classification, device and installation rules

In this article we will deal with such an architectural structure as a sliding roof. We will talk about what this constructive solution is, what classes, types and types it is divided into, what materials it is made of. And also in what places it is used today. Immediately make a reservation that in this article we will not talk about automotive structures that have been used for a long time: folding roofs and sliding awnings. We will be interested in the roof, as an architectural component.

classification, device and installation rules

Sliding Gable Roof

Sliding roofs are used mainly in sports, entertainment, shopping and cultural buildings. Today, these roofing structures slowly migrate to private housing. They cover pools and greenhouses, greenhouses and terraces, gazebos and verandas. Some architects offer private house designs where sliding roofs are used to partially cover the house.

The advantages of these structures over conventional traditional roofs are:

  • providing natural lighting if the design uses transparent coatings ;

  • from here and energy saving ;

  • it is possible to ventilate the rooms in any time of year and days;

  • such roofs are reliable protection against natural loads;

  • unusual original appearance .

classification, device and installation rules

Sliding roofing structure in the form of a canopy over the pool

Classification of sliding roofing structures

Roofs of this type are divided according to the method of opening and closing:

  • Sliding . These are constructions that move in one or two opposite directions.

  • Mobile . It is a structure that moves in parts to one side. Manufacturers today offer usually two positions for opening (closing) roofs: half or completely .

  • Removable . Call them movable can not, because the basis of the opening is a way to complete dismantling of the roof structure.

  • Movable partially . In this design, one part is stationary, it is firmly fixed to the house, the second is shifted.

classification, device and installation rules

Partially sliding roofing structure

It should be noted that all the proposed varieties in their model range have enough a wide range of products offered, both in shape and size.

There is another type of classification, which takes into account the time period of operation:

  • Seasonal models , which operate at certain times of the year. For example, the roof over the pools or summer terraces.

  • Temporary . They are usually installed above mobile buildings.

  • Capital . That is, they are mounted in those buildings where the roof is operated throughout the year.

classification, device and installation rules

Capital sliding roof built over the pool
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Sliding roof device

Regardless of the shape of the roofing structure itself, it includes guides along which it moves, and the roof itself. Various clamps and restraints are added. Usually constructive - it is either telescopic structures, or folding. Rarely used folding models.

As the guides, mainly aluminum alloy profiles are used that do not corrode. But there are roofs on the market, which include guides made of steel metal profiles. The metal sliding roof of steel elements is heavier, but stronger.

As for the material for the panels, several options are used here:

  • Glass, usually tempered, more often triplex . It is durable, able to withstand severe loads.

  • Polycarbonate . According to its strength characteristics, tempered glass will not yield, but this material has good heat and sound insulation characteristics.

  • Some manufacturers offer opaque materials or colored polycarbonate . But such roofs are not very popular.

classification, device and installation rules

Aluminum guides and tempered glass are the basis of the sliding roof

Displacement mechanisms

There are only two positions: manual and automatic.The second ones are equipped with electric drives that, by means of a remote control panel or a standard button, move the movable or folding part of the roof. Such roofing structures are additionally supplied with various sensors, which give commands at which moment it is necessary to open the roof or close it. Traditionally, these are temperature or humidity sensors.

Some sliding roof structures are equipped with several drive mechanisms that are responsible for opening or closing part of the roof. In such a system must install a controller that monitors the work of sliding mechanisms in general.

The video shows how a sliding glass roof that opens in a sectional way:

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Installation and operation

Assembling and installing sliding roofs is a complicated process, therefore professional teams are engaged in this type of work. The fact is that knowledge of the construction business will not help here. It is required to study the construction of the roof, its components, plus the connection technology. That is, it requires knowledge of mechanics and electrical engineering. It is these specialists that are part of the installation teams.

As regards the operation, modern sliding roofs are structures that will work for decades, if they were correctly installed and during maintenance. In the latter process usually includes only lubrication rollers and guides. Sometimes it will be necessary to check the drive for the quality of the winding and wiring. Plus, they check the sealing cuffs located between the frames and the glass (polycarbonate).

It should be noted that the variety of sliding and sliding roof structures is the same variety of mounting technologies. Although there are common processes in each of them, the differences are striking.

For example, the video below shows how to assemble a sliding structure above the pool:

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Conclusion on the topic

Sliding roofs are gradually conquering the market of private housing in Russia. And while many are still suspicious of this unusual design, manufacturers and dealers recommend using the experience of Canadian builders who use sliding structures almost everywhere. But in Canada snow falls no less than in the Russian Federation.

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