House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

Many have a summer cottage outside the city and build large and small houses on it so that there is a place to come to rest on the weekend, and even for the whole summer. Usually it is a single-storey buildings, residential sheds or high-grade mansard house. The latter option is considered the most practical, since under the roof instead of a dark and narrow attic, a beautiful bright residential second floor is made. In addition to purely practical considerations, this kind of second floor looks very beautiful and gives more opportunities when decorating the facade of the building. As a result, as a rule, it turns out a beautiful, cozy, with a comfortable and residential second floor house with an attic. Projects, photos from the Internet and in the catalog of the developer’s company will help to get the desired result.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

The spacious terrace

Adds and minuses of houses with an attic

adds even more beauty and practicality to the house with an attic Even the usual projects of mansard houses are widespread and valued for their undeniable advantages:

  • low construction and installation costs, compared with a full second floor;

  • almost 2 times increase in the usable area of ​​the building;

  • there is no heat loss through the attic;

  • easy installation of communications that do not require additional equipment or in ode;

  • an increase in the free area gives the soil to the fantasies of the owners of the house - this is an opportunity to build a pool or make a garage without an extension on the ground floor area, and if you plan the attic, you can place a billiard room on it or a studio for the realization of creative ideas.

Despite this number of advantages, houses with an attic have certain disadvantages:

  • the requirement of preserving technologies and correct calculation when choosing all materials, so as errors entail the loss of heat, sound insulation indicators, usable area in the case of a staircase, condensation, the probability of fungus formation;

  • increased cost of building windows - attic has a special design;

  • there is a chance to remain without sun when there is a large amount of snow Attic lighting

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

In snowy weather you will have to limit yourself to artificial lighting

Basic rules for designing a house with an attic

It seems that beautiful houses with an attic are simple both in design and construction, but this opinion is wrong. At installation of a structure of this kind it is required to follow certain rules and technologies. Otherwise, the attic will be cold, noisy, wet and not as large as it seemed. To avoid such a result, when designing and building you need to know and take into account the peculiarities of an attic house.

Despite the fact that the attic is the placement of the second floor directly under the roof, you must follow the instructions that say that the height from floor to ceiling must be at least 2.5 m. This must be considered when designing the shape of the roof, which is done by a broken line - when one part is at an angle of no more than 30 degrees, and the second is at least 70. This technique in some cases increases the useful volume by 90%.

It is important to properly think out the communication system. If water heating is planned in the attic, the placement of the bathroom, you need to calculate the required water pressure and install the appropriate parameters obtained by the pump.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

When water heating the attic, the boiler will have to lift the boiler, or install a pump

in the system. Special fireproof channels are provided to accommodate the electrical wires. in the walls or on their surface.

The design takes into account the weight of all partitions and windows. If possible, they are made of lightweight materials to reduce the load on the walls and the foundation.

One of the advantages of an attic is that it can be designed and installed instead of the roof of an already finished one-story house. Some try to use this opportunity and self-modernize the house, but at the same time they forget that the foundations, floors and walls were designed for the same load, and the installation of an attic significantly increases them. As a result, cracks appear, and the house is gradually collapsing. For this reason, if necessary, to carry out such work, it is necessary to contact specialized construction companies whose employees have sufficient experience to properly strengthen the walls and the foundation and to equip the house of an attic type according to all the rules.

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The advantages of houses with an attic and a garage under one roof

Today, an elementary amenities at the summer cottage, except for the house, with the necessary utilities and a place for a garden or garden, are being added to the garage where you can leave his iron horse for the rest. A full-fledged country house with an attic, the photo below, has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

Often a garage is an obligatory attribute of a country house

Especially it is necessary if the family lives outside the city permanently or most of the time - shuttle buses do not go so often and quickly, and the car allows you to maintain mobility.

If the land area is insufficient for the construction of a large building with a separate garage, then to solve this problem it is worthwhile to consider simple projects of mansard houses with a garage. A house of this type assumes accommodation on the first floor of a garage and utility rooms, and on the second - living rooms. This choice has many advantages:

  • optimal placement on a site with a small area;

  • placing space for a car inside the house reduces construction costs to 30 %;

  • a door from the indoor garage improves comfort and safety;

  • a garage inside the house saves heating costs.

The vacated space can be used more favorably - to arrange a playground, a rest area, a greenhouse, a winter garden, just a flower bed or a gazebo.

A few more projects of houses with an attic and garage look at the video:

The device of the staircase

Naturally, the projects of simple attic houses should contain plans for installing a staircase to the second floor. Properly calculated and placed stairs - the key to success of all the work on the construction of the house.

Attic house can be equipped with several types of stairs leading to the second floor:

  • suspended;

  • screw;

  • marching.

Most often, the area of ​​the attic house is minimal, so the stairs are designed to be small in size. Screw and suspended ladders are more suitable for such requirements. They are not much different from each other in the occupied area, but different in design. Screws look like a spiral, look presentable and unusual in comparison with other ladders, attract the attention of guests and children, but are more complicated in calculations and installation. True, it is quite possible to order a ready-made staircase - its cost will simply be added to the estimate.

Similarly, a suspended ladder can also be ordered. Its main difference is that such a ladder does not have a support on the lower horizontal plane or rests on two “legs”. Usually they create a wooden structure consisting of transverse steps fixed in two bowstrings or forming. Have a simple appearance.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

Suspended stairs are the maximum space savings

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In turn, the main staircase is a straight, or with turns, construction that takes up the maximum space, but at the same time it has the greatest strength and durability. This type of stairs is used in mansard houses, which have a relatively large area, because otherwise its placement is inexpedient.

Since the area of ​​dwellings with an attic most often has a small area, it is important to ensure that the stairs do not interfere with moving around the house. Spaces must be planned for the approaches, and the distance between the structure and the doors.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

Marching Staircase with Turning

Types of Roofs for Houses with Attic

One of the most important parts of the attic house is type of roof. It is this parameter mainly determines the area of ​​the second floor. There are:

  1. Shed roof (one plane at an angle of 30-45 degrees to the horizon line - is rarely used, since the second floor takes up to 50% of the area of ​​the first).

  2. The gable (consists of two planes of a roofing structure located at an acute angle to each other, are used more often, and they allow to occupy 67% of the area from the first floor).

  3. Hip and half-hardened (a complex type of roof, consisting of four surfaces at an angle to the walls of the house and to each other, retains an area of ​​up to 60% relative to the first floor).

  4. Broken (a common type of roof, consisting of four surfaces, alternately installed at an obtuse angle between each other, retains almost the entire area relative to the first floor).

Different types of roofing structures have their advantages and disadvantages, which are important for different types of climate.From the point of view of insulation and the possible ingress of water inside, resistance to snow loads, more practical is a broken, hip, semi-hipped roof.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

Types of roofs of mansard houses

Projects of mansard houses with a lean-to roof are recommended when housing is needed, which will not take up much space. The gable roof allows not only to equip the attic floor, but also to use attic space of sufficient volume.

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Warming of an attic room

The most important for a comfortable stay on the attic is the choice of high-quality insulation and waterproofing. At the same time, depending on the roof construction, the insulation is placed under the roofing material, between it and the ceiling of the room, and between the facade and interior walls.

When choosing insulation, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • material vapor permeability (should be as high as possible);

  • material thermal conductivity (should be minimal);

  • heat penetration resistance;

  • material service life;

  • insulation density.

Such materials are known for warming attic floors:

  • foam plastic (the cheapest, warm enough, moderately breathing, weakly eco-friendly);

  • mineral wool (inexpensive, very warm, vapor permeable, eco-friendly, short service life, afraid of water);

  • basalt wool (very warm, vapor-permeable, eco-friendly long service life, dense, afraid of water, does not spoil the parasites).

What mistakes are made during thermal insulation - see the video:

When choosing wool for Attic insulation should be provided so that it does not in any way get moisture. A membrane is glued to the beams, which is able to breathe in the direction of the street and not let moisture in the opposite direction. Under the membrane, cotton wool is mounted, protected by a vapor barrier, a breathing film in both directions. With this method of insulation wool will be protected from water from entering through the roof and will give the accumulated evaporation from the house to the outside.

In the CIS countries, building standards assume that the minimum thickness of insulation is 250 mm. When reducing this parameter, the room will not be sufficiently insulated and will require additional heating costs.

Finishing the attic inside the house

When everything is planned from the outside, projects for small houses with an attic are prepared from the inside. When choosing a style, ways of finishing, you should consider the following factors:

  • type of roof;

  • floor area;

  • type of room;

  • placement of stairs;

  • area of ​​stairs;

  • form of ceiling ;

  • room height;

  • parameters of furniture placed in the attic.

Many choose the interior style from a practical point of view. They try to make it so beautiful, unique, comfortable and interesting with minimal effort, money and time.

House with a mansard: photos, projects, especially layouts

The attic design option is simple and tasteful

Design an attic room in the eclectic or country style. These interiors do not require additional finishing. Walls and roofs can be left as they are, having previously protected all wooden parts with a special varnish. Mineral coatings can be opened with water-repellent liquids or painted. The windows are left bare, the floor is covered with carpets, walkways or skins. Furniture while using the most simple designs.

In this case, one of the most common examples of the attic floor is given. But everyone should do as his family would like. The main thing to consider when designing all the listed requirements is to avoid mistakes.

A few examples of the appearance of the attic floor in the video:

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Attic is a very romantic, bright, cozy place, loved by everyone since childhood. But when designing the second floor attic type, every detail, every requirement and every figure should be taken into account. This work is not easy. It can only be mastered by professional builders and designers.


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