Tests of wall panels STONEBARD for fire resistance

STOUNBORD has tested the fire resistance of its STONEBOARD building panels. The company's chief engineer, Alexei Vinokurov, talks about how the test took place and what results were achieved in a small five-minute video report. The video shows the whole process of the experiment and describes in detail the event result.

The fire resistance of a building material is one of the most important competitive qualities of STONEBOARD wall panels. It depends on him how the structure of such panels is subject to the spread of fire and its resistance. This is a guarantee of safety of the home in case of a fire hazard. Standards and classes of fire safety in the Russian Federation are determined in accordance with GOST 12. 1. 004-91 "Fire safety. General requirements", GOST 12. 1. 010-76 "Explosion-proof. General requirements".

For the experiment, two dimensional panels measuring almost three meters per meter were taken. On the outer and inner surface of the panels were mounted sensors that determine the temperature of the panels. A special scale was prepared to measure the deformation, showing the degree of change of the observed object.

Test progress

During the test of the fire resistance of the wall panels, a load of seven tons per linear meter was taken, which, according to GOST, had to withstand at least thirty minutes. For some time, increasing the temperature regime and measuring the deformation indicators during the control time and evaluating the appearance of the panels, the following results were obtained.

After 30 minutes the temperature on the inside of the panel was about 840 degrees, and external devices recorded 26 degrees at the warmest point. In the remaining points the device showed no more than 20 degrees Celsius. There were no external changes to the panel, the panel was not deformed.

The next time point was the mark at 60 minutes . The temperature on the inside of the panel is increased to 950 degrees Celsius, and on the outside temperature is still about 29 degrees. No external damage. The deformation scale shows nothing.

The third stage of the test was the control time at 90 minutes . The temperature of the inner surface has already reached 1000 degrees, while no more than 40 were noted on the outside.

After 150 minutes and 180 minutes the picture remained the same. The deformation scale did not show anything, and on the external look no damage to the panels was also detected. The temperature from the inside passed the 1000 degree mark, and the external temperature of the panel at the hottest point reached no more than 50 degrees.

The final stage of testing after 4 hours was an increase in the maximum load per meter from 7 tons to 12 before the destruction of the building, which took another 30 minutes. It should be noted that the panels were not deformed, and no external damage was found.


Given such decent performance and four-hour exposure of building panels, STONEBORD demonstrates a high fire safety class of its patented building material. It can also be noted that the wall panels of STOUNBORD company substantially exceed the norms and standards according to official GOSTs of the Russian Federation.

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