Turnkey frame-shield houses in Moscow: prices, photos, projects

Today, many dream of suburban real estate - someone wants a big cottage for permanent residence, and someone needs a small country house. However, people are often afraid of problems that may arise during construction, as this is a very complex and responsible process, which takes a lot of strength and patience. In order to build your own house, you need to find time to carry out construction work and for a period to stop its main activities, which is extremely difficult for a modern city dweller. It is exactly ordering the construction of a house on a turnkey basis that will allow you to realize your dream and, at the same time, maintain the usual rhythm of life, as the company assumes absolutely all the difficulties of construction and hassle associated with the paperwork. The owner of the house can only take the house and carry things.

Turnkey frame-shield houses in Moscow: prices, photos, projects

The frame-shield house with trim.

The advantages of acquiring a turnkey frame-panel house

Today in Russia it is becoming increasingly popular to acquire real estate on a turn-key basis (when all the work from creating a project to finishing the premises is done by one company one contract). No exception and frame-shield houses. Thanks to many years of experience of construction companies, you can safely order the construction of a good private house.

The staff of highly qualified professionals will fulfill any desire of the customer, taking into account all the peculiarities of working with traditional wooden materials and new technologies that are in demand not only in the domestic, but also in the European market.

Also, when ordering work on a turnkey basis, everything from the design stage to the settlement of people in the finished house will be controlled by one contracting organization, which significantly improves the quality of the finished household. That is why the construction of a cottage or suburban frame-shield house is better to trust one developer.

It is worth contacting firms that have experience in the construction of frame-shield buildings. Typically, these companies employ proven experts who are able to select high-quality materials, as well as complete the work as soon as possible.

Turnkey frame-shield houses in Moscow: prices, photos, projects

The frame-shield house with panels of eurolining.

In addition, the construction of a turnkey frame-panel house has the following advantages:

  • The whole work process begins with drawing up an agreement , where The details describe the deadlines for completing the work, the cost and terms of payment, the persons responsible for the construction. Drawing up a contract is a big plus for the customer, since in case of violation of its conditions, the developer is financially liable.
  • Before signing the contract, the company makes an estimate, which indicates the cost of the final result of the work. The total cost includes all the processes associated with the construction and paperwork. At the request of the client, the performer is obliged to submit a report on each stage of construction with a description of the process and the cost of its implementation. This increases the possibility of financial control by the customer.
  • The construction company is engaged in the acquisition and delivery of materials , as well as garbage collection and other organizational issues. The customer may not delve into the process of housing construction, in contrast to cases with independent construction or ordering works separately.
  • The organization bears responsibility for all construction processes, provides quality guarantees for work performed.

The negative point of acquiring a turnkey frame-panel structure is a higher cost compared to independent construction. Here it should be borne in mind that this price includes all the costs of materials, as well as the remuneration of people directly involved in construction. Moreover, the final cost also includes the profit of the organization, because, like any commercial company, a construction company "earns" from providing services or carrying out work.

Turnkey frame-shield houses in Moscow: prices, photos, projects

The cottage on the frame-shield technology at the construction stage.

Control over the construction process

Of course, when ordering a turnkey panel house, the contract specifies the parameters of the finished house, the quality of materials, the timing of the work. However, control the construction process is still worth it. Such control disciplines builders, reduces the likelihood of hidden flaws, avoids the stretching and postponement of construction.

Special attention during the construction of a frame-panel house requires the quality control of materials for construction. In order to obtain the desired result, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. Humidity of lumber (timber for the frame construction). It is important that wood is used with a moisture content of no more than 18%, since only this value is best for a frame-shield house.Higher humidity is fraught with deformation of the timber during the operation of the house, and this will adversely affect the insulation and the appearance of the structure.
  2. Quality wall panels. Attention should be paid to the labeling of the panels. Also, you can request from the developer certificates of quality for them. Thus, you will verify not only the quality of the material, but also that the customer uses the raw material you have paid for in the contract.
  3. Insulation quality. Here, too, it is necessary to find out whether the material used is consistent with what is specified in the contract and review certification documents.
  4. Laying a vapor barrier material. The walls of the frame-panel house need high-quality vapor barrier, otherwise moisture will get inside the frame, the walls will begin to melt, freeze and rot. As a result, the operation of the finished housing will be impossible.

Control over the construction of a frame-panel house will not take much time, but at the same time it will be able to save from mistakes that after the construction of the structure will be difficult, or generally impossible.

Turnkey frame-shield houses in Moscow: prices, photos, projects

The frame-shield house with the original roof and trim.

Prices for turnkey frame-panel houses

The price of a frame-panel house turnkey depends on the chosen construction company and the materials it uses. In different regions of the country, frame-panel houses can be purchased at prices ranging from 750 to 1,750 thousand rubles for a fully completed building. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the selected project, the type of wall panels and insulation used, as well as the materials for finishing the room.

Turnkey frame panel houses will be relatively inexpensive compared to the construction of housing from materials traditional for our country (brick or wood). At the same time, anyone who dreams of a cozy and beautiful home with high thermal insulation properties will be able to purchase the home of their dreams for relatively little money. The well-known technology of construction of frame buildings using the latest materials and methods for the construction of objects helps to create the most durable country houses and country cottages in the shortest possible time.

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