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Recently, siding block house has been of particular interest to consumers. This material can perfectly convey the texture of natural wood and is suitable for finishing low-rise buildings. The main advantages of the material is an excellent combination of price and quality. The facing material has high operational performance - it is reliable and affordable for everyone.

selection and features, size, photo

A quality block house is almost indistinguishable from a tree

The comfort of your home

Such facing material has a favorable price , long service life and easy installation. With him, the house takes a completely new look, it becomes more comfortable and cozy. Vinyl panels which imitate the processed timber are especially popular. Modern block house allows you to quickly transform the house, cottage or cottage, bring new colors and make the structure unique, original and beautiful.

Siding, made with imitation "under the log", is today considered one of the best for cladding low-rise building facades. It can be used for residential buildings, industrial or administrative buildings, educational institutions, shops, restaurants and so on. With it, you can create a truly unique look of buildings, in addition, it will protect the walls from mechanical and atmospheric negative influences, will ensure proper thermal regulation. In order to improve the insulation of a house, sound and heat insulation materials can be laid in the layer between the wall and the facing material.

selection and features, size, photo

Manufacturers produce a lot of auxiliary elements that simplify installation

Innovations in the construction world

Siding has a respectable look and one of the longest terms of service. Its main uniqueness is that it perfectly imitates the pattern of natural wood. The colors used are both natural shades and modern palettes. Drawing can be executed with imitation of the painted, made old, processed manually or the wood opened by a varnish.

Manufacturers are constantly updating the design of the proposed lining material and produce completely new collections. Production technologies are constantly being improved, raw materials are being improved, which improves product performance. Due to the high aesthetic performance and technical characteristics of the material is in great demand. Some developers carry out the construction of entire cottage villages with lined buildings only this material.

selection and features, size, photo

There is no uniform decoration - the use of even two colors will greatly decorate the facade of the house
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Advantages and disadvantages

The block house has good performance characteristics and advantages that make it useful when facing small buildings:

  • Moisture resistance . It does not absorb water, but removes it from the surface, so the fungus or mold does not develop.

  • Durability . Material serves more than 50 years without loss of operational and aesthetic characteristics.

  • Resistance to temperatures . It tolerates sudden changes in temperature, severe frosts and direct sunlight, it can withstand temperatures from -50 to +50 o C. Under the influence of temperature does not change its shape, does not melt, does not form cracks, does not emit harmful substances.

  • Large selection of colors . Differs in a variety of shades and color saturation.

  • UV resistance . Special painting technology maintains the appearance of the product. The material does not fade, does not fade and does not peel off.

  • Texture . The front part copies the texture of the tree with a unique pattern without repeating elements.

selection and features, size, photo

Vinyl panels imitate the color and texture of various wood species

When comparing vinyl siding under a house block with other finishing materials used for facades should be noted some unique advantages. The risk of cracking and rusting is reduced. The facade perfectly copes with the function of ventilation of the premises of the house. Between the panels there is an air layer that contributes to the preservation of heat in the building, increasing the service life. The material is not exposed to the negative effects of temperature extremes, humidity. Installation of a vinyl facade is carried out in the shortest possible time, the block house practically does not demand leaving. To keep the panels in optimal condition, it is enough to rinse them from time to time with water.In addition, you can mention the important parameters of vinyl siding, important for creating high-quality building cladding:

  • products are sold at a low cost;

  • panels show resistance to mechanical damage.

Important! It must be remembered that vinyl siding, like any other building materials, has its drawbacks besides the advantages. It does not always qualitatively imitate the surface of the wood on the cut, conveying the texture and shade.

selection and features, size, photo

If the exterior of a wooden house leaves much to be desired or additional insulation is required, then a block house
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Features of the installation

The sided under the block house is distinguished not only by an excellent ratio of quality, price and high performance, but also by the speed and ease of installation. However, the procedure should be carried out strictly in accordance with the developed scheme and compliance with certain rules. This will allow to achieve high performance and long service facing material.

Decorative panels and all necessary components can be mounted on a sheathing of metal or wood. It is necessary to follow the fixation of modular elements - it should not be rigid. During installation, thermal expansion of the panels is taken into account, for which a gap of one millimeter is left. The maximum attention is paid to the choice of fasteners - buy a material that does not corrode. These can be aluminum or stainless steel screws.

selection and features, size, photo

In order to take into account thermal expansion, longitudinal fixing cuts are left for self-tapping screws

Production house block

For siding The main material is PVC. Raw materials contains components developed by German researchers. At the same time, the main component of the production technology is the co-extrusion technique, which allows forming several layers - the main and the decorative one. After the products entered the construction market, it was quickly certified, which indicates its high quality.

When finishing the facades with vinyl panels, there is no doubt about their durability. The service life is up to 25 years. High quality along with affordable cost make the material in demand in the domestic market. Every year the assortment of the block house is replenished with new models, which are distinguished by an improved composition. High product quality is due to the use of vinyl powder, which is considered the primary material, for its base. The use of secondary product manufacturers did not lead to success.

selection and features, size, photo

Vinyl siding preserves its original color for a long time
Important! For exterior cladding, choose vinyl sindings having a uniform surface color. If there are differences in shades, this indicates that low-quality secondary raw materials have been added to the composition.
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Overview of material manufacturers

In the modern market there is a wide choice of block house. Products of the following brands are popular with customers:

  • Deca - vinyl siding, the palette of shades of which contains a rich assortment of natural wood colors. The manufacturer focuses on the versatility of products, which is easily combined with other elements, designs.

  • Holzblock is a practical house block that virtually imitates natural wood. Some buyers are embarrassed by not natural tones materials. There are models of panels, painted in mint, light blue shades. The block house has various sizes and shapes, therefore it is suitable for the implementation of various creative projects for finishing.

selection and features, size, photo

Example of home decoration with a block-house Holzblock
  • Grand line - Russian vinyl siding, the quality of which confidently competes with that which has similar products from foreign manufacturers. The material is suitable for use in harsh climatic conditions, as it is produced by a special technology. The company Grand Line has increased the level of protection, the strength of its panels to protect against possible mechanical damage, preserve the saturation of light during continuous operation in the sun.

Many large manufacturers produce special videos to evaluate the quality and ease of use of their products:

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Block house siding, which has recently become quite popular material.The demand for it is due to the possibility of creating practical, original facades. If we compare this material with wood panels, we can note the resistance of the block house to the effects of precipitation. Also, features should include prolonged operation, the absence of a process of rotting, weak flammability, non-susceptibility to mechanical damage. When choosing this finishing material can make life much easier, because it requires almost no maintenance.

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