Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

This article contains information that will allow you to get an idea of ​​how much artificial turf costs. You will learn what characteristics this material has, what types of artificial coatings exist, and what advantages they have. The information presented will allow you to "not swim" in matters of purchase and varieties of this material and you can easily and quickly order a high-quality and beautiful artificial turf for your yard or summer cottage.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

If there are no plans to plant a plot with cultivated plants, artificial turf will help avoid difficulties with weed control

What is an artificial turf

Usually this is a section covered with synthetic fibers that mimic neat and well-groomed ornamental vegetation. In order to make it easy to lay such a building material, manufacturers produce artificial turf in rolls. You can choose different carpet widths and pile heights. The size of the grass itself ranges from 6 millimeters to 10 centimeters. Such a product is not inferior in beauty to the real lawn, and even surpasses the natural coverage in some specifications.

The artificial turf itself in rolls most often consists of three components. The top layer, which mimics the vegetation, is made of polypropylene or polyethylene. The surface structure is different and corresponds to the required characteristics of the lawn. Filamentous fibers imitate grass carpet as accurately as possible, the cellular surface makes the coating not so slippery.

Polypropylene is distinguished by increased rigidity. This allows you to make golf covers out of it, because such a lawn does not provide protection against injury. Also, this material has high decorative qualities.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

Playing golf is more pleasant in a soft, well-groomed glade

The polyethylene coating is very soft. Therefore, this surface is well suited for games such as football, basketball, or other sports in which falls and injuries are possible. Also in the lawn of such material does not occur the multiplication of microorganisms.

The second layer of artificial turf is a filler occupying the space between the grass fibers. There is a non-spill coating where there is no backfill at all, and it is suitable only for landscape design. There is also a half-filling coating. It is made with quartz sand filling and is intended for surfaces that are not experiencing too large loads. The strongest and most reliable coverage is the filling. Here the space between the fibers is filled with sand mixed with rubber granules. It is intended for places with increased activity and heavy loads.

The last layer is the substrate, the function of which is to pass excess moisture into the soil and to keep the fibers on it.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

The underlay of a regular artificial turf must pass through moisture and allow air to circulate.
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Types of artificial lawn

To buy an artificial lawn, you first need to decide on the type of coating. This should be done on the basis of the purpose and location of the surface. Let's see what kind of synthetic grass there are.

Decorative lawn is very common. This coating is not designed for heavy loads, but is needed in order to create beautiful terrain. Such artificial lawn is usually used to give or square, as well as personal plots.

The second type of coverage is a special lawn. Manufacturing techniques and materials allow to use it for sports grounds. Usually the grass on this surface is not too high, about 2 centimeters.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

Special types of lawn are used for sports fields

Laying artificial lawn

In order to lay synthetic cover , you should first make a full cleaning of the territory from all kinds of debris, stones or dirt. It is also recommended to use the substrate, which you can purchase in hardware stores.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

Synthetic turf paving is performed on a pre-prepared surface

Important! any irregularities or organic residues can destroy the lawn.

Then, roll out the rolls and put them in time to even out under their own weight. Next, you need to combine the parts of the joint to the joint and level the entire surface. Only then can we begin to consolidate the material. Plinths are packed around the perimeter of the lawn, and the strips are fastened with brackets or tape.

The principle of laying the lawn in the video:

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Advantages of artificial turf

This coating has a number of advantages that make it a very common and popular material. Let's see what a synthetic coating is better than a natural one.

  • The aesthetic performance of such a coating is very good. If you want to create a beautiful surface, then you should buy an artificial lawn.

  • It is easy to care for such a surface. All you have to do is scavenge.

  • To create a lawn in your yard, you do not have to sow, water, or cut the grass. You just need to buy rolls and roll them to the required space.

  • Such a lawn will last a very long time, thanks to synthetic materials.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

A lawn made of artificial materials takes less time to care, unlike "live" grass

How much is artificial turf

If you decide to order a synthetic covering for your yard or dacha, then information about where you can buy artificial turf in Moscow will be useful for you. Below you will find out what prices were set for this building material and in which stores you can buy cover.

A lawn of the Pelegrin model with a grass height of 2 centimeters and a roll width of 2 meters costs from 750 rubles per square meter. The same model with a grass height of 35 millimeters will cost 850 rubles, and if you increase the height to 5 centimeters, the price will be 1010 rubles per square meter. There are cheaper options, for example, the coating "Tropicana". Grass height of 20 millimeters will cost 600 rubles per square. Topi Grass artificial grass with a height of 4 centimeters costs 850 rubles. Thus, the price of an artificial lawn depends most of all on its height. This is what you should pay attention to when buying.

There is a huge variety of marketplaces specializing in the sale of artificial synthetic coatings. For example, the online store GAZONiz. Also, lawn can be purchased at hardware stores such as Remontnic. ru or Bambukland.

Artificial grass - buy artificial turf in rolls, the price of coverage in Moscow

Usually artificial turf is sold in rolls
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The article contains the most useful information about such material as artificial turf. Now you can buy a quality and durable coating for the yard area, or a place to rest. With a good analysis of prices and selection of a trading platform, the appearance of synthetic coating in your yard will not be associated with unnecessary financial investments.

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