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Bathing and swimming has always been beneficial to human health. In the modern pace of life, people do not have free time for relaxation and dreams. An excellent way out of the situation is the presence of a swimming pool on a plot of a country house. After the hustle and bustle of city affairs, it is pleasant to plunge into crystal clear water in the evening and spend another hour in thought or with your family.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

When the pool is in the courtyard, you do not need to spend time on the road to the nearest urban pool or beach

Types of structures

Pools are divided into several types:

  • stationary;

  • frame;

  • inflatable .

The differences are in price, usability and design. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. The most prestigious are stationary models, the rest just try to copy its functionality.


To build a pool on a plot of a country house, a separate project and layout is required. Of all the options, stationary models are distinguished by a high price, and in return they give the owner a long service life, the prestige of the building and the variety of design equipment. If you are buying a home, then you can consider ready-made projects of houses with a pool, now they are often provided for during the construction phase of the house.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The pool can also be inside the house - then in winter and summer workouts in water are available


A frame pool for a country house is the most common choice. At the beginning of the summer I collected it, in a couple of months I removed it until next year. Differs in a practicality and rather low price in comparison with stationary designs.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The skeleton pool can be removed during the cold season


The cheapest option. It is distinguished from others by a low service life, poor reliability, but is suitable for family holidays. The walls and bottom are made of dense material, air is pumped into the free cavity. This design can withstand high loads, but can be torn with careless attitude.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

Such constructions are more temporary, but also perform their role well

Requirements for the section

If If you plan to build an artificial reservoir near the house, then you first need to find a place to work. The site is selected on the basis of the following requirements:

  • the absence of trees and shrubs near;

  • dense soil;

  • there is a water supply nearby;

  • the soil is flat (a slight slope is possible).

The construction of an open-air basin is distinguished by a number of problems:

  • rapid pollution;

  • water freezing;

  • depending on weather conditions;

  • additional costs for cleaning the bowl.

The best option is the construction of a separate extension. The presence of the roof and walls protects the artificial reservoir from wind, pollution and adverse weather conditions. This significantly reduces maintenance costs, but increases the cost of initial investments.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The water in the pool fenced on all sides is less susceptible to pollution.

What does the pool

consist of? many components. But conditionally they can be divided into several parts:

  • Water tank;

  • Cleaning system;

  • Technical equipment;

  • Control Panel.

In each of the sections can be divided into subparagraphs (pump, transformer, filter, dispensers, valves, etc.).

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The layout of the water supply system in the basin

Schematically in simplified form, the components can be seen in the figure below.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

In a section it is more clear what is going where

Besides the general construction, it is important to note the structure of the bath. This is one of the most important parts and it consists of many protective layers. If you pick up the wrong materials or save on their purchase, you may end up with a lot of technical difficulties.

Overview of the pool device in this video:

Water treatment system: skimmer or overflow

There are 2 system options for dirty water collection:

  • skimmer

  • overflow

The first one is selected for rectangular tanks. The idea is quite simple, all the dirt is on the upper layers of water. Skimmer is a hole in the side wall. The liquid enters it and is discharged into the filter unit.

The overflow design is suitable for non-standard solutions. It works by increasing the level of fluid when a volumetric body is immersed in it. The water level is at the height of the sides.As soon as a person is immersed in it, the excess liquid enters the overflow grates. A similar system is used in large buildings and in public places.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

This is how the overflow system works in the pool
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What the reservoir consists of

If you decide to build artificial reservoirs on your site, then first of all you need to purchase the material from which the bath will be made. It consists of several layers:

  • external, in contact with the soil;

  • frame construction;

  • concrete;

  • waterproofing;

  • reinforcing fabric;

  • finishing.

Thanks to this “Sandwich”, it is possible to protect the structure from damage and to withstand the pressure of water. In the end, the observer sees only the top finishing layer, and the rest of the part is hidden. Therefore, it is important to control the progress of work at the stage of laying the lower layers, the reliability of the whole structure depends on their quality.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The “sandwich” of the structure consists of more than one layer of protective and reinforcing materials
This is important! Projects pools for a country house should definitely be ordered from specialized builders / designers. In addition to the visible nuances of these structures there are hundreds of technical and architectural features.

There is an alternative arrangement of walls. The floor is also poured with concrete, but instead of frame structures used blocks of polystyrene foam. The walls are laid out as a constructor, and the free space between them is filled with concrete. This is a fairly convenient, but more expensive option.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

This is how the construction of the pool skeleton from polystyrene foam blocks

Technical equipment

looks like. After purchasing materials, you need to take care of technical equipment:

  • filter;

  • pump;

  • pipes, skimmer, nozzles;

  • control system;

  • heating;

  • chemical dispenser disinfection (disinfection);

  • gadgets (waterfalls, underwater geysers, etc.).

As a rule, if you hire specialists, they have contracts with certain firms and suppliers. But if there are none, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the criteria for selecting each instrument.

Filter pump

The filter is designed so that water passes through the sand and is cleared of small debris: hair, grains of sand, small organics, dense liquids, etc. The difference in filter material for small the pools does not matter.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

Filter Pump Operation Scheme

The pump is an integral part of the system. He pumps the water and does not allow it to stagnate. As a rule, for small tanks the filter and the pump are combined into a single structure. When choosing a particular focus on the performance of the pump and the amount of water for which it is intended.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

Without a pump for pumping water, its turnover and stonecrop will not be as intense

The market leaders are models from the following manufacturers:

  • Intex;

  • Astral;

  • Hayward.

If there are not enough combined options, you can buy a filter and a pump separately. In this case, the total installation will cost more, but the performance increases several times.

About the operation of the filtration pump in the following video:

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Pipes, skimmers, nozzles

There is no shortage of these parts on the market - they can be purchased separately, although many companies that install pools have a “outlet” to the wholesalers or are themselves. Stationary skimmer is a small container with a grid. It keeps water at a certain level, and with the help of an internal grid it captures large debris from the surface.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

Skimmer for a stationary pool

In stationary pools, a skimmer is built into the wall and connected to the bottom drain. Cost depends on the manufacturer and material. The firms have proven themselves well:

  • PAHLEN from 35 to 40 thousand rubles

  • PROCOPI - from 4 to 6 thousand

  • Kripsol - 2-5 thousand

  • Emaux - 1-5 thousand

Price difference due to materials from which the part is made. The most expensive is stainless steel - it lasts a long time, it looks great and does not lose its decorative properties. Plastic - serves 10 years, quickly loses decorative functions.

If a frame pool is installed on a site, then a suspended skimmer is used for them.It works on the same principle, only the method of attachment is different.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

Removable skimmers
are used for the frame structure It might be interesting! In the article the following link read about a bath with a pool.


Water disinfection is a prerequisite for maintaining an artificial reservoir. There are several options for the destruction of microbes:

  • Chlorination;

  • Ozonation;

  • UV disinfection;

  • Ionization.

When using reagents, it is important to monitor the acidity of the water and dispense the amount of chlorine. You can use another chemistry, but the essence remains the same. To control the acidity, a separate sensor is installed on the control panel.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

When using water disinfectants, it is important to monitor the performance of chlorine and other additives

If you do not want to use chlorination and chemical treatment, then you need to buy ionizers. They use copper and silver ions for cleaning. The effectiveness is the same, but does not cause irritation on the skin. Great for home use and harmless to children.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

To be sure of the safety of the font, it is worth acquiring a “controller” of the level of additives


So that you can swim at any time of the year, the water must be heated. Only 2 elements are needed for this:

  • heater;

  • heat exchanger.

If the country house is connected to a boiler room or hot water supply, boiling water is directly connected to the heat exchanger. Sometimes a separate boiler house is built on the site, it is subsequently connected in parallel with the adjacent room and the sauna + pool complex is made.

Heating options are numerous, but the heat pump is most popular. It works on the principle of a refrigerator, only uses external conditions for heating. More profitable than the electric heater in service.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The principle of operation of a heat pump for heating water in a pond is
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Control system

In order for the equipment to work properly, it is necessary to monitor the performance of the technology. The main tasks include:

  • control of heating temperature;

  • regulation of chlorination;

  • pump control and filters.

Each of the sensors is ordered separately. Then they are connected to the electrical circuit together with the equipment. The performance is controlled by the system.

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

For complete control, you will need several different sensors, for each individual section of the system

If you make an electrical circuit incorrectly, the risk of harming your life and damage electrical equipment.

Special attention should be paid to the quality of wiring and compliance with electrical safety rules. The electrician must check the grounding of all metal devices and the insulation of each wire. Also, the pool should have a potential equalization system so that a person does not accidentally break through the current in the water.

Also during design it is important to conduct high-quality zoning (security zones and the location of sockets, wires, etc.). All equipment is installed in a separate room and equipped with an AB system (automatic shutdown).

It is imperative that experts take care of electrical protection. In case of non-compliance with the rules, you can get an electric shock during the voyage.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the installation of water supply and sewage systems. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Construction stages

The whole work can be divided into 13 stages. The most important is the design. If it is performed incorrectly, the final design will not meet the quality standards and may collapse over time. Where does the pool begin:

  1. Inspection of the site

  2. Design

  3. Coordination

  4. Purchase of material

  5. Site preparation

  6. Preparation of the excavation

  7. Fill bases

  8. Forming a bowl

  9. Reinforcement

  10. Concreting

  11. Waterproofing

  12. Placing and connecting technical equipment

  13. Finishing work (Decoration)

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The process of installing the pool - from preparation to installation of the font

Technical standards are written in:

  • GOST 53491, 1 - 2009

  • SanPiN 2. 1. 2. 1188-03

  • SP 31-113-2004

  • SP 118. 13330.2012

These documents contain information on technical features and safety measures. After preparing the project, it is checked by the person in charge and allowed to start construction.

The whole process of building a pool can be seen in the video:

How to choose a contractor

A pool is a complex structure and its construction must to engage specialists. The quality and safety of the structure directly depends on their skills. To select good people, follow these guidelines:

  1. Find out exactly how work will be done.

  2. Meet in person with the person in charge and discuss the details.

  3. Study the contract in detail.

  4. Check the list of services provided.

  5. If you are in doubt about the choice of material and equipment, trust the contractor;

  6. Assess the ability of the contractor to explain his work. A competent employee knows exactly what he is doing and what result he wants to achieve;

  7. Identify 3-5 companies and choose a leader among them;

  8. Save reasonably .

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

To get a cozy place to relax in the water, you need to find a good contractor

The last tip has a very important. If you take a cheap brigade and cheap materials, you can get to unskilled labor and the design will be damaged in a couple of years. But overpay for every little thing is not worth it. Go to the financial part wisely.

Interesting ideas for decoration

A pool in a country house is not just a place for swimming. This is a separate corner of the house for a pleasant stay. Technical equipment is important, but you also need to respect the aesthetic beauty of the room. How houses with a pool can look: projects, photos of interesting decisions below.


projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The swimming pool in the sauna is a great place for hardening

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

Swimming pool at the exit from the sauna with access to the street - in summer glass partitions open, in winter they are closed

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

For water massage, you can attach a similar fountain, the jets of which perfectly relieve tension and fatigue from the shoulders of

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

You can equip and pools for the “far” swim - although they are narrow, they are enough length for full training


projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The outdoor swimming pool is best hidden from drafts and from others of their views behind a small fence

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

You can arrange the font immediately at the exit from the terrace

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

The pool does not have to be recessed into the ground ...

projects, beautiful design ideas, prices, photos

... or vice versa - it can merge with the level of tile in the yard

Approximate cost and construction time of a stationary pool

In conclusion, we will calculate the cost of the pool project in a private house. The price of work depends on the volume of the bowl, the selected equipment and design features. Each contractor has their own rates, you can get acquainted with the price list during the interview.

Approximate cost of a monolithic stationary concrete pool without finishing in the table:

Bowl volume in cubic meters. meters Width, length, depth (meters) Approximate cost (million rubles) Approximate costs for monthly maintenance (thousand rubles)
12 3 * 2 * 2 0.65 from 7
28.8 3x6x1.6 1.5 from 10
51.2 4x8x1.6 1.9 from 18
80 5x10x1.6 2.5 from 25

It takes 2 months to build, assemble and finish. Construction time depends on many factors and may increase indefinitely.

Options to equip the pool in my yard weight - from the simplest to chic and unusual designs, which confirms the following video:

It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about landscape design.


A swimming pool on the plot is certainly an excellent way to increase the comfort of country living. However, it should be borne in mind that the construction of an artificial reservoir is a technically challenging project and must be treated responsibly. Therefore, it is imperative to select qualified specialists and monitor each stage of work.


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