Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

The possibilities of technological progress saved a person from having to make a painful choice between organized existence in a megacity and free life in nature. Today, it is possible to create comfortable conditions anywhere, and country houses are equipped with no worse (and often better) urban housing.

Engineering communications of a country house include electricity, cold and hot water supply, heating and sewage. Even if the house is located far from centralized networks, there is nothing fundamentally impossible in the organization of a thoughtful engineering infrastructure.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

A modern house is unthinkable without the streamlined work of engineering networks

Overview of engineering systems

Often, the owners of the suburban area possibility of connection to the main heating main and water supply. Then they are faced with the need to organize their own, home life support systems. All modern engineering systems are laid in a modern country cottage; if their design and installation was made without errors, the owners will not have problems during operation.


Centralized water systems reliably and continuously provide the country house with clean water. The vast majority of private buildings are far from such a convenient source of water. If trunk systems are unavailable, the construction company will develop an autonomous water supply system. Country cottage can be provided with clean drinking water in two ways:

  • Individual well . A simple and fairly budget way of individual water supply. A well is being dug if the depth of the aquifers is small (up to 30 m), a pump and a filter are installed.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

The depth of the aquifer for different types of water supply
  • Individual well . The type of water well depends on the mode of use of housing. If you live in the house periodically, the sand well will be optimal (up to 40 m). The depth of the artesian well reaches 200 m, water from such an aquifer is enough for a small village. To drill an artesian well, you need a license.

A well-thought-out arrangement of water intake into the house, wet rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, saunas) and waste water will help avoid problems during operation. Care should also be taken of the quality of pipes and fittings; saving on these things is unacceptable.

A couple of decades ago, summer residents, in order to bathe or wash, heated their water with buckets. Modern hot water is much more practical. Hot water flows from the tap, and its boiler heats up, electric or gas.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Drilling a well for water


If it is not possible to connect to the centralized sewage system, the civilized exit Arrangement of autonomous system for disposal and wastewater treatment. A practical way would be to install an individual septic tank, a structure capable of cleaning up to 20 m 3 sewage (depending on the model chosen) per day. The septic tank is placed according to the height of groundwater and sanitary requirements. The main technological options (cesspool, as a morally outdated option, we do not consider) are:

  • Construction of a concrete septic tank - a system of 1-3 wells cleaning waste water to acceptable quality. At the exit turns out technical water suitable for irrigation.

  • Biological treatment station . Underground tank, made mostly of plastic and consisting of 1-3 chambers. A more advanced and expensive option with a guarantee of long (up to 50 years) operation and processing of a significant amount of effluent. Purified water can also be used to water the area.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

One of the wastewater treatment options


No communications in private the house will not be complete if it does not have its own heating. Independent heating is a sought-after engineering system, the features of which are:

  • Heat source . Heating is implemented in various ways, but the heating boiler is always the main element. It can run on diesel, gas, electric or solid fuel energy. Installing gas or electric heating in a wooden house requires increased fire safety measures.

  • Device . For heating in the premises install radiators. The most commonly used aluminum, steel, cast iron and bimetallic radiators.

  • Alternative . It is possible to warm the house by adding (or completely replacing) heating radiators with heated floors with heat-transfer fluids; they are most often mounted in the hallway, in bathrooms or toilets.Prefer to install the system in the kitchen, if the floor is ceramic tiles. Experts advise to arrange warm floors, if the house is built not on the strip foundation, but on reinforced concrete slabs. For installation of warm floors use metal-plastic or polyethylene pipes; After testing, the system arranges a cement-sand screed.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Gas heating with a water circuit
On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer electrical services. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".
  • Manufacturability . Modern heating communications turnkey (including wood-fired boilers) operate in automatic or semi-automatic mode, which greatly simplifies management and saves money.

  • Variety of models . If the country cottage is small or used periodically, it is advisable to choose a compact wall model that is convenient to place in the kitchen. For a large house, a multi-loop system is suitable, for which you will need to allocate a room equipped with ventilation and a chimney. It can not only heat water for domestic needs and warm the air in the ventilation system, but also heat the floors and water in the pool. A powerful system can heat nearby buildings.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Installation of electric underfloor heating under the tile

Power supply

Construction companies spend the whole the scope of work for the design and installation of internal electrical networks:

  • Calculate parameters of electrical wiring for country houses, taking into account the likely load (the number of electrical equipment and household appliances).

  • the power shield is assembled, wires are laid, electrical cable is disconnected.

  • Set to electricity metering device .

  • Mounted switches, lights, sockets .

  • Mounted electric underfloor heating .

  • At the request of the customer, for installation, a generator is installed in the house (from the usual diesel to the exotic wind turbine). It is possible to install solar cells .

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Outdoor LED lighting - part of the home electrical network
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Ventilation system

Engineering system, which is increasingly becoming necessary for a country house. Air circulation in a private house is organized in several ways: there is a natural, forced (using fans) and mixed type. According to the principle of operation there are input, exhaust and supply and exhaust systems.

In modern country cottages a forced supply and exhaust ventilation system is often implemented. Supply and exhaust ventilation is compact, economical and able to filter, heat or cool the air.

Gas supply

Natural gas, one of the most budget and affordable types of fuel, is used in everyday life in several ways. With it, they heat the house and cook food, and recently they also use it for design - gas fireplaces have become firmly in vogue. The easiest way to gasify a house is to connect it to the central gas pipeline. An alternative option is to install a storage tank for liquefied gas.

About the tab of engineering communications of a private house in the following video:

Specialized companies carry out gasification of suburban housing all year round; turnkey works include:

  • development of the project gasification of the house, including the selection of a suitable boiler, pipes, counter;

  • making estimates ;

  • obtaining permits documentation ;

  • installing a gas holder and reducing valve, laying the pipe to the house, testing and system start .

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Self-contained gas supply scheme for a private house
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Designing engineering systems for a country house: the nuances of preparation

Engineering systems and communications are an expensive part of construction; their cost can reach 25-35% of the estimate. Such an expensive component requires special attention when selecting and installing; otherwise, the cost of rework or repair will be too high. The best option for the arrangement of engineering systems is their planning and design at the same time as the house and laying in compliance with the construction stages.Before starting the design, consider the following factors:

  • Budget framework .

  • Features of operation of the house . Do the owners want to live in the house permanently or periodically. It is also important how many people will live in the cottage, and what home appliances will be installed.

  • Features of laying networks . A country house often has two floors and a larger area than a city apartment. The load on engineering communications will be higher, and the equipment will need more powerful. If the backbone networks are not available, an alternative (autonomous) solution will have to be developed.

About the design of country house communications in the following video:

After studying the conditions and wishes of the customer, we are developing:

  • Draft design . A schematic diagram that includes the necessary systems.

  • Terms of Reference . Includes a diagram of engineering networks, detailed drawings of laying communications, a preliminary estimate.

When developing a technical specification, important details are taken into account:

  • The relative location of the house , outbuildings, well (well) is determined and septic tank. This will help determine the length of the external engineering systems, the way they are laid (open or closed) and charging into the premises.

  • Calculated water consumption . This is done on the basis of data on the area of ​​the cottage, the number of tenants, the method of heating.

  • Calculated power consumption at home (based on counting the consumption of household appliances and devices). On the basis of these data, electrical wiring and protective devices are selected, the place for the installation of the switchboard is determined.

  • Electricity supply method . If the nearest pole is far away (more than 25 m), you will need to install an intermediate pole or lay an underground cable.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Ventilation scheme of a country house
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Engineering communications of the cottage: automation and reliability

The country house has long ceased to be a place for summer holidays. Many families live outside the city year-round, so immaculate work is required from engineering systems. If in the winter in a city apartment for a few hours the electricity disappears, it will look like an annoying nuisance, not seriously affecting anything. If this happens in a private house with autonomous communications, the system of water supply, heating and sewage can freeze, which can only be called a disaster.

The new generation of engineering communications in a private house has a high level of automation. They are able to work effectively and reliably, coping with the increased demands and workloads of modern life:

  • House area . In most cases, it exceeds the area of ​​urban housing, which implies an increased engineering load.

  • Number of equipment . In country cottages set not only dishwashers, Jacuzzis and home theaters. Often, the house is decorated with an indoor pool or wellness center, and the order is followed by a security and fire alarm system.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Automation greatly simplifies the management of home systems

Increasingly, automation of suburban housing is carried out comprehensively (the system "Smart house "), with maximum control and computer control. The equipment of the system is expensive, but in the future it saves time and finances, and also reliably solves several problems:

  • Choose the optimal load with which the systems will work.

  • Develop a dynamic system with the possibility of flexible management and modernization. The owners will be able to set the operation mode for the alarm and video surveillance cameras. It is not difficult to set a schedule for switching on and off for lamps, blinds, home appliances, a computer or a music center.

  • Set up an emergency prevention system (gas or water shutdown) and danger alerts.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

The video surveillance system will allow you to look after the house from a tablet or smartphone

Installation of engineering communications in a private house under key

Profiled construction companies offer engineering design and installation of engineering communications. The cost of engineering communications can be estimated after studying the project of the house; An integrated approach allows to take into account all the technological nuances:

  • Proper connection to existing infrastructures, taking into account their proximity and throughput.

  • Design of home engineering systems with safety assessment, referenced to the terrain, proximity to the highways and seismicity of the terrain.

  • Design of external networks . The project is developing a water supply and sewerage network, electricity and gas supply, a drainage system. The type of heating, the project of the boiler room, external lighting, drainage system, communication are being considered.

  • Design of internal networks . The layout of pipes, electricity, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, filtration and cleaning are considered. At the request of the owners added fire alarm and security system.

  • Reconciliation . All projects are drawn up taking into account fire and sanitary standards and are checked for compliance with the rules of SNiP and GOST.

About the deciding factors when choosing communications of one house in the following video:

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Turnkey engineering communications: work sequence

The company's specialists develop engineering communications based on the task and budget determined by the customer; the work goes through several stages:

  • Consultation . Study of the project at home (you may need to travel to the site) and the drafting of technical specifications. The customer is informed about the advantages and disadvantages of various communications device options; is a contract.

  • Design . Design engineer calculates the parameters of communication, selects materials and equipment. The customer is provided with a phased estimate.

  • Preparation . Materials and equipment is completed and delivered to the construction site. If the owner wants to replace the old system, the clause includes the dismantling of old communications.

  • Installation . Work is carried out by professional profile assemblers. Each project is assigned a foreman, who is responsible for the timing and quality of laying equipment and communications.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Installing the fire safety sensor
  • Commissioning . Ready engineering communications are being tested, a trial run is being carried out. Hosts receive instruction on operation. Payment is made after the work.

  • Service . The company provides an official guarantee and the possibility of service during the warranty and post-warranty period.

Cost of engineering communications in a private house

A strong desire to save on utilities can one day paralyze life in the house, put not only comfort, but also the safety of family members to be tested. Such savings often turn into an accident and inevitably lead to new (and very tangible) costs. The cost of laying networks depends on several components:

  • features of a country house;

  • quality of selected materials;

  • expertise.

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Solar batteries can become part of the power supply

For a country cottage (150-200 m 2 ) arrangement of installation of engineering communications Moscow has the following rates:

  • Sewerage: 60-70 thousand rubles.

  • Water supply: 100-110 thousand rubles.

  • Heating: 350-400 thousand rubles.

  • Power supply: 150-170 thousand rubles.

Depending on the equipment and materials, communications in a turnkey private house will be included in the price (water supply, heating and sewerage):

  • Economy: from 2-2.5 thousand rubles / m 2 .

  • Business: from 3-3.5 thousand rubles / m 2 .

  • Premium: from 4.5-5 thousand rubles / m 2 .

Electrical work:

  • Economy: from 1-1.5 thousand rubles / m 2 .

  • Business: from 1,5-1,8 thousand rubles / m 2 .

  • Premium: from 2-2.5 thousand rubles / m 2 .

Engineering communications in a turnkey country house: installation, prices in Moscow

Thoughtful engineering communications will make life truly comfortable
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The optimal solution for the owner of a country cottage will be the order of all design and installation work in one construction company. This will save and eliminate the need to find a contractor for each engineering system and the subsequent control and coordination of work. A comprehensive order of such complex projects ensures quality performance and reliable operation of all life support systems of your home.


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