Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

The modern owner of the dwelling, from whatever material the building is made, does not want to abandon the standard set of communal amenities. Traditionally, in wooden house-building, it was critical to equip areas of high humidity inside the house. Baths, showers carried out in a separate structure, eliminating the danger of damage to the natural fiber, premature damage to the structure of the main housing. A new generation of building materials has made it possible to safely operate high humidity rooms. Today, the demand for installation of such rooms as a toilet, bathroom, shower in a wooden house has increased significantly. The product range on the market allows you to implement original, exclusive technical and design ideas.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

A shower in a wooden house is easy if you know the basic rules

Mandatory elements of a shower in a wooden house

The basics of a long, safe, comfortable use are laid when designing. The owner of housing has the right to form the space at his discretion, to choose materials and construction technologies. However, one should not neglect the norms and rules stipulated by the legislative acts, which are detailed in the SNIP and other documents, since they take into account the experience of many generations, including negative ones. A long-awaited shower in a wooden house will please the owners for many years if the requirements for the following systems and elements of the room are precisely met:

  1. Waterproofing, vapor barrier.
  2. Lighting and electrics.
  3. Water supply and sewerage.
  4. The right choice of plumbing fixtures.
  5. Use of materials that are optimal for wooden structures.
  6. Ventilation.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Design-project shower in a wooden house

The specificity of the work lies in the fact that The power structure of the house is made of wood, and some devices, materials familiar in a city apartment or a stone, brick house, are not suitable for installation in such buildings according to technical parameters. It is necessary to seriously consider the recommendations and rules. Not only comfort and coziness will depend on this, but also the safety of the inhabitants.


Unlike traditional brick houses, building blocks, wooden construction is more mobile. Dynamic changes in geometry are several times higher than similar parameters for ordinary objects. Despite the fact that the period of greatest shrinkage falls on the first year, the design continues to change in subsequent years. Noticeable distortions of design dimensions are noted due to the impact of seasonal, operational changes in temperature and humidity. High-quality protection of wood fiber from moisture penetration significantly reduces the risks of critical defects and geometric variations. When installing a shower in a wooden house, waterproofing the walls, floor, ceiling and other structural elements becomes a top priority.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

High-quality waterproofing is needed for a wooden house

Kinds of protection against moisture

Remedies for the construction of a house are conventionally divided into two types. Waterproofing materials that directly protect the structure of the tree, and compositions for impregnating the fiber and giving them the necessary qualities. The first category includes the following products:

  • Rolled, sheet materials on a substrate, impregnated with bitumen compositions. Cellulose fiber (tol), polymer nonwoven and mesh fabrics are used as the basis.
  • Bituminous plaster. The protective layer is created directly during application. For a wooden house should be excluded brand thermal application with a burner.
  • Polymer films, membranes. The industry offers products with and without ready-made adhesive layer.
  • Polymeric painting and coating compositions. A wide range of products, many of which are universal, but some are designed specifically for the treatment of wooden surfaces.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Polymer films protect from moisture and easy to install
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The above materials for waterproofing are used to create a protective layer when finishing the shower with decorative materials. A significant disadvantage of this category is covering the natural texture of natural fiber. Wooden houses are loved for the created interior, where the most important part of the decor is the beauty, color and structure of the building material. Impregnating compositions will help to keep the charm and charm. The product range will allow you to choose the right product for the quality, revealing the best qualities of natural wood.The following categories of products are offered:

  • Oil impregnations. A proven method of protection. Today, products are manufactured both on natural oils, for example, linseed, and on synthetic analogues.
  • Lucky stains. A large category of goods under the general name includes products based on polymer resins, organic solvents, fillers. The choice of colors will help in creating the original decorative protective film. The varnishes are offered both colorless and specially tinted to imitate valuable wood species.
  • Hydrophobic compounds. According to the principle of action differ from the above products. Interaction with the surface occurs at the molecular level. The best option for the tree. The resulting film repels water, and the treated surface fully preserves the structure of the tree.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Oil impregnation is not one century used for waterproofing in wooden houses

Various products from manufacturers of many countries has a wide range of performance and application technology. During the work it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and recommendations, maintaining the temporary regimes, the sequence of operations and applying the proposed tool.

You can read more about waterproofing materials in the bathroom, as well as the ratio of the cost of raw materials in the video:

Lighting and Electrics

According to the norms of SNIP, it is necessary to provide natural lighting in the bathroom. It is dictated by several reasons, the main of which is to ensure safety in order to reduce threats to human health and life during a power outage. When choosing a place for a bathroom, a shower room should be aware of this. As a rule, the number of openings in a wooden house is limited, and when designing in a standard layout, there is no special window. It is better to lay it in the construction, and if the house is ready, then it is desirable to make it.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Architects strongly recommend making the

shower window The project lays the routes of power cables. The specifics of the installation of the system are special conditions, in particular the fire hazard of the base material. Wiring is done in armored hoses, special boxes, guaranteeing the protection of the building from fire sources in emergency situations and short circuits. Devices of the final output - sockets, switches, sensors, it is also preferable to purchase from the list of products with enhanced fire protection. Bathroom, toilet, shower in a frame house must be grounded. It is better to entrust the calculation of the power supply system to a specialist, even if it is planned to do the installation on your own.

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Plumbing, water supply and sewage

In principle, this type of work does not differ from an identical operation in buildings made of other materials. Attention must be paid to the passage of pipelines through the walls. It is necessary to protect the tree from the inevitable condensation of moisture in places of contact with the elements of water supply and sanitation. The problem is solved by full or partial installation of the insulating and waterproofing layer. On sale are finished products of this class in the form of linings for pipes made of foamed polymer. You can independently make a protective layer. It is allowed to use all types of insulation and waterproofing for general purposes, for example, mineral wool, polystyrene foam, liquid formulations.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

All modern types of sanitary ware are available to owners of a wooden house

Installation of bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, shower cabins not a problem. It is sometimes easier to make this operation in a wooden house because it is easier to process, cut and drill. However, some recommendations will help to avoid the characteristic errors. Carefully install the corner elements, including showers. Due to the mobility of the house structure, fragile elements are at risk of destruction, so they are mounted with regard to the dynamic changes in the geometry of the room. Special fastenings, with an elastic, mobile connection will relieve of troubles. Installing a shower cabin on one wall is safe.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Selecting and decorating plumbing in a rustic style will look natural and interesting

The method of removal today is popular water through the ladder. In a wooden house you can successfully mount such a system, but taking into account the nuances of the structure of this material. Having provided a reliable waterproofing taking into account the mobility of the structure, you can enjoy the results of work for many years. Together with the ladder in wooden houses you can install a floor heating system.The operating temperature is safe for wood and such a scheme looks even less dangerous than other types of heating.


A very important element in the construction of a bathroom, a shower room in a wooden house. Removal of moist air becomes a key task. The speed of the movement of air masses is also of importance, therefore the forced system is preferable. Wooden houses are loved by users and professionals for their unique ability to maintain temperature and humidity balance indoors. Inevitably, a sharp increase in water particles in the air upsets this balance and is considered a highly undesirable phenomenon.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Proper installation of ventilation is necessary for the safety of residents

The functioning of the ventilation system of the passive supply and exhaust class can also successfully cope with the task, if it is mounted correctly. Performance depends on the diameter of the pipeline and the available thrust. It is recommended to install a duct with a diameter of at least 100 mm. Good traction will be guaranteed if there are no horizontal sections or turns along the route. A prerequisite is a sufficient flow of fresh air instead of the removed one. Power control in such systems is one valve or their sequential installation in several places. To design and installation of effective ventilation, it is desirable to attract a specialist who understands the intricacies of the profession.

Design and finishing materials

Technical excellence alone is not enough today. Of great importance is the aesthetics of the room, including the bathroom and shower room. Small restrictions associated with the characteristics of wooden houses are not the reason for the refusal to implement original, sometimes exclusive ideas and designer finds. How and how to decorate the shower in a wooden house, decides the owner, who will be helped by thematic programs on television and publications on specialized sites on the Internet. You can rely on personal taste and experience, as well as on the opinion of professionals offering ready-made projects.

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

The design of a shower room in a country house can be classic

Today, all the technologies that are used in buildings are used to decorate a wooden shower house from other materials. The best option would be to preserve the maximum area of ​​supporting structures. The color and naturalness inherent in natural raw materials looks noble and dignified. But if for some reason it was decided to make a traditional finish, then it should be remembered that some techniques are undesirable or require a special approach. For example, plastering and painting works are not recommended to be done without reliable reinforcement.

Basic materials

Particular attention is paid to the design of corners, joints, and mating surfaces. The movable construction of a wooden house significantly changes the geometry of the premises with changes in humidity and temperature. Sometimes this feature is leveled by an elastic compensating layer. Compositions on a plaster basis are preferable to sand-cement mixes. Widely used sealants, the elasticity of which compensates for small changes in size. When choosing finishing materials for showers in a wooden house, the owners often stop at traditional patterns, which are divided into certain groups:

  1. Tile, porcelain stoneware, and other tiled materials.
  2. Drywall (moisture resistant, anticorrosion fittings).
  3. Paints (for high humidity areas).
  4. Decorative panels made of plastic, modified wood fiber (MDF).
  5. Wooden slats to maintain style and accentuate interior details.
  6. Polystyrene foam finishing elements (traction, plinth, sockets).

Shower in a wooden house: materials, technology, requirements

Using the tile when finishing the shower
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This is an incomplete list that can be expanded with piece goods, for example, ceramic and glass panels, waterproof films and wallpapers. A successful solution in a wooden house can be considered the installation of a stretch ceiling, which, because of its elasticity, is not prone to defects when the geometry of the room changes. The decoration of the shower room will be complemented with well-chosen accessories and pieces of furniture. Toilet sets, shelves, cabinets, curtains and screens, tastefully purchased by the owners, or offered by designers, will be the final chord in the design of the room.


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