construction stages, projects, drawings and models

While adults are busy caring for the garden and landscaping the garden, kids should not be bored: let them be carried away by a fun game nearby. Comprehensively thought-out children's houses for wooden houses are able to become the center of children's attention, because their infrastructure meets all the needs of the younger generation. In order for a localized playground to always cause a stir, it can be designed as an illustration to the interests of a child - in the form of a ship for a young navigator, a palace for a princess, a scientific laboratory for an enthusiastic researcher. In general, if you wish, you can implement any project of a children's house to give, the main thing is to arm yourself with imagination.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

A wooden tree house styled as a ship

But you shouldn’t rely solely on aesthetic considerations: the structure must be safe and comfortable. In this aspect, professional intervention will help - experts will tell you what materials will be appropriate, use ergonomic zoning techniques, make sure that all technical and sanitary standards are observed during construction.

Choice of location and optimal material

To build a children's wooden house, you should find a site that will be equally well viewed from the entire territory of the property - then parents will be able to continuously monitor the child. It is not recommended to plant trees, shrubs around the perimeter, break flower beds: because of the inevitable irrigation, soil moisture will increase, which is fraught with fungal and mold damage to wood. The same danger is posed by fountains and artificial reservoirs.

If the site already has a barbecue area, the game hut cannot be placed nearby: a combination of open fire and gusting wind can cause a fire, and the copious smoke from the barbecue will not benefit the young body.

All wooden structures need to be thoroughly impregnated with fire fighting compounds.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Most often, children's houses are set on a flat platform, away from other outbuildings

Why is wood specifically recommended as a basic building material? The secret is in natural origin and minimal risk of provoking allergic reactions. Wood, unlike plastic and metal surfaces, does not heat up, does not emit hazardous chemical components into the air (provided that all coatings and impregnations were chosen with particular care). Fittings can be made of a similar material, plastic, metal.

The unique texture, pleasant color and natural pattern are the key to aesthetics of the finished structure, it does not need additional decoration, it is enough to indicate in the work plan the application of several layers of protective varnish. If, on the contrary, you want to create a bright composition, the tree is easy to paint in any range.

How to order a wooden house: models made of plywood, boards, logs

These are eco-friendly materials that are easy to assemble and process, so they are taken as the basis for the construction of facilities designed for children's leisure .

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Near the house it is easy to make a full-fledged playground

Plywood construction

To build a plywood children's house , the craftsmen would circle the life-size part templates on the sheets and cut the blanks on them. Usually used material that is resistant to moisture. Next, fix the prepared "semi-finished products" on the frame of thick beams using screws. All these manipulations are preceded by the assembly of a support belt recessed into the soil from a large bar or the laying of a complete foundation.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

The plywood house is also an extra reason to do coloring with the child
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A simple wooden hut

All parts are pre-soaked with antiseptic compounds that protect the wood from rotting, fungal damage, mold. The thickness of the boards should exceed 40 mm, of which the parts are cut out according to the template. The frame also, as in the previous case, is equipped with thick beams, it is sheathed, observing the window and door openings noted in the design.

For the construction of a gable roof the same brand of boards can be used, it is additionally strengthened with the help of roll or siding roofing materials, tiles.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

In such a "hut" you can play in Snow White and in three pigs

Fabulous log cabin

A simple project of a children's house of wood can turn into a fabulous hut. In this case, the complexity of construction is comparable to laying a log house for a full-fledged dwelling: as a result, a small strong, stable building is formed.The interior from three sides is equipped with window openings, here it is possible to provide high-grade shutters.

The entrance area can also be with a "twist": a mini-terrace or a porch without elevation is placed under the same roof with the house, picking up patterned railings, putting chairs and a compact tabletop. This makeshift summer kitchen is easy to turn into an area for drawing or board games.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Just a little imagination and “visiting a fairy tale” is not just a telecast
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Country house on a tree

Every child will be happy with such a project, even adults will be delighted to participate in children's games. The logical link in this category is one sprawling old or several nearby trees, on which they “build up” a house with minimal damage to nature. The playground can be closed, that is, having a full roof (and in some cases the wall), or open, equipped with high railings.

A ladder can be a screw, auxiliary (if desired, the child will lift it up), stationary, the special training grid stretched on the frame looks interesting. In the free space under the floor, you can hang rope simulators and rides, bungee and swing with one crossbar will be relevant. In large-scale projects, two or more sites are united by a bridge system.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

After building such a house, you can visit the child

House on the pillars for children with a sandbox

This solution fits perfectly into small summer cottages, as the sandbox is located on the first floor - directly under the bottom of the hut. In addition to the ladder, upstairs can lead a miniature climbing wall, the Swedish wall. A swing is attached to the house. It is recommended to equip the sandbox with a toy box and benches.

When developing all models placed at a height, special attention is paid to the elements that level the injury factor. Having ordered such a house from professionals, you can be confident in its stability, reasonableness and comprehensive safety for the child.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Such a house will easily replace the child with a full-fledged sports field

Making a plan and determining the future size of a children's house

When developing a children's house project for dacha, several factors need to be taken into account:

  • the foundation will significantly extend the operational construction period. It will protect the wood from constant contact with wet soil, which will prevent premature destruction of the material;

  • construction type . Hut may be closed or open, in the first case should include in the plan at least 2 windows and a door. The open structures look like mini-gazebos, the roof is supported by vertical supports, fences are introduced along the bottom edge; 2>

  • mobility . The design can be moved from place to place, if initially adhere to the collapsible design.

To reduce the risk of injury, experts suggest paying attention to single or double roof construction: sooner or later, direct horizontal roof variations become an object of children's interest - they are climbed, trying to jump.

The gable roofs will allow stationary structures to free themselves of snow during the winter.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Such a roof is very beautiful, but few children will want to climb on it
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With respect to the openings, specific boundaries are set:

  • the door must exceed the height of the child by at least 25-30 cm;

  • windows should be located at a height of at least 50-55 cm from the floor.

The final dimensions of the huts, which are installed directly on the foundation, are determined by the operational needs and capabilities of the site. As for houses in trees and poles, the height of their floor relative to the level of the ground should exceed 1.2 m, the height of the residential part to the top point of the roof is from 1.6 m. This space will be enough for games of preschool children; for older children, all parameters need to be increased approximately 1.5 times.

Stages of construction of a wooden house for children

On the basis of the drawing of the children's house, the builders calculate the required amount of materials and, after their delivery to the customer’s territory, begin assembly.

Key steps:

  • Forming the foundation of bricks or decking. Upon request, masonry can be supplemented with strapping from timber. The specificity of the structure does not imply the pouring of a full-scale concrete base.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Children's lodge on a columnar foundation
  • Floor create a classic scenario: they knock together logs, sheathe their flooring board. In some cases it is acceptable to use plywood in several layers with offset joints.

  • The frame looks like uneven bars dug in the corners of the foundation, having undergone a preliminary antiseptic and water-repellent treatment. In areas where further openings will be located, additional supports are installed. Metal corners ensure the stability of the frame.

  • Walls are made of plywood, boards.

  • The gable roof is based on pediments - triangles of a thick beam, fixed on two opposite walls. If the overall structure is planned, the installation of additional gables between the main ones will not prevent. The structure is stuffed with a bar and sheathed with roofing material - boards, straw, shingles, roofing material, etc., depending on the budget of the event.

  • Finishing in its simplest form consists of thoroughly sanding all surfaces that children touch, covering the wood with protective compounds.

construction stages, projects, drawings and models

Thorough finishing and painting is the key to the safety of the design

The latter are necessary to prevent the processes of decay and damage insects. Next, the tree is opened with varnish, stain, if necessary, painted. Furniture, which will be placed both inside and outside, is made from the remnants of the material and is also processed.

Building a tree house begins with finding a suitable specimen of hardwood. Professionals note that the shape of the tree will vary in proportion to its natural growth, therefore, design models that are located mainly on the lower branches.

The supports and the floor are mounted on the chosen place, while the preliminary assembly of the walls and roof is carried out on the ground, then the blanks are lifted and fixed. The safest and simplest staircase is wooden with a handrail, in order to spur children's interest, you can also provide a rope for quick descent.

And some more beautiful children's houses are vividly illustrated in the following video:

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Choosing a project together

In order to always give a visit to the dacha a delight for a child, let him also take part in drawing up a sketch. In this case, the children's wooden house will become a favorite platform and a starting point for the development of creative abilities of the younger generation. Further, joint family practices will be handed over to professionals, who will calculate the project taking into account the aesthetic and operational requirements of the customer, make an estimate, bring the material and start construction.


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