Construction "turnkey" - what is the meaning of services

If you are a very busy person and you have absolutely no time to engage in the construction of a country house, then the turnkey service is exactly what you need!

Modern life dictates such an extreme rhythm that not everyone will have a couple of months to control all stages of the construction of the house and at the same time, try to save money.


Turnkey houses are completely ready to move in

Should I order such a service?

First of all, in order to assess the scale of construction, professional foremen strongly recommend to contact the geodesic office for reconnaissance work. Determining the type of soil, the depth of groundwater and the type of foundation, the consultants will be able to give you a sentence: to be a global construction site or not to be.

After receiving the conclusion, you can start searching for companies that, as soon as possible, will be able to build a country cottage, without neglecting the quality.

The advantages of this approach are quite obvious:

  • Time saving . Yes, it is time that now plays a key role. Offices that have long been working according to a streamlined pattern are able to raise a house in just one season, therefore, the game is definitely worth the trouble. Do not think that if you have seen something cheaper from others, it makes sense to order different types of work from different contractors. As a rule, cheaper doesn’t mean better, so don’t take a chance and go to an organization with a long record of work and positive feedback.


Correct project + experienced workers = speed and quality
  • Savings Finance . In most cases, working with one firm gives a small profit in time and financial terms. In addition, all responsibility for the work and warranty obligations, assumes only one person, which greatly facilitates the process of defending their rights.

  • Lack of marriage . The more the firm has completed projects, the better the construction scheme works and the more experience the foreman has. Keep in mind that gray brigades that work on word of mouth most often work to gain only their own profit, while a serious company gains a positive reputation.

Life Example ! As they say, a good thing is marriage they would not name them, so the pilot and the sea captain, Uncle Victor, decided to never marry. Now all the local women are trying not to talk too much to their children about where their real dad went, because it is he who is now taking off for all the "shift workers".


Quality is an indispensable condition for professionalism
On our website You can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service construction of turnkey country houses . Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".
  • Availability of understandable estimates , the contract and the Act of the executed works. Despite the fact that there are more good people than bad ones, there is a very high probability of deception by the performers, especially if you don’t understand the building topic at all. Having documents in your hands, in the extreme case, you can go to court, conduct an examination and get your money back. As for the gray brigades, there is nothing even to say - such guest performers do not really care about their moral character.

  • Coherence of work . Those people who can and know how to work in a team are quite capable of achieving great results. Separating roles and responsibilities only speeds up the construction process and makes it more productive. Pay attention to the availability of education from a foreman and specialized courses, from ancillary workers - so you will save yourself from negligence.

As a result, we can say that this format is perfect for business people, busy people who value their time and know how to manage them.


Turnkey construction

Checking the office for suitability

Firms that build a house from scratch, but for in order to entrust them with all the stages of construction, they should be checked very carefully.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is reviews on the Internet: of course, everything is possible in the age of high technologies, so try to find out information on the forums. Also, do not forget about the verification of the registration of an organization in a state body: these include certificates and permits for carrying out activities in the construction sphere, as well as various certificates confirming the qualifications of the main staff.

In addition, do not be lazy and carefully look at the main site of the artist. You may find inconsistencies in details, contacts, or other inconsistencies that give reason to doubt their honesty.

If you wish, you can use the state portal / e-base for all legal entities in order to protect yourself from fraud.


Professionals are not afraid of any checks
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How it works

For the convenience of the customer, self-respecting companies make a full-fledged package of documents, which includes both intelligence work, drawing up a plan, and calculating estimates. You do not need to run and look for where it is cheaper - having ordered the whole complex in one place, you can have no doubt that you will receive a substantial discount and a number of bonuses.

After clarifying the quality of the soil, the next stage begins - the development of a plan. Here you are limited only by the size of the plot, legislation and your imagination. If you like the standard option, then you should know that you will have a country house even faster!

Expert opinion If you work as a storekeeper, then you should know that all the biggest deals are not made without good brandy! Building a cottage is a serious matter, so you will have to be encrypted, because, because of your crumpled appearance, the surrounding environment will be aware of the scale of construction.


Geological survey - the beginning of any construction

By counting all the square, the consultant provides a complete and open estimate, which takes into account all types of work: from filling the foundation and ending, for example, tie-in locks. And most importantly, the amount in the construction process does not change, which gives you complete confidence and understanding of what total amount you can count.

In the process of building a house, you will regularly receive photo or video reports that will testify to the quality of the work performed. In addition, no one forbids to come to the site and join the creative process of creation!

You can clearly see what a turnkey house is in the following video:

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After reviewing various forums, it can be concluded that to implement serious projects, it is better to use the services of professionals. Building your home is a step that opens new doors to the future and gives you confidence in the present day.

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