Sochi" Vitoslavitsy house project

North Forest

This brand known on the market for 15 years. Vitoslavitsa offers the construction of modern wooden houses at the highest level. The organization will build in the shortest possible time a high-quality cottage of profiled timber at an affordable price. The company carefully selects its employees and is responsible for the high level of their qualification, thanks to which the houses are high-tech and reliable.

Employees of the company are engaged in the development of projects based on modern technologies and use only high-quality materials for them. A positive impression and good customer reviews are very important for North Forest. Today there are more than 400.

Karelian profile

The company has been operating throughout Russia since 2007. She gives a guarantee of its facilities for 25 years. This is due to several features:

  • project development by experts from Europe, with strict adherence to building codes and territorial characteristics;
  • use only high quality, carefully selected, dry material;

Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

Project of the Finnish house "Helsinki"
  • making a wooden frame on the European equipment with the highest precision;
  • execution of permanent control over the quality of production.

The customer can choose a finished project from those presented on the company's website, or order a turnkey own Finnish frame house, taking into account personal preferences. "Karelian profile" uses only environmentally friendly materials, which ensure the long life of the building and its high energy efficiency.

Country Season

It has been engaged in the construction of turnkey Finnish houses in the Moscow region for more than a year. Qualified professionals working in the organization will fully take on the task of building a building, from project design to final delivery of the result. Each stage of construction is fully controlled, which ensures high-quality installation. The project "Summer season" prepares for the description and the wishes of the customer. After signing the documentation, the house is built in the shortest possible time. You can see examples of ready-made cottages and country houses built by the company on the official website.


A Finnish company operating in Asia and Europe. Uses in the construction of modern technology in combination with the national traditions of the construction of houses. This organization rightly deserves the title of a symbol of reliability and quality.

Finnish houses from turnkey glued timber: projects and prices

Maanhonka project house

The main feature of the Maanhonka brand is to use Finnish glued laminated timber of its own in the work production. This gives a guarantee of durability, durability and environmental friendliness of houses built by her. When working with clients, Maanhonka uses openness, an individual approach to everyone and honesty. The firm is fully responsible for the knowledge and training of its employees, who are also shareholders, which makes it possible not to doubt the high level of work performed. The company has a certificate of the European Organization of Technical Approval and a certificate of quality.

For information on how to choose a construction company and house projects in Finland, and how much they cost, see the following video:

Companies are represented on the market , both Russian and foreign, engaged in the construction of Finnish houses.This is due to the growing popularity of this production technology, as the wooden frame houses are characterized by high technological characteristics, quality, durability and reasonable price. Visually see how the Finnish houses look, projects and prices can be on the official websites of the represented companies.


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