wood and metal door, installation features

Doors are an important element of any home. It is necessary to take into account all the design features of both the building and the installed part. Any installation of doors in a wooden house is accompanied by additional difficulties and has its own subtleties. Before installation, you need to know the properties and features of wood built house. The article contains useful tips that will be useful in the final stage of construction.

wood and metal door, installation features

Installing doors in a wooden house is a complex and responsible process

The characteristic of wooden buildings

Unfortunately, the construction of housing from wood is not an easy task, and its solution may take about two to three years. The main problem of these buildings is that materials are highly susceptible to deformation, especially at first. So, throughout the entire life cycle, the beams are in a small movement. Changes occur mainly due to changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, it is quite difficult to choose the right fixings for doors and windows that will not damage the walls and will keep the timber in integrity. Also, you must consider the strength of the structure around the doorway.


Each building of wooden timber undergoes shrinkage. During this period, the walls subside a bit, which allows to strengthen the structure. The house can sink 5-11% of the total height. During shrinkage, it is highly recommended not to install windows and doors. If you make the installation without waiting for a certain amount of time, then there is the likelihood of gaps and chips in the tree. As a result, the overall strength of the structure will be broken, which will contribute to the formation of drafts and cracks. The logs will collapse, and over time, individual elements will need to be replaced.

wood and metal door, installation features

Forgetting shrinkage means exposing the house to the danger of destruction


When it comes to cinder or brick houses , the choice and installation of fasteners do not cause difficulties. Such buildings are difficult to damage, which is not the case with wood structures. When driving an anchor into a timber there is a chance of splitting. Such an approach will significantly weaken the structure around the jambs. The installation of the door to the wooden house should be performed by a professional who knows at what angle the installation should be performed. An important role is played by product quality, because fastening is the basis. Poor-quality fasteners eventually fail, the slopes will settle, and the mechanism is broken. In addition, the strength of the entire wall will be severely affected.


The reliability of the tree structure is one of the main qualities. Not observing the process or making mistakes in it, you can cause great damage to the strength of the building. Violation of integrity, fraught with great loss of heat and the risk of destruction. It is also important to remember that it is better to prepare the doorway from the beginning of construction, since after erection of walls it is difficult and inconvenient to cut a window or passage. If we talk about the wrong doorway, there is a risk of burglary. The frame is very sensitive to any operations, so it is important to use a casing. Neglecting the rules of construction, you break the strength around the slopes. In the end, you can just break the door without much effort.

Installation of an outdoor door with a casing

A special casing is often used for installation. As mentioned earlier, an array of walls is dynamic, which has a bad effect on tightness and strength. The box helps not to break up the logs, but at the same time does not prevent further shrinkage of the entire building. The door will be completely static and retain the useful properties of the material. But how to install an iron door in a wooden house?

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wood and metal door, installation features

Cutting out the opening and mounting the box

The installation can be done in five steps:

  1. Marker designation future opening.
  2. Cutting the desired hole. Markup spike.
  3. Blooming logs on separate boards for future jambs.
  4. Calculation and cutting of grooves and quarters in the jambs.
  5. Final installation of the shoals.

Installation of windows has a similar principle of operation, the only difference is in the size of the required holes.

Marking of the doorway

The first step is to determine the possible size of the hole. It is very important that the cut completely coincides with the size not only of the door jambs, but also from the box itself. If you make incorrect calculations, you will have to grind or build up the boards of the actor, the threshold or the sides. As a result, the work will be delayed, and all deadlines will be disrupted. When measuring, it is necessary to use exact measuring devices, such as level and plumb. Lining is better to produce a building marker. After marking the necessary lines, you need to go to the window cut.


Wood should be cut by a professional, as you need a smooth and precise sawing without knots. From how professionally made the cut, will depend on the simplicity and quality of the further assembly. Next, you need to cut a spike in the logs, on which the wooden board will slide. Over time, the house will sit down, but thanks to this design decision the slopes do not undergo deformation.

Assembly of the structure

The basis of the box is better to use from the same wood as the timber. So the texture is not allocated, and the properties of wood will be identical, which will prolong the service life for a long time. The easiest way to get such boards is to dissolve several logs that remain after trimming. For professionals, this procedure takes less than an hour. The result should be smooth boards with grooves under the spikes. During installation, it is important not to forget about the heater. Usually use construction moss. It is needed in the gaps between the casing and the wall. Over time, this gap will completely close. After the end of the stage, you can install the door. But the question arises: which door is best to choose?

wood and metal door, installation features

The correctly installed cant is half the success

See how the door is being professionally installed in a wooden house, you can in this video:

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The difference between a metal and a wooden door

Which is better, wood or metal? No material has an absolute advantage. Both metal and wooden entrance doors have positive and negative sides. Before choosing, it is necessary to understand well the general characteristics. It is important to compare the pros and determine where they are more. It does not hurt to find an alternative to certain disadvantages.

Wooden door

Many adhere to the version that wood is the best material that can protect not only from the weather, but also by unauthorized people. Undoubtedly, this type of door has a large number of positive properties, but at the same time it also has negative qualities. To give a sober assessment and make a choice, it is important to carefully consider the "all the pros and cons."

wood and metal door, installation features

The wooden door looks organically and beautifully


  1. The perfect combination with the overall interior. The doorway merges with the general view and creates the impression of a monolithic texture.
  2. Wood - an excellent heat insulator, which will save on heating bills.
  3. It is not necessary to buy a new part, as you can assemble it from scrap, thereby cutting the budget for construction.
  4. This is an environmentally friendly material that will not cause an allergic reaction and disease (except for needles).


  1. The design is not reliable, it is easily cracked. If this is a country house, then putting a tree as a defense is not recommended.
  2. Such a door is highly susceptible to changes in weather conditions. From moisture and cold, it can change its size and thus deliver inconvenience.
  3. The surface is highly susceptible to mechanical damage and requires frequent maintenance.
  4. Poor noise isolation.

The advantages of the metal door

As in the case of a wooden door, the metal structure also has weaknesses. But still the installation of a metal door in a wooden house is the best solution for today. The main advantage is that each minus can be removed with the help of a small refinement. As a result, you can get almost perfect input design.

wood and metal door, installation features

A metal door might also look interesting


  1. Sturdy structure that is difficult to damage without special equipment. Complement all internal hinges and locks with built-in complex mechanism.
  2. With a special coating, a high degree of protection against ingress of moisture is provided.
  3. In the presence of seals, there is good noise insulation and protection from drafts and dust.
  4. The metal does not ignite, which means it does not sustain combustion.


  1. The iron sheet freezes over and releases all the heat from the house.
  2. Such a door stands out strongly against a wooden structure and can badly ruin the look.
  3. Installation and purchase require more time, money and effort.

Modernization of the door

If you need a metal entrance door to the house from a timber, then it is better to immediately eliminate all the minuses and shortcomings. You can fix almost all the negative qualities of the door, except for the price.

First, it is important to determine the overall design. Definitely, the door stands out against the general background, and there are two ways to solve the problem. The first is to create windows and doors in the same designer style. Then the house will look unusual and interesting.The second way is to purchase special wood linings. Such wooden sheets will help to do everything in the same style, as well as partially solve the problem with thermal insulation.

wood and metal door, installation features

Designing the iron door and windows in the same style will be an advantage of the exterior.

Secondly, you need to deal with the problem of large heat loss. Modern designs have several layers of insulating material. Often it is the metal base with good thermal insulation that can retain heat better than wood. But you can perform insulation directly at the construction site. This process will take more time, but some of the funds will be saved.

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In conclusion, it is worth noting an important detail: self-installation is fraught with errors and senseless costs. Installation of the door is better to entrust professionals who know their business well. The work will be completed on time and with a guarantee of quality.


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