construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

The article tells you what the attic is convenient for, the price of its construction, work performed, construction time. Lists the advantages and disadvantages of turning into a dwelling in the attic and creating a mansard floor.

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction


Attic has positive and negative sides

In a megalopolis such as Moscow, and next to it density of buildings does not always allow to increase the effective area of ​​the house due to the extension to the side. Solve the problem can a company specializing in the insulation of roofs, attics. It is enough to conclude an agreement with them and in the shortest possible time the turnkey attic will be ready.

Positive aspects of attic construction:

  • increase of the useful area of ​​the house on the old foundation;

  • construction works can be carried out in winter ;

  • slight weight of the structure;

  • price for the attic on the roof below than the extensions on the ground;

  • after warming the attic heat is better ;

  • the ability to create a unique interior ;

  • rooms with a special atmosphere and original lighting appear in the house.

Most often, there are offices, rest rooms, and winter gardens in the attic. Vanity and noise remain below. In the attic is quiet, calm.

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

The windows inserted into the roof give good lighting in the summertime

The materials used for the roof insulation and finishing make it slightly heavier house design. When building a full-fledged floor, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation so that it can withstand increased loads. Considering this feature, many country houses began to be designed with a residential attic.

In the construction of the attic, a ready-made foundation and walls are used. In new houses, which are up to 7 years old, only the insulation and decoration of the attic are made. In old houses, the reconstruction of the supporting structure. Often, a new attic roof is being built, the price is higher by about 35%.

Not everyone feels good in the attic. The negative factors include:

  • low sloping ceiling;

  • temperature in winter is lower than in the house, in the summer above;

  • it is impossible to put classic wardrobes along the walls;

  • in winter, the inclined windows fall asleep snow and no light coming.

Some people do not tolerate low ceilings.

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

Sloping ceilings create a feeling of pressure on the shoulders of
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Stages and construction time of the attic

The construction cost of the attic and the timing of the work depends on the area of ​​the attic room and the condition of the building. The company performing the construction of the attic, allocates a brigade of 2 to 8 people, depending on the amount of work. From the beginning of the work to the delivery of the finished premises to the customer, the turnkey must pass no more than 6 weeks.

Creating an attic consists of several stages.

  1. Examination of the attic , contract conclusion, project development.

  2. Roof disassembly .

  3. Delivery of building materials.

  4. Inspection of the state of the truss system, wood treatment with protective compounds.

  5. Installation of windows .

  6. Warming walls and ceilings.

  7. Roofing works.

  8. Construction stairs to the attic.

  9. Electric power supply , telephone cables, communications, security system connection. Installation of lamps, sockets and other devices.

  10. Assembling the heating system and connecting it to the general network in the house.

  11. Installation of drains .

  12. Interior finishing rooms.

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

It will take up to 6 weeks to create an attic

The contract can be concluded immediately, to complete the work . Then a company representative leaves, inspects the place of future construction, makes accurate measurements. The project can provide your own. A calculation will be made on it.

Some work is done in parallel, for example, building a ladder, connecting pipes and installing gutters outside. All wooden and metal structures are made at the company and at the customer’s only assembled. The number of workers at the facility is constantly changing, depending on the work carried out, the company sends roofers, finishers or electricians.

Depending on the project provided, some work may not be carried out, for example, heating and installation of a security system.

Cost of materials and work

When planning the conversion of an attic into residential premises, it is necessary to take into account that the construction of a turnkey attic, projects and prices are more profitable when all the work is performed by one company. Professional builders have contracts with suppliers. As regular customers provide discounts.

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

Ready attic
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As a result, the difference in self-procurement of materials and their delivery by the contractor is 10–25%. Professionals purchase only quality products.

The cost of materials and work is considered separately for each type. For example, for an attic with an area of ​​225 m², the house is approximately 15:15 m, the total amount of payment is:

  • materials cost 800,000 rubles;

  • services of workers - 640 000 rubles.

In Moscow and the region, several companies are building an attic. For their services, they take about the same. The main calculation is made from the area of ​​the roof.

Inset and installation of windows

Type of Work


Units of measure


180 - 220

RUR / m²

Construction of the attic


rub / m²

Construction of a double-slope roof


rub / m²

Installation of the truss system


rub / m²

Roof insulation


rub / m²

Coverage with metal


rub / m²

Coating with professional flooring


rub / m²



Rainwater disposal system



construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

Payment for the construction of the attic is made in stages. The firm can provide a cost estimate after an attic survey. The older the structure, the more structural elements need to be changed. In this case, the option of assembling rafters from metal profiles should be considered. The result is a solid and durable attic, the price of work is compensated by a long service for more than 30 years. Aluminum profile is not afraid of moisture. It is not necessary to constantly cover it with protective compounds against fungus, bark beetles and rodents.

Payment is made in stages, according to the scheme:

  • 5% when entering into an agreement;

  • 65% during the delivery of all materials and equipment to the construction site;

  • 30% when signing the acceptance certificate.

The price is added to the material and work together and displayed in a single digit in the contract. Other calculation options are possible. For large office buildings, a breakdown into 4 and 5 stages of payment is possible.

During operation, the customer may make changes. They make a calculation and make an addition to the contract, signed by both parties.

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

Such a floor in the technical documentation is considered to be an attic room
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A foreman supervises the quality of work. At the request of the owner of the house, he can send daily reports with photos.

Positive moments of the attic floor

The attic floor in the technical documentation on the house is considered an attic room. Unlike the attic, it has a ceiling height of up to 2.5 m. The walls of the house rise to 1.5 meters along the perimeter of the house. The roof is sloping. To the required height. In the center of a full-fledged horizontal ceiling.

The construction of the attic floor on a similar type of building is 35% more expensive than the construction of the attic. From the main floor is 40% cheaper. The advantages of the attic floor:

  • frame construction allows you to install them after the manufacture of all structures in 3-7 days;

  • lightweight profile does not require a truck;

  • sandwich panels are thinner than masonry and the area inside is larger;

  • good thermal insulation ;

  • additional lighting due to sloping windows;

  • it is possible to erect up to 2 floors on one house .

construction price, stages and terms of attic construction

Attic Floor

Living in the premises of the attic floor is not always recommended.They have poor ventilation - in order to feel comfortable, you need to make an additional system of injection and exhaust air.

In the video you can see the attic under the gambular roof:

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Increasing the area of ​​the house is not difficult. It is enough to turn to professionals who will appreciate the state of the structure, make the project and complete all the work. What to build, floor or attic, everyone decides on the basis of their needs for additional space and its purpose.

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