How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Today we will talk about how to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation. You will understand why it is important to combine this type of facade cladding with thermal insulation. How to choose both materials to each other, meaning siding and insulation. And also we will tell thoroughly about the technology of installation of siding and installation of the heat-insulating layer. Understand this topic, you will know what to ask matserov who were entrusted with the decoration of the facade of his house.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

The wooden wall of the house, insulated with mineral wool and covered with siding

A little about siding

Many people think that Siding is a material that has recently appeared on the market. Lining - one of the varieties of this finish. Therefore, the siding is not one century. This material simply got its name not so long ago, namely, in the 50s of the twentieth century, when clapboard-like facing panels were made in the USA and Canada. Only the raw material for them was vinyl.

This finishing material exceeded the wooden one both in price and decorative effect, and in the duration of its operation. But the appointment remains the same. A bit later, ceramic, cement and metal siding appeared on the market. That is, today this facing material is represented by a rather wide model range. But it should be noted that regardless of what type is used for warming and covering the house, the installation technology is the same for the frame.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Variety of siding panels

A little about insulation

Now, as for the insulating material. Currently used or mineral wool, or expanded polystyrene plates. Firstly, it should be noted that external insulation is the best option. Secondly, the interior of the wooden house does not decrease in volume. Thirdly, two different building processes are combined: facing of the facade and thermal insulation of the walls of the house.

If mineral wool is selected, it should be closed from the outside with a waterproofing membrane, and with an internal vapor barrier. The fact is that this insulation is hygroscopic material, that is, it absorbs moisture. Why lose thermal quality. Although today manufacturers are already offering moisture-resistant mineral wool, which do not need to be protected. But experts still recommend laying a waterproofing layer on top in case a leakage from a heavy slanting rain occurs through the siding.

Regarding the thickness of the insulation. For the middle zone of Russia optimally is 100 mm. We add that both insulating materials are lightweight, so the load from them on the walls or on the foundation are not taken into account.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Heater for siding: mineral wool or polystyrene foam plates
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House covering rules with siding

House covering siding technology with insulation is a simple process. If masters with great experience undertake this business, then they sheathe a small house in one working day. I would like to add that this facing operation can be carried out at any time of the year. For example, the decoration of the facade of buildings with bricks or any other material, where cement-based adhesive is used as a cementing mortar, is carried out only at positive temperatures, and preferably not lower than + 5C.

Like many finishing operations, house siding is carried out in two stages: the construction of a frame with insulation tab and the installation of siding panels directly. Therefore, it will follow the technology, consistently telling about each construction operation.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Layout of construction materials for insulation of a wooden house with siding facing

Assembling the frame

Saidin finish technology for a wooden house with warming begins with the choice of elements of crates. There are two options: wooden bars with a section within 50x50 mm or galvanized metal profiles, which are used for laying gypsum boards. The second option is preferable, because metal products do not change their dimensional parameters with changes in humidity and temperature outside. Their "not behaved", not jarred. Therefore, today many masters use these products. By the way, rack profiles PS 50x50 or ceiling PP 60x27 are taken for the batten. For mounting profiles to the wall of a wooden house, direct suspensions and screws on wood are necessary.

Usually the installation direction of the siding is horizontal. Hence, the frame elements are set vertically. And here, first of all, it is necessary to decide on the installation step of profiles. This mounting parameter depends on the length of the siding panel. There are no strict standards, so the market, for example, vinyl siding is represented by a length of 2.5-4 m.So, it is strictly maintained exactly the length of the panel, where two vertical profiles are mounted. Inside, intermediate elements are installed between them with a step of 50-70 cm.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Vertically installed frame
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But at the same time it is better to take into account the width of the insulation. That is, that he entered the crate without an additional undercut. For example, the width of polystyrene foam plates varies in the range of 40-100 cm. But more often manufacturers offer a half-meter-wide plate width. Therefore, it is better to take this value for the step of mounting the batten.

How to assemble the framework for siding:

  • If mineral wool is used as insulation, then vapor barrier film should be installed and fixed to the wall to be finished. . It is simply applied in strips (in the vertical or horizontal direction) overlapping each other with sizing the edges of the strips of material along the entire length. Sometimes use double-sided adhesive tape. That is, first they put the tape, which is glued with one side to the wall surface, then the vapor barrier is laid on it exactly along the edge.

  • If polystyrene foam or mineral wool plates are used as thermal insulation, then the vapor barrier should not be laid.

  • Since the installation step of the batten elements is known, vertical lines are applied to the wall, defining the installation location of the profiles.

  • On them, starting from the very bottom or the top, set and fixed with screws direct suspensions . Installation step - 50-60 cm.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Framework assembled from metal profiles on direct hangers with laying of insulation
  • Now are laying insulation . It is simply placed on straight suspensions, pre-cuttings under the antennae of fasteners. It is not necessary to press heat-insulating panels tightly against the wall, respectively the vapor barrier layer. The main task of the manufacturer is to leave as few gaps as possible and the gap between the panels themselves. If such defects remain, they are filled with a special sealant. This foam material is similar to foam. It differs from it in that it does not expand in air.

  • To suspensions that form the two extreme elements of the batten, the profiles are fastened strictly vertically.

  • Between them stretch 3-5 threads perpendicular to the frame.

  • Set the intermediate profiles , which should touch the stretched threads with their upper planes. Thus it is easier to install the frame elements in one plane.

How to assemble the frame under the siding correctly in the video:

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The first stage of home insulation and siding is finished. If mineral wool in mats (ordinary, not water-repellent) is used as insulation in this process, then a waterproofing membrane should be laid on top of the insulation layer before installation of the batten. Its installation is no different from vapor barrier.

By the way, in the end result you should get something like this on the wall of your house, as shown in the photo below.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

The wall of the house is insulated with mineral wool and sheathed with a crate of metal profiles for siding

Installation of siding

sheathing siding wooden house with insulation continues. Go directly to the finishing work. Regardless of which siding you have chosen for the cladding of a wooden house, you need to understand that each manufacturer has strict instructions for the sequence of construction operations, which show the subtle points that affect the quality of the final result. But the main points of the instructions are the same for everyone.

  • On the bottom edge of the batten, horizontally set the so-called starting bar . To help you understand what is being said, the bottom photo shows a segment of such a bar, the length of which is standard - 3 m. It is installed in that position - with the shaped part upwards. The spike of the siding panel is subsequently inserted into the gap, forming an invisible joint, completely sealed and reliable in terms of connection. The strap itself is attached to the crate through the through holes, which are visible in the photo in the form of grooves. In the future, they will close the basement trim, so that they will not be visible.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Starting strip for mounting the siding
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  • The next additional element to be installed is a corner profile made of the same material as the siding itself. It must be laid on the outermost element of the crates strictly vertically, and fastened to it.

  • Now, starting from any corner of the wall, usually on the left side, one siding panel is installed in the starting plate and corner profile.

  • Her checks for horizontal position and verticality, align, if necessary, and attach to the frame with self-tapping screws.

  • So the first row is assembled to the opposite corner of the building, then spikes of the panel of the second row are inserted into it, and so on up to the upper edge of the wall.

  • It remains to put two additional elements : the finishing bar on the upper edge of the cladding, which is called the J-rail, and the corner element on the opposite side of the wall from the beginning of the installation. Some craftsmen immediately revet two corners. And then try to get the last panel in a row in an already established corner profile. Similarly, doing with the edges of the window and door openings.

It is clear that not all siding panels will fit on the surface of the facade. This applies to the opposite corner of the building, near the window and door openings. This is not a big problem, because siding is easy to process, it is easy to trim it to a certain size.

Watch a video that shows how to properly assemble siding on a facade wall:

By the way, there are a lot of additional elements for siding. If the length of the wall is large, and it cannot be closed with one panel, the facing is joined along one vertical line. And for this you need a special connecting plate. In the photo below you can clearly see how the panels are docked on the wall using this additional element.

How to sheathe a wooden house with siding with insulation: step by step instructions

Joint of the siding panels using the interposer

Pay attention to the photo again, where you can clearly see how the window openings are trimmed. The angular profile can be selected in such a way that it completely covers the slopes. In this way, the problem is solved immediately, and the appearance of the facade immediately becomes complete.

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Conclusion on the topic

So, in order to sheathe a house with insulation siding, you must first choose the insulation material itself and the elements of the frame. And strictly follow the points of the technology described above. You can not deviate from the required rules and regulations. This is especially true of the insulation layer. The slightest inaccuracy will lead to the formation of cold bridges. And this is in vain operations and money invested.


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