Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Small country houses on the plots are most often used as outbuildings for storing garden tools and electrical appliances. However, with a thoughtful approach to the construction and decoration of the project can be turned into a comfortable place to relax in the summer.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A compact country house made of wood

A small building for seasonal living will cost the owners a modest amount, since it does not require a solid foundation, careful warming and supply with powerful system of heating.

Features of country houses

The stereotypes of the Soviet era, when the country house was a miniature barn with a small couch for rest, lost all relevance. Modern owners supply a small country house with utilities, cozy furnishings and necessary household appliances. Quite often, the only difference between a country house and a country house for permanent residence is in the size of the living space.

Examples of modern country houses in the video:

The main feature of a country house is a combination of compactness and functionality. Many owners prefer designs of 6x6 meters, in which it is easy to fit a miniature bedroom, a kitchen combined with a living room, and a small veranda. If the area of ​​the suburban area is small, then such a house would be the best option: without cluttering the site, it will provide residents with all the conditions for a summer holiday.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

The finished project of a country house 6x6

The engineering communications in such a structure must be carried out qualitatively, for this it is desirable to use the services of professionals. The necessary minimum - electrical wiring and heating system. The latter can be a full-fledged electric boiler, as well as a small stove that warms the owners on cool and rainy days.

The location of the house on the plot determines the overall comfort when using it. If the plan of a country house implies an extensive terrace, it is advisable to arrange it on the sunny side. In general, it is better to build country houses on an elevated plot of country ownership, if such an opportunity presents itself. It is not recommended to occupy the whole area of ​​the house so that there is space for outdoor recreation and gardening.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Cottage in the depth of the plot

In general, the characteristics of the future house depend on the wishes of the owners. For example, a miniature temporary building, created during the construction of the main house, can be a “temporary shelter” for overnight stays. If it is assumed a long-term residence in the house of several generations of a large family and active gardening, the size and functionality of the building should be increased.

The process of building a country house

Regardless of the chosen design, size and purpose, the construction of a country house consists of the selection of quality materials and the creation of a suitable layout.

Examples of efficient use of space in small houses on the video:

Creating the planning for future housing

Before laying the foundation, you should choose a suitable place for future miniature housing. The highest piece of land, which is at least 3 m from the road and neighboring property, is best suited.

Most owners of compact summer residences prefer to design a terrace on which you can spend your time on warm summer evenings.

Attic, equipped under the rafters of the roof, will give the owners another useful room, as well as give the house a unique flavor.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Attic - an ideal place to create a cozy bedroom

A variety of projects of country houses allow everyone to choose the right option for themselves or create their own, relying on the experience of professionals. In any case, the project should take into account all the needs of the people living in it: avid gardeners need a place to store tools, and lovers of noisy companies will rejoice at the spacious living room.

The choice of material for the foundation

The materials and method of construction of the foundation depends on the area and weight of the finished residential building, and the quality of the soil on which it is built should be taken into account.

The universal version of the foundation for a small country house is a tape type, which digs into the ground to a depth of 50 cm. This design is durable and can withstand heavy loads.

The slab foundation is applied to buildings located on "difficult" soils prone to movement, swelling, with abundant groundwater.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Finished slab foundation

Pile foundations, depending on the depth of installation and the material of the pillars, can be used for miniature buildings (wooden piles ) or full-fledged residential houses for seasonal living (metal piles dug a few meters away).

Material for building walls of a house

The most common material for a quick construction of a summer house is wood in various modifications: rounded logs, glued laminated timber, and also a frame construction. Eco-friendly material creates a favorable microclimate in the room, while ensuring a high level of thermal insulation. Fans of year-round living in the country will be able to heat such a building pretty quickly. The main disadvantage of wooden houses - the need for careful choice of material. Poor quality wood can spoil not only the appearance, but also the functional characteristics of the building.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

The original wooden country house

Brick houses are the most durable, visually pleasing and expensive material to build. In addition, the finished design is quite heavy and will require the installation of a powerful foundation. The construction of a brick house requires a long time, the exact observance of technology and additional insulation, so it does not apply to budget options for construction.

Block houses are a more affordable way to build a durable building. Depending on the materials, foam blocks (made of concrete foamed by the fire composition), gas blocks (material made in autoclaves) and ceramic blocks (based on clay chips) are distinguished. Any of these varieties involves the choice of quality material and compliance with all thermal insulation conditions. Otherwise, the finished housing will be exposed to drafts, precipitation and mechanical damage.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Cottage from blocks of blocks before finishing

Prefab houses are the most budget and fastest way to build a summer house. Simple to use, beautiful country houses on the basis of frames are affordable, you can build them yourself or with the help of a team of professionals. The patented and time-tested technologies (Finnish or Canadian frame structures) allow you to create comfortable housing in a short time with minimal cost.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Frame house in the process of construction

Materials for finishing the roof

The simplest option for decorating the roof in the country - gable roof, which prevents the accumulation of precipitation and subsequent leakage. In addition, this option of installing rafters involves the construction of the attic, which gives additional space in the country house.

Exterior finish of the roof can be made of sheet or piece materials.

The most popular option is metal, which is a molded sheet of galvanized steel coated with polymers. Reliable and lightweight material tolerates regular effects of precipitation and strong winds.

Fold roof of metal sheets is interconnected with the help of "bends" along the edges of each element. Such a roof will look more aesthetic than a metal tile, but due to the complexity of installation during installation, the services of professionals will be required.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

The seam roof on the slope of the roof

Ondulin is a softer material for finishing the roof, most often used in warm climates. Under the influence of abundant precipitation and temperature changes, the material may change color and lose operational properties.

Ceramic tile is a traditional piece of material for the lining of the roof, having a long service life. Unfortunately, the tiled roof is quite heavy, so you need to install additional fortifications on the rafters. In addition, the material is one of the most expensive on the market.

Shingles is a "soft" version of the previous one. Sheets are laid out in layers, due to the snug fit, the material is resistant to weathering and has high thermal insulation properties.

Popular projects of country houses

The market leader is a one-storey house with an attic made of various materials.

Small country houses

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A single-storey country house on a strip foundation is an economical and functional solution. A miniature porch allows you to spend summer evenings outdoors air

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A small brick house with an integrated garage is suitable for both seasonal and for year-round living in the countryside.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A classic two-storey country house with a bedroom on the second floor.

Interior solutions

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Interior of a country house 6x6 meters: using the kitchen-living room as a recreation area.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Compact country house with an attic room: competent zoning allows you to place everything you need on a minimum area.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Classic furnishing of a country house made of wood

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

Original decor oven in a country house for year-round use.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

The heating system allows you to live comfortably at the cottage all year round.

Summer houses for year-round living

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A compact one-story house with dormer windows in the attic - the optimal solution for living on the plot in the summer .

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A wooden house on two floors with a built-in garage on a strip footing.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A stone country house with an attic and a balcony is a comfortable option for permanent living.

Country house projects: photos, interesting ideas

A two-storey house with a garage is suitable for a comfortable permanent residence of a large family.

Unusual country houses - video

And a few more non-standard country houses on the video:


A functional and modern country house is created using technologically advanced materials and an ergonomic design project. A variety of construction and finishing materials allows each owner to choose a suitable option for construction.


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