Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Hozblok is much more popular design than it may seem to an unsophisticated person in the suburban life. Such construction is necessary for summer residents who have just begun to develop the site, and whose country house is only a project on paper. More often, household units for dacha are needed by people who do not plan capital construction (in the near future or in principle). These owners visit their site periodically to rest a couple of days in the fresh air and / or plenty to dig in the garden. In all similar situations, temporary low-cost housing becomes the ideal solution to housing problems.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

A modern option for seasonal living

Distinctive features of the hozblok for giving

The purpose of construction change houses is always temporary. Such buildings serve as shelter for builders working at the site and as a place to store work clothes, equipment and tools. They try to reduce the price of the construction of construction cabins as much as possible, using the most unassuming materials for decoration and roofing; here in the price of functionality, durability and mobility.

Cottage bogs have a higher level of comfort, and after the arrangement they often become full-fledged country houses. Even after the country house is sharpened, the economic block continues to serve the hosts as a summer kitchen, guest house or other useful structure. This development makes you approach the choice of cottage cabins with full responsibility.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Summer cottage unit from pine

Hozblok: reasons for popularity

It is favored by the use of this outbuilding Spread; Popularity is based on a set of reasons, which include:

  • Budget Cost . In the construction of hozblokov-change houses use common and therefore inexpensive materials. It is possible to buy the hozblok at very democratic price.

  • Practicality . The buildings are designed for a wide range of applications. Resourceful gardeners use them not only as a comfortable place for seasonal or temporary residence, a warehouse for garden furniture or a country shower. In the suburban area there are often hozbloki, adapted to the summer kitchen, boiler room, workshop, garage or private gazebo with barbecue.

  • Mobility . If necessary the change house can be dismantled and collected in other place; if the frame is metal, it is simply rearranged.

  • Easy to install . Hozblok is a solid and lightweight construction, which does not need a capital foundation - most often you can get by with a budget block or durable pile foundation.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Using a change house as a guest house
  • Wide range . If you need a barn to give, it will be quite simple to buy it. On the market are models of various sizes, configurations, finishes, made of various materials.

  • Functionality . The economic bloc does not lose its value; after the construction of capital housing is completed, it can be used in another capacity, converted, for example, into a bath.

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Hozblok: types of designs

The modern construction market offers several types of country huts:

  • Wooden panel boards . The basis of such models is a timber frame, which is sheathed with particleboard or fiberboard, often with plywood or clapboard. Such panel houses have a minimum weight (since most often they are not warmed and modestly get off). The option is most convenient for organizing a warehouse of building materials, garden tools, summer kitchen.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Hozblok shield with a gable roof
  • Wooden frame . For their construction use lumber larger cross-section; insulation (walls, ceiling and floor) and finishing are made of higher quality. These household units are convenient for use as practical seasonal (guest) housing. Additional insulation and waterproofing will equip the bath.

  • Wooden beams . The walls are made of timber (profiled or glued, with inter-winter insulation); internal walls are sheathed with clapboard. The buildings are attractive in appearance, durable, have good heat-saving parameters; they can be used for any purpose.

  • Metal frame . This type of hozblokov-change houses designed for long-term use. They are based on a wooden frame lined with metal sheet metal; lining with obligatory hydro and thermal insulation is used for interior decoration.The advantages of the metal hozbloka include low price, long service life, resistance to temperature changes.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Metal frame hozblok for two
  • Metal block containers (block modules). If you want to buy hozblok to give, characterized by reliability and durability, take a look at this type of construction. The block container is suitable for living at any time of the year, it looks decent, perfectly insulated and waterproofed. It is more expensive than other varieties, which is somewhat offset by a significant service life - 15-20 years.

  • Plastic . The economic block gathers from plastic sections; it does not need a foundation and special care, and the operation time is at least 10 years. One of the advantages of plastic constructions is low weight, which makes it easy to move the block along the summer cottage.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Metal block-container with enhanced insulation
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Hozblok: features of the project

You can buy a barn to give by choosing a ready project, or by ordering the development of an individual solution. Among Russian summer residents, the most popular versions of economic blocks are wooden models, frame or bar-shaped, made on a turnkey basis. The layout of standard hopping blocks (in terms of representing a rectangle) is quite diverse and includes the following variations:

  • Number of rooms . Two or three; if there is no vestibule, rooms are made adjacent

  • Tambour . It can be located from the end or in the middle part, playing the role of a room divider. Part of the vestibule is sometimes reserved for the pantry.

  • Door . If there is a porch, the door with him in most cases is from the end. In another embodiment, the door is located on the side of a long wall or in the center, along with a vestibule.

  • Windows . Usually one or two double-glazed windows.

  • Porch . Located at the end of the building, sometimes along a long wall (typical for structures of a larger area).

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Country house change room
  • Variations . Projects are offered with a veranda, a shed, a logger, a garage.

  • Roof . Flat or gable.

Depending on the project, the business unit is complemented by a variety of functional capabilities, including the following options:

  • Equipment utilities .

  • Device shower, toilet, kitchen .

Features of the construction of hozblokov:

  • Adaptation to the local climate . Projects are calculated taking into account the snow and wind loads of a particular region, according to the requirements of building regulations and norms and GOST standards.

  • Delivery . Due to their low weight and modest dimensions, standard summer cottages are assembled in workshop conditions, and are delivered to the site in finished form.

About the cottage in one day in the following video:

Turnkey power unit: materials and types of equipment

The summer household unit belongs to the class of pre-fabricated structures solving household problems of their owners and often in need of further improvement. Such models can be recognized by simplified configuration and the lack of interior decoration. The following items are included in the basic package:

  • Frame . Wooden, reinforced.

  • Sheathing . Lining, hardboard or block house.

  • Roof . Metal professional sheet.

  • Gender . Edged board.

  • Foundation blocks .

  • Add-ons . At the request of the customer, wood treatment with antiseptic and painting is performed.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Country house with shower and toilet

If you decide to purchase a house for a turnkey, inexpensive for housing, you should pay attention to models with a higher level of configuration. In order for the host to be able to play the role of a comfortable and reliable housing, additional structural solutions will be required:

  • Exterior finish . For it use imitation of a bar, plate OSB (OSB), lining, plastic panels.

  • Interior decoration . For residential models are often selected eco-friendly option - lining of conifers. It is allowed to use imitation of a bar or log, MDF or plastic panels.

  • Windows and doors . Windows can be installed by choice, with double or single glazing. Instead of the standard frame door put more durable metal.

  • Roof . You can choose both the form (single or gable) and the roofing material.

  • Plumbing equipment .Hozbloki with toilet and shower have limitations in placement on the site and require additional insulation between the living room and bathroom.

Overview of a turnkey country house in the following video:

Some types of work are negotiated (and paid for):

  • Installing wiring in the cable channel.

  • Additional insulation and linoleum on the floor.

  • Installation of an additional partition (plasterboard).

  • Installing metal lattices onto windows.

  • Installation of the counter , RCD and electric heater.

  • Additional antiseptic treatment and painting.

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Turnkey business unit: choice of manufacturer

If you need to solve a housing problem in a short time, a turnkey power unit will be the best option that is purchased in a ready-to-use form . A customer who applies to a construction company receives a full range of services, from coordinating the project and calculating the cost of construction to construction and installation work and garbage collection. It is possible to settle in the hozblok-shed immediately after the completion of work.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

The interior of the residential turnkey change house

Before you buy a utility block, you should pay attention to the features of the construction organization:

  • Availability good production base . Well-established in-house production (workshops, modern equipment, drying chambers) allows you to fulfill an order with high quality and without delays.

  • Operating time . The accumulated experience and a well-adjusted production process make it possible to produce reliable and comfortable buildings that can become an ornament to the suburban area.

  • Possibility of individual design . It is important if you need a building with special characteristics or non-standard sizes.

  • Own construction and installation teams . A permanent team is an additional guarantee of quality.

  • Availability turnkey services . You may want to replace plumbing equipment or choose another section of timber.

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Hozblok to give: what to look for

The future owner, having ordered a turnkey shed, inexpensively to solve the housing issue, should remember the additional points:

  • Installation . Dacha household units of standard sizes are assembled in the workshop, delivered in finished form and installed using a crane. The customer must ensure the passage of construction equipment to the installation site.

  • Transport . An economic unit that is suitable for transportation by road fits into standard dimensions (height 2.05-2.15 m, width 2.3-2.5 m, length 4-6 m). For oversized construction will require a permit for transportation from the road inspection.

  • Installation Options . In some cases, it is not possible to deliver the dog house to the site. If the building has a non-standard size and shape, or access to the site is difficult (plants are planted, the fence interferes), it will not cause difficulties. Components of the hozblok are delivered to the site and assembled on site.

  • Installation location . The owner of the suburban area chooses the installation site, taking into account the light, the location of other buildings (existing and future), landscape features, wind rose.

Households country turnkey cheap from the manufacturer in the Moscow region

Loading the utility block with the crane
On our site you can find the contacts of construction companies that offer design and construction services of small architectural forms. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.


The high cost and lengthy periods for the construction of capital suburban housing could permanently postpone the joy of suburban life if it were not for the dacha housing unit. Compact and practical construction will ensure the safety of things, comfortable conditions for the owners, cover them from the weather and the scorching sun. In contrast to the construction, summer cottages are designed with great attention to detail and selection of materials. Such buildings please owners with an aesthetic look, versatility and unpretentiousness to the installation site.

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