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On modern summer cottages, decorative wells are increasingly being installed, which are not only sources of water, but also decorate the landscape around the house. The article describes the types of suitable finishing materials and common methods of decorating wells, including decorating with flowers. The information presented in the article will help you to choose the style of the well, turning it into a highlight of the garden.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

The well style should correspond to the environment

Use possibilities

A well-house can have several purposes:

  • Fresh water source . The structure hides a well or mine drilled at the site, protecting water from dirt, leaves and insects.

  • Masking technical details . On the territory of the suburban area there are many structures that can spoil the impression of the design, and which are not always convenient to hide behind vegetation. Sewage hatches, storm wells, irrigation barrels and other similar communications are perfectly hidden under a decorative well-frame house.

  • Construction of technical purpose . In the well, you can arrange a warehouse inventory or hide the watering hoses.

  • Landscape Design Element . The image of the traditional element of the Russian court is a godsend for modern decorators. The well is played up in dozens of different ways, from making a flower bed to building a fountain in it.

Decorative well-log houses, imitating real ones, are carried out in several ways and have the following differences:

  • Construction type . The building can be open (without a canopy) or have the appearance of a teremka with a gable roof.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

The well can mask technical constructions
  • By lifting method water . A classic building is a wooden (usually log) log cabin with a collar fixed between the supporting pillars. A bucket (if it is, then often wooden, decorative) is attached with a rope or chain. Less common is the well-crane with a pole that performs the role of a lever.

Choice of finishing material

You can make a decorative well in a country house from almost any material, so long as it is able to withstand weather changes. The most popular for the construction of a decorative well are the following materials:

1. Wood

Traditional material that is not abandoned in modern design. If you want to decorate the site with a wooden decorative well, you need to take into account the following details:

  • Timber is a practical solution for the construction of a well, affordable and simple in design; The amount of lumber needed depends on the size and complexity of the structure.

  • For the base of the decorative well log house (box), you can take any lumber , and decorate it using quality wood.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Wooden well in ethno-style
  • The best finishing material is oak and larch wood , as the most moisture resistant and strong. Pine, alder or elm will do well.

  • For trimming , you can use planed boards and sawn along the round timber.

  • It is possible to fold a copy of a real log house from a rounded log or a bar using the corner joint "in the paw". Such a structure will look good with the roof, also collected from wood.

  • A beautiful option - a four or six-sided log house , folded from a bar.

  • Wooden decorative finish is very diverse. For decoration of the well used parts with carved patterns, carved animal figures.

  • The lumber selected for work is impregnated with protective compounds (with antiseptics, tinted impregnation). It is useful to cover the finished structure with several layers of varnish, this will prevent it from the destructive action of atmospheric moisture.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Ornament with figured carving
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2. Brick and ceramic tiles

Brick cladding gives a well-log house a spectacular view, such a structure attracts attention in any environment. For finishing apply several types of material:

  • Normal construction brick (red). Such material needs additional finishing.

  • Ceramic brick . Universal material with a presentable appearance, dense structure and long service life.Available in material of different shades, which greatly expands the possibilities of design. When using ceramics, it is important to remember its hygroscopicity (ability to absorb moisture). Protect the masonry from destruction by covering it with a hydrophobic varnish.

  • Silicate brick . Budget alternative to expensive ceramics; material is available in different color shades.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Facing the well with a brick

Ceramic tile can be the best solution for decorating the element of communications or the concrete cap water intake mines; the result will delight with beauty, practicality and durability. In order not to exceed the planned budget, ceramic tiles can be replaced by tile fights and lay out a mosaic of it. The implementation of this option will take more time, but at a price it will be much cheaper, and the design of the well will be exclusive.

3. Stone

A decorative well trimmed with stone always pleases the eye; stone facing looks spectacular and stylish. This method of facing a decorative well has the following features:

  • Material selection . Both natural and artificial stone are widely used.

  • Style selection . Two ways of facing prevail. In the first case, the stones are carefully selected in shape and size, achieving the ideal result. The second option involves the creation of a natural, natural effect - using stones (pebbles or cobblestones) of different sizes, shapes and colors. This finish fits in some styles best.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Facing with natural pebbles
  • Details . The unique design of the well can be emphasized by laying out a path to it from the same stones.

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4. Other finishing techniques

In order to impart a certain style to a decorative well log house, less common techniques are used:

  • Plastering and painting . This method is most often used in the design of brickwork. It is recommended to use not only ordinary cement, but also facade decorative plaster (mosaic, bark beetle). The decorative mixture, if desired, can be tinted in the color you like, give an unusual texture and thus create an original design.

  • Use of the metal . Metallic finishing (using forged elements) is a less common option. Beautiful wells are obtained by using metal in combination with wood or polycarbonate, when building a roof frame. In order for the decorative effect to please you for many years, you need to take care of protecting the metallic finish from rust, covering it with paintwork materials.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Well with forging elements
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Methods for combining finishing materials

Some of the most original decorative wells come from a combination of several materials. Each part of the well can be made in different ways:

  • Well box . It can be in the form of a four or six-sided log house, round and non-standard variants are popular. The walls of the log house are made of wood, sheathed with boards or faced with stone, tile or brick. Often used a combination of stone and wood, wood and metal. This design of the well in the country can emphasize the individuality of the dacha.

  • Poles . For them, logs with a smooth or carved surface are selected, coated with varnish or tinted with waterproof paint of natural shades.

About the variety of forms of decorative wells in the following video:

  • Top (roof). The classic option is a gable roof, but more complex structures are also not uncommon (when the well must be kept in a certain style). As a wooden coating use shingles, shingles or plowshares. Often it is possible to meet a roof from a bituminous tile or polycarbonate; colorful looks like a straw cover. In order not to knock out the structure from the general style of a country plot, the roofing material of a residential house is used for its roof.

  • Base . The space around the well log house is lined with stone, tile or poured with concrete. Another option - the lawn sow lawn grass.

  • Environment . The well will not be damaged by the neighborhood of a low bush, lush flower beds, benches and a decorative reservoir.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Well with a fountain
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Choice of style

Today there are several actual ways to decorate a well. When deciding to install such a decorative element, it is worth starting from the general design style of the site and residential building. Popular designs include the following options:

  • In Russian style . Recognizable by children's fairy tales, a wooden blockhouse, complete with a manual collar. The decorative structure is crowned with a wooden shingled roof (the modern version is sheet metal). Such a well looks spectacular due to carved decorations and paintings made with paintwork materials.

  • In the Oriental style . For such structures use wood and stone (plastic and galvanized steel will destroy all aesthetics). Oriental flavor is provided by a non-standard roof. It is made complex, in the form of a Chinese or Japanese pagoda. A bucket of natural wood, arranged next to a small pond (with a bridge) or a decorative waterfall will help increase the effect.

About the decorative well-waterfall in the following video:

  • In style Country (Provence) . Popular and easily reproducible (unlike Eastern) style. Such a building is decorated with a wicker fence, a small bench (for the Provence - with an openwork back), a stylized wooden wheel from a cart. Fit into the style and nest with the stork.

  • In medieval style . An increasingly popular way to decorate an ornamental well. Such a building is faced with natural stone (pebbles, cobblestones or granite); the rougher the look, the better. The place of wooden pillars is occupied by metal pillars with forged elements; the roof is made of metal, often in the form of a tent or dome. Strangely enough, in the medieval decor of the roof found a place and colored polycarbonate (obviously, as a reminder of the medieval stained glass windows). To make the perception of the style complete, the platform around the well is laid out with the same coarse stone.

  • Modern decorative style A decorative garden well reproduces the shape of a building in a miniature - a mill, a farmhouse, a fairy-tale house.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Oriental-style Well
  • Nautical . Fans of original solutions will appreciate the decorative well, wrapped around the perimeter of the base and each pillar with marine ropes. The handle of the gate is replaced with a stylized steering wheel, the usual bucket - with a wooden barrel. To complement the image will help located nearby shells, sea pebbles and a couple of anchors.

  • Chalet Style . If the residential house and the design of the site is made in alpine style, the well of the chalet will be a decoration of the garden. In its decoration use a combination of natural stone and wood; surrounding area can be laid out with stone or decorative patterned tiles.

Decorating with flowers

The most obvious, time-consuming and beautiful way of attracting attention to the well is decorating it with flowers. This type of decor has its own rules:

  • Choice of place . Flowers are planted not only at the foot of the well or on the surrounding land. An original and eye-catching effect can be achieved by placing floral arrangements on the roof of the building. The brightest and most unusual flowers will look good in pots hanging from the roof. Plants with lush inflorescences, planted at the base, will create the effect of "drowning" the well in flowers.

About the carved house for the well in the following video:

  • Choosing colors . Plant varieties are selected so that they can bloom, replacing each other throughout the warm season.

  • Details . Alpine slide or a multi-level flower bed will look good next to the well log house.

Flower decoration of the well is an extremely popular option. In addition to it, you can use other equally interesting tricks:

  • Supplement . A bench installed near the well will turn this garden plot into a comfortable resting place. If the bucket and the frame of the well are placed under the flowerbeds, then its sides, trimmed with a board, can also serve as an alternative to the bench.

  • Lighting . A win-win technique that allows you to effectively select and the structure itself, and the territory around it. Decorative lighting can be realized with the help of beautiful lanterns suspended from the roof and LED spotlights built into the ground or walkway. Also suitable lights poles with direct or diffused light.

decoration, device, design, decoration, photo and video

Stylish decoration with colors
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The well has long been one of the most familiar details of country life. Until recently, its purpose was purely utilitarian - autonomous water supply. Today, wells are not only a source of water, but also a source of creative inspiration. The owners of the dacha and household plots are still happy to install well-houses; a professional landscape designer will help you choose the right place and turn the building into a harmonious element of the garden.

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