Ten Fold Engineering Prefabricated Buildings

The video shows modular building designs developed by Ten Fold Engineering, which can be transported by tractor to any place where they can be independently deployed at the touch of a button.

These are just some of the series of prefabricated houses developed by Ten Fold Engineering - the total deployment time of which from a traveling condition is only eight minutes.

Characteristics of similar structures from Ten Fold Engineering:

  • Self-development at the touch of a button;

  • When folded, structures can be transported to the right place on the truck;

  • Modular components allow you to get the building for any needs - it can be a separate house, school class, shop, hotel number or office;

  • From the folded state, each block expands three times the marching size - the finished building has an area of ​​64 square meters;

  • Power supply is produced solar and battery, which allows the use of the building in an area without Summing elektromagistrali.

Prefabricated houses developed by Ten Fold Engineering change the usual ideas about the place of permanent residence or work. The minimum deployment time allows you to "live" in the morning at the edge of the forest, dine in the city, and have dinner at the seashore.

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