vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

Exterior cladding of buildings with siding today is perhaps the most popular among other types of finishes. Replaced by more time-consuming and complex methods - plastering, lining with decorative tiles, stone and brick.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

Exterior finish of the house with siding with imitation of timber

It is assumed that the country of origin of the siding is Canada. The outer walls were overlapped with a wooden plank, which was located horizontally and hung over the previous row. This excluded the ingress of moisture under the skin. This method of installation of plating initiated a new principle for the production of external finishing works in construction. Modern profiled panels, such as siding under the timber for exterior home decoration, are widely used in the decoration of facades of buildings. They are devoid of the flaws inherent in the tree - do not rot, do not peel and do not warp. Consider how you can choose a siding bar, photos and prices of the most popular examples.

Types of siding under the timber: general characteristics and properties

The panels with the finish under the timber differ in their production material, some characteristics and properties, but they are united by an external design that resembles a wooden profiled or cylindrical timber. Surfaces decorated with such material imitate the texture and texture of wood. It is used both for facing a new building, and for a rather “lived” house.

Finishing panels are thin molded structures, homogeneous or consisting of several layers with perforations along one edge for attaching to a wall or crate. This also applies to the so-called siding l timber (l-timber).

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

The front panel for a rounded beam has perforations for easy mounting.

The following types of siding for timber can be used for cladding residential buildings:

  • vinyl;

  • metallic;

  • acrylic.

Each of them has its own characteristics.

The general properties of the front panels under the timber are:

  • Durability. Manufacturers determine service life up to 50 years.

  • Temperature stability. The interval at which the material retains its properties, + 50 °. .. -50 °.

  • Good protection against precipitation. Water flows freely due to the shape of the panel, without getting inside.

  • Not damaged by insects and rodents.

  • Lightweight material. No need to build strong foundations, reinforce walls.

  • Ecological purity and non-toxicity.

  • Resistance to chemicals , decay and solar radiation as a result of covering panels with protective layers.

  • Facade ventilation. The air gap between the finishing material and the wall prevents the accumulation of condensate. Moisture is drained along the inside surface of the siding.

  • Easy to install. Owning a small construction skills, you can perform exterior finishing at any time of the year.

  • Together with the finishing work , we can insulate the outer walls .

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

There is space between the insulation and siding, which provides ventilation for the facade

  • Unsatisfactory care. It is enough to wash the surface with water from a hose to remove dust and dirt.

  • More than low price finish as compared to decorative plaster, stone or brick cladding.

Some common features characteristic of panels with imitation of timber:

  • Low thermal insulation of material.

  • Exposure to thermal expansion. This should be considered during installation.

  • The panels are quite flexible and durable, but do not like bumps and scratches .

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding under a timber is made from polyvinyl chloride by the coextrusion method: joining two layers at the molecular level to form a durable monolith. External - made of plastic with the addition of antistatic agents, pigments and substances that give resistance to the effects of the sun, frost and corrosive environments. Its thickness is 20-25% of the panel thickness. The inner layer - the base, retains its shape, gives strength to the product, performs a heat-shielding function.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

With proper installation, vinyl siding looks very beautiful

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer finishing services and insulation of houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

The characteristic features of vinyl siding under a timber:

  • can be installed horizontally and vertically;

  • does not burn, but only melts;

  • additionally insulates walls;

  • is not electrically conductive;

  • does not corrode;

  • easily handled with simple tools;

  • resistant to external damage;

  • can crack when struck;

  • brittle at temperatures below -20 °.

Vinyl panels are produced with a thickness of 0.9 - 1.1 mm and a width of 205, 232, 255, 305 mm. The length of the products. 3050, 3660 and 3850 mm. They imitate various wood textures in a wide range of colors and have a different external shape. Popular siding - single, double and triple herringbone, under the "shipboard beam", vertical.

Options for what can be imitation timber siding, the price of this varies from 118 to 370 rubles. /PC.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

Variety of colors of vinyl panels

Warning! Unfair manufacturers add secondary PVC to the starting material for manufacturing siding - product recycling used products. This degrades the quality of the panels. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase finishing materials from those manufacturers that have recommended well from trusted vendors.

Metal siding

Made of sheet metal. On the front side it has a protective and decorative coating, on the reverse side - galvanized, plastic or chrome-plated.


  • non-flammable;

  • electrically conductive;

  • corrodes in places where the protective layer is destroyed;

  • dents are formed upon impact;

  • retains ductility at low temperatures;

  • prone to scratching.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

The facade is finished with metal siding under a block house (a rounded beam)

Metal facade panels are made thick 0.4-0.7, width 120-250, length up to 4000 mm. Color variety - from pastel to rich saturated colors. Imitations for a log, eurobar, ship's board, crown.

The price of the material in Moscow ranges from 260-600 rubles. / sq. m.

Comparison of vinyl and metal siding, look at the video:

Acrylic panels

Production acrylic siding is similar to vinyl - the same coextrusion method is used. Two layers of polymer are joined together in a co-extruder. Formed copolymer, superior in quality to PVC.

Such panels:

  • durable, keep their shape well;

  • can be operated up to a temperature of + 80 °;

  • fragility occurs at temperatures below -25 °, sometimes -40 °, depending on the addition of the antifreeze component;

  • have high chemical resistance;

  • lighter and warmer than vinyl;

  • are not susceptible to fungi and mold;

  • are very resistant to the effect of ultraviolet radiation;

  • do not sustain combustion;

  • are non-conductive.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

Acrylic panels do not lose their color brightness for many years

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The price of acrylic panels is higher than PVC and metal. This is explained by the fact that polymer components for products are more expensive, and their manufacturing techniques are not yet so common. On average, for one panel with a thickness of 1-1.3 mm, a width of 200-230 mm and a length of 3660 mm, you need to pay 250-720 rubles.

What to choose - vinyl or acrylic siding, look at the video:

Features of mounting siding under the bar 1> Facing of facades can be performed independently, if there is no possibility to invite professionals. Some building skills and a set of tools are required.

Panels with imitation for timber are attached directly to the outer wall or to the crate. It is made of wooden bars and slats or metal profiles. At the same time, it is possible to align not quite ideal surfaces. The gap in the construction does not allow condensate to accumulate and allows the facade to be well ventilated. With horizontal siding crate vertical and vice versa. Often with a lining at the same time, warming is carried out with mineral wool with protection against moisture by a membrane film or expanded polystyrene.

Special elements are used for docking panels, framing openings, external and internal corners. They are selected in accordance with the color of the main walls. Attach siding to the crate with nails and screws.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

Siding can be done without insulation

Installation steps

  1. Prepare surfaces : clean, repair cracks, process wood with impregnation from rotting and fire.

  2. Protect the wall with a wind and moisture protective membrane.

  3. If it was intended to warm the facade, install thermal insulation and waterproofing.

  4. Mount the batten strictly vertically, check the construction level

  5. Fix the starting level horizontally at the bottom point of the wall or around the whole perimeter, depending on the amount of work.

  6. Mount the corner and joint elements. In their grooves are ordinary panels.

  7. Install the siding from bottom to top sequentially. Fasten from the middle to the edges to avoid the appearance of waves and bumps.

  8. Finish the top row with the finish plate.

  9. Frame the openings with profile elements.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

Siding with facade insulation

In order not to experience the consequences of installation errors, you need to follow for workers to observe the following rules:

  • The pitch of the batten is no more than 60 cm. For longer distances, the panels are not tightly attached to each other and will rattle when the wind gusts. This step is also due to the standard width of insulation that can be stirred between the guides of the frame.

  • When insulating the facade, the best option would be to arrange two sheaths: one for fixing the heat-insulating material, the second - for siding.

  • Do not cut vinyl panels at negative temperatures. Metal siding can be processed in a light frost.

  • Leave a gap of 5-7 mm with horizontal joining of the panels to compensate for linear thermal expansion.

  • Screw the screws in the center of the hole with a slight easing strictly perpendicular. If it is necessary to make a new hole, it is first drilled.

You can see the nuances of facing a house with siding in the video

What to choose: imitation or natural wood

When choosing a material for cladding the facade, the buyer can compare some of the characteristics of panels made of natural wood and siding imitation timber:

  • Thermal insulation. By the ability to retain heat, wood surpasses imitating materials, but the use of insulators eliminates this advantage.

  • Durability. Modern wooden finishing panels are subjected to additional processing from rotting and insects, but they are inferior in biological stability to polymers and metal.

  • Siding is fireproof and fireproof. Wood cannot "boast" a high level of these characteristics.

  • During operation natural panels need additional treatments unlike polymer and metal ones.

  • Installation of wooden siding is more difficult due to the greater weight of the elements. Panel thickness up to 40 mm.

  • The price of a natural material is higher than by an average of 40%, which sometimes plays an important role in the choice of cladding for the facade. The cost of 350-600 rubles. / sq. m.

vinyl, metal imitation of eurobar, price in Moscow, photo

The facades, finished with siding under the cant with painting, are expressive and modern

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Front panels for timber are beautiful, practical and inexpensive material. It is easy to install, easy to maintain and durable. Facing with siding with imitation under the beam creates a feeling of comfort and warmth inherent in the tree.


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