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A country house can not always be connected to the central sewage system, where the gravity principle of sewage is provided. In this case, an individual septic tank is designed, which is a waterproof design of two or three chambers. If it is not possible to arrange the chambers for pumping wastewater by gravity, then for the normal operation of the entire autonomous sewage system, you need a pump for a septic tank.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

For septic tanks, drainage or fecal pumps with a chopper are used

What is a pump for a septic tank and features of choice

The pump is designed to clean the septic tank from wastewater and fecal inclusions. Its principle of operation is similar to the work of a conventional pump, but has a number of features. They are associated with the need to operate in an aggressive environment and the ability to cope with fairly large debris.

There are several parameters, according to which the optimal type of equipment is selected.

  • Duration of operation, frequency of activation. If you need a pump to give, and will be used occasionally, you can choose a simpler and cheaper model of the pump. When choosing equipment for a private house with a permanent residence, you should pay attention to more powerful and reliable models.

  • Tank volume. There is no need to give preference to a compressor with very high power if the septic tank has a modest size. A weak compressor will be ineffective if necessary to divert water from a large septic tank.

  • Sewage depth. Compressors do not have universal power, so different models can lift water from different depths. To make the right choice you should know the vertical length of the well and take into account the length of the hose connecting the septic tank with the place of transportation.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

The pump power is selected depending on the depth of the well
  • The consistency of the pumped liquid (only water with a minimum of sand or with the presence of large solid fractions).

  • Aggressiveness of the environment in which the equipment will operate. Not all models are equipped with a robust, resistant to aggressive environment. Incorrect selection may lead to early failure of the unit.

To orient in the range of pumping equipment, manufacturers use different markings. For example:

  • "F" means that the compressor is intended for septic tanks with dirty waters and is capable of removing solid fractions up to 3.5 cm in size.

  • "H" means that the pump body is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it can be operated in an aggressive environment sewage.

  • Digital designations indicate that the pump can pump out only water with a minimum of fine sand.

Types of pumps

Drainage and faecal pumps exist for drainage of dirty water.


A drainage pump for a septic tank is used to discharge water with a minimum amount of solid fractions. He will cope with particles of sand or silt. So that the equipment does not fail due to mechanical failure, it is protected by a grid that does not allow large debris to get inside the mechanism.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

Drainage pumps at the bottom of the case have a protective mesh

The drainage pump will not be able to draw sediment from the bottom of the septic tank. With the abstraction of fecal masses also can not cope. It is designed for pumping water from the storage well, which receives purified water from the septic tank, storm water and drainage sewage.


Equipment of this type is designed for cleaning septic tanks and cesspools. They do an excellent job with the removal of water and solid fractions. The size of the solid parts that the pump can handle depends on the models, but does not exceed 5 cm. To clean the septic tank from larger debris, the pump is often equipped with a grinder. It is a shaft with cutting blades.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

Fecal pump for septic tank with grinding mechanism
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Pumps for septic tanks by type of use

Sewage pumps are divided into submersible, surface and semi-submersible.


Submersible pumps for septic tanks are equipped with a hermetic housing. The material is stainless steel or cast iron. The working mechanism is fully protected from the negative effects of waste fluids.

For proper operation and long service life, equipment must be completely immersed in liquid. Therefore, it is installed on the bottom of the sewer well.

There are 2 ways to install pumping equipment:

  1. Stationary.

  2. Mobile.

Regardless of the chosen installation principle, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of lifting the compressor for maintenance and repair.

The bottom of the submersible pump casing is equipped with special holes. Through them, fluid and fecal matter is absorbed. Their rise to a greater height is due to the power of the pump, which creates the desired pressure in the system. To protect the motor has a special filter that does not allow too large debris to get inside.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

Submersible fecal pump for a septic tank


  • Reliability.

  • Compactness.

  • Efficiency.

  • Noiselessness.


  • Installation complexity.

  • The need to raise the pump to maintain it.

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Surface type

Some types of septic tanks do not require constant pumping of wastewater - cleaning should be done once every six months or even once or twice a year. In such cases, it makes no sense to install a stationary pump and surface devices are used. Such a pump for pumping a septic tank is not retracted inside the septic tank, but is mounted on top. Usually they make a special pit for him. Pumping fluid occurs through a hose lowered to the bottom of the well. The pump itself is equipped with nozzles, one of which is designed for suction of fluid from the septic tank, and the second for draining it from the tank.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

Surface pump for pumping waste from the septic tank


  • Fast and easy installation

  • The device is always available for technical and repair work.

  • Mobility.


  • Lower efficiency than submersible counterparts.

  • Low level of protection of the hull against precipitation and frost.

  • Allows you to skip garbage no larger than 0.5 cm.


The engine of this type of equipment is located above water and the pump part falls under water. This type of equipment is equipped with a float, which reliably fixes the motor mechanism on the surface, and the pumping part under water. So that the engine does not fail, the casing is made of steel, and the end seal provides additional protection. Such equipment can operate with high temperature fluids without the threat of engine overheating.


  • Easy maintenance.


  • Ability to transfer solid fractions of small size (up to 1.5 cm).

A feature of a semi-submersible pump is the ability to work only with small-sized septic tanks. They are used exclusively for individual sewerage cottages. On an industrial scale, they are ineffective.

drainage, submersible, how to choose, types, types, purpose

Semi-submersible pump for the septic tank
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Popular pump brands and their cost


The Danish manufacturer of pumping equipment is one of the market leaders. The company does not stop there and is constantly working to improve its pumps. Their products are of high quality materials and assembly. Such pumps are chosen by those who appreciate quality, efficiency and advanced technologies. A large assortment of pumps allows you to choose the right equipment based on individual needs.

The equipment belongs to the expensive segment. Depending on the model, the cost of the pump for a septic tank varies from 15 to 60 thousand rubles.

For an example of how the Grundfos pump works with a grinding device, see the video:


Italian manufacturer's pump equipment is in high demand. It is characterized by high reliability and the ability to choose a compressor for any needs. The line of sewage equipment has several hundred items. The disadvantage of the equipment of this manufacturer is that there are fakes on the market. Therefore, you should carefully consider the place of purchase of the pump.

The cost depends on the model and is 16-100 thousand rubles.


The Russian manufacturer produces compressors for the septic tank, which works reliably in almost all difficult conditions. Models do not have a large number of functions, do not contain many innovative solutions. They are simple and unpretentious. Due to this, they work for a long time. In case of breakage, they are easily and quickly repaired.

The price depends on the model and amounts to 3-6 thousand rubles.


Russian company producing equipment in China.Despite this, their pumps are in demand and receive good reviews from owners. They do not have any supernormal abilities. But buyers are attracted by their low price (compared to world leaders), quality of materials and reliability.

The cost ranges from 6 to 11 thousand rubles.

Review of the fecal pump "Whirlwind", see the following video:

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A pump for a septic tank in a private house is an integral element of an individual sewer system. It is necessary to choose it taking into account features of a septic tank, frequency of use and the budget.

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