3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Open recreation areas in suburban areas are often formed using arbors. A beautiful and comfortable gazebo is a real decoration of homeownership. In addition, it provides the opportunity to spend time in the fresh air even on rainy days and during the summer heat. It can have almost any shape. A fairly common option recently is a gazebo with a lean-to roof.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Arbor with a lean-to roof

Advantages of lean-to structures

Arbor with a lean-to roof compared to roofs of two or four skates more economically advantageous. At the same time they are simple in construction, and they spend a minimum of materials. Shed roofs compare favorably with hipped roofs. First of all, efficiency, as well as a more modern appearance.

It is very important when calculating the angle and rotation of the slope to take into account the prevailing wind direction on the site. If done correctly, the roof will be excellent protected from the winds, and will receive an additional margin of safety.

Another advantage is that a shed roof can be designed flat, that is, with almost no slope. Flat roofs are a new trend in modern low-rise construction. Their use allows you to create stylish minimalist cottages. A flat roof can be turned into an open top terrace. Any auxiliary buildings with flat roofs favorably emphasize the cottage style and serve as a real decoration of landscape design on the site. A gazebo with a flat roof will only emphasize modern notes in the overall design of the exterior of the house.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Beautiful arbor with a flat roof

Choice of the project

To get a high-quality and stylish arbor with a single-sided roof - The project is the first to start. A professional approach will avoid difficulties, and will not spend extra money on deficiencies. Before you begin the process of choosing a project, you need to determine the main characteristics of the future construction:

  • type of construction;

  • architectural style;

  • materials;

  • form.

By design type, it can be open, half-open or closed. In the first case, it is just a canopy or something like a rotunda. Closed type is almost a full-fledged building on a strip foundation with a wide glazing. The semi-open or combined version is a traditional arbor, reliably protecting from the sun and wind, but being a light structure with through openings in partitions.

In architectural style, it should correspond to the main building on the site and the style of landscape design. Minimalistic wooden structures with a single-pitch roof fit well into any architectural environment. Next to the classic cottage is better to build a structure made of wood, leaving its natural color. A modern house in the high-tech style is more suitable for the construction of a tree painted in white or black color and with large glazed planes. A modern gazebo with a flat roof, a photo of the example below, is at first glance a simple construction, but its design completely says the opposite.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

High-tech gazebo

Wood is the most commonly chosen material for construction. However, if desired, it can be made of stone, metal or polycarbonate. Wooden structures are in better harmony with the nature of the garden, against which summer recreation areas are most often settled. In addition, wood is the most versatile material. From it you can build a building of open or closed type, and it will look great.

Open metal gazebos are sold ready-made and are built to order. You can order a forged design of the desired design and size, and simply install it according to the instructions. But metal does not always fit well into the architectural ensemble on the site. Recently, lightweight polycarbonate structures have often been installed. They are very inexpensive and attractive in appearance, but not very practical - in the heat they heat up and become practically unsuitable for use.

The choice of material depends entirely on how it is planned to use the gazebo. For example, if it is equipped with a stove or a brazier, you need to choose a non-combustible material.

The roof can be of such materials:

  • roofing material;

  • sheeting;

  • shingles;

  • slate.

The form is dictated by its artistic style. A single gazebo in any case will be rectangular in plan, but according to the proportions and style of partitions and roofs such buildings are very diverse.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Country style arbor
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular small-form projects from construction companies represented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

Construction calculation

All calculations are carried out by designers. First, the structure itself is calculated, taking into account the loads, the impact of the external environment and other factors. After that, the calculation of materials. During the construction of a gazebo, it is necessary to calculate the consumption of materials for the foundation, foundation, walls, roofing and glazing. The building with a stone furnace is calculated with special care, since in this case more stringent requirements are imposed on the reliability and safety of the entire structure.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

A lean-to pergola with a stove

The slope of the roof is calculated separately. The angle of inclination can be from 6 to 60 degrees. The stronger the seasonal winds in the area, the flatter the roof should be. On the other hand, a large tilt angle is a guarantee that the snow and rainwater will not linger on the roof plane. An important role in determining the angle is played by the technical characteristics of the selected roofing material.


Despite the fact that the gazebo is not a major residential structure, it is necessary to involve qualified specialists in the process of its construction. This applies to both light structures of wrought metal or polycarbonate, and closed gazebos, kitchens made of stone or wood. Professional approach will ensure the construction of aesthetics, reliability and durability.

A team of experienced builders will do everything quickly and subject to technology. They will be able to properly prepare the site for construction, lay the foundation, build a frame and cover the structure with roofing material.

About the construction of the foundation for a closed gazebo, see the video:

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building small forms . Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Optimum size and material

Size is determined on the basis of how the summer recreation area will be used and how much space it is possible to allocate in the area for its installation. You can put a very small design for family gatherings or a huge pavilion, which can easily accommodate a large company. But the most optimal option, according to most homeowners, is a 3x4 single-gazebo, a project that is easy to find on the website of a construction company.

A 4 by 3 arbor does not take up much space, but there will be enough space in it for arranging a dining area for families and house guests. At the same time, there will still be a small area for the installation of a stove or barbecue, or the usual kitchen equipment.

Of the materials, wood or polycarbonate is now generally preferred. The first option is ideal for gazebos, kitchens. In wooden buildings it is very comfortable to rest in any weather. Polycarbonate is used to create light and economical open gazebos. Closed structures made of this material should not be erected.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Wooden arbor 3 by 4

Arbor schemes

Modern technologies allow you to build arbors according to various design schemes. From how successful the choice of the scheme depends on the comfort of using the gazebo.

The scheme of a simple wooden arbor

A variant of a simple building for rest. This is a gazebo for cottage with a single-pitch roof on concrete pillars. Its main advantages are economy and simplicity of construction. This gazebo can be decorated in Japanese style or country style. Having added several decorative elements of wood, it can be stylized as a folk style, and it will be ideally combined with a classic cottage-house or a wooden log house.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Wooden arbor scheme
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Scheme of a canopy gazebo with a flat roof

This option is also a budget option. However, this structure can be made more comfortable by erecting the floor in the form of a wooden podium and beautiful partitions. Arbors with a flat roof look great on the background of fashionable laconic cottages.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Arbor with a flat roof

Scheme of a closed arbor with a stove

Compact arbor, the central element of which is Russian stove with chimney. Instead of a stove, you can design a fireplace or grill. The furnace is installed on the base of non-combustible material. The wall to which it adjoins must be provided with additional fire protection. Arbor can be furnished with garden furniture to the taste of the owners.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Arbor with stove
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Arbor-dining room layout

Semi-closed type gazebo. Designed to perform the function of dining in warm weather. The design is protected from angles from wind and rain. Its project provides wide openings from all 4 sides. This ensures good ventilation of the gazebo, which is important during the summer heat. This option of construction is ideal for family meals and reception of guests.

3x4 projects for gardening, construction calculation, schemes, photo

Semi-closed gazebo scheme
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A gazebo is a good alternative to a terrace. It is necessary to design a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air. Shed roof design looks stylish and modern, and it does not require high construction costs. Pavilion with a lean-to roof can be closed or open type and in any architectural style.


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