Construction of stone houses in Moscow

Stone houses have been popular since ancient times - massive, heavy walls are reliable, impregnable, durable and beautiful. Previously, they were built from natural stone fastened with clay. Then he was replaced by a clay brick. In the XIX century, cement was invented and new building technologies began to develop.

Construction of stone houses in Moscow

Stone house according to the original project.

In the 21st century, there are two groups of materials for the construction of stone houses: natural stone and artificial materials such as brick, ceramic facing stone, concrete blocks, reinforced concrete panels, silicate stone.

Today the demand for stone houses is growing steadily, because they are very practical and with proper care can last for centuries. The option of construction depends only on your ideas - this is where there is room for creativity and the ability to do absolutely anything you want.

Thanks to the rapid development of the construction industry, as well as new materials and technologies, a stone house can be even cheaper than a wooden one, therefore, the first option is often chosen. In fact, the construction of stone buildings at a cost of approximately equal to the acquisition of a small city apartment, but it is prestigious to own a stone house.

Construction of stone houses in Moscow

Today, the technology of working with stone allows you to execute the most original ideas

The main stages of the construction of stone houses

It is not easy to build from such material as a stone - it is necessary to perform a series of actions step by step. For the construction of a stone house to be cheaper and easier, it is important to clearly follow each stage.

  1. Creating a project. The first step to a dream home is designing. At this stage, the layout of the house is determined, materials are selected and necessary calculations are made. The project must take into account the nuances of the area on which the house will be built. We'll have to take into account the density and type of soil, the level of groundwater, the topography of the land. The construction time and the final result depend on this stage, so it is important to prepare high-quality project documentation. In addition to the main house, it would not be superfluous to immediately outline other necessary buildings - a barn, a cellar, a bathhouse, a gazebo, a summer kitchen, a garage, a pool, a pond, a children's or sports ground, if you plan to build them in the future, designate a place for a garden. Care should be taken to permit the construction of documents.
  2. Bookmark the foundation. The foundation is the main and most important part of the house. It must be done strictly according to the project, taking into account engineering and geological studies of the soil and the height of the building. It depends on how well the foundation is laid how long the house will last. For a stone house without a basement floor is used recessed strip foundation. The project is transferred to the terrain, a excavation is dug 20-30 cm deeper than the level of soil freezing, a formwork and reinforcement are installed around the perimeter, and then it is poured with cement. After all the manipulations, the foundation should be poured until it is completely solidified.
  3. Communications and engineering networks. At this stage, also in accordance with the project plan, engineering networks and communications are being laid:
  • plumbing and sanitary;
  • electrification;
  • gasification;
  • heating.

It’s not worth saving. Choose only those options that match the project and geological surveys, because the main thing is your reliability and safety.

Construction of stone houses in Moscow

Non-standard solution for the construction of a low-rise building made of stone.

  • Construction of walls and roofs. This is the longest and most expensive stage of building a house. Its duration depends on the selected material, the degree of its processing, the size and shape of the building. The fastest option is reinforced concrete panels, which are fully prepared for installation already at the factory and are supplied with fasteners. Laying stone blocks is similar to the process of laying a simple brick, here the most important thing is to correctly lay out the corners of the house, on which the safety of the entire building depends.
  • And the final stage of external work is installing the roof of a house. Please note that you should not allow the walls to get wet, so the installation is better to finish before the torrential autumn rains and cold. The roof can be covered with any material, even with natural tiles - the foundation and massive box will allow you to withstand such a weight.
  • Internal and external decoration. At this stage, first install windows and doors, after which everything depends only on your budget and imagination. According to generally accepted standards, the space of the house is divided into certain residential areas so that the entire area is used rationally and for your convenience.
  • All the above steps should be carried out alternately to avoid difficulties in the work.

    Construction of stone houses in Moscow

    House of stone.

    Features of stone houses

    The use of stone in the construction of a house gives a wide scope for imagination - you can build a whole fairy castle. And although the process of its construction is long and expensive, more and more people choose this option. Stone house has its advantages and disadvantages.


    1. The most important feature of the stone structure is a huge weight of several tons per 1 m 2 and massiveness. To build a house, you need to build a deep well-reinforced foundation that can withstand the weight of the building.
    2. Of course, high cost refers to houses made of natural stone or monolithic houses. But, despite the fact that the cost of a stone cottage is comparable to the price of a small city apartment, many people want to buy a house.
    3. Natural a stone can fantastically deform with time with an improper distribution of the load, as a result of which cracks appear on the walls. This is not critical, but is reflected in the appearance. Although some believe that they give the house charm and the effect of antiquity.
    4. A house made of natural stone tends to cool down quickly and even in the short absence of the owners to become empty, uninhabited and uncomfortable. Its warming up is quite a long time.

    Construction of stone houses in Moscow

    A stone house has always been considered one of the signs of prosperity.


    1. The stone is a strong and durable material , the house of which will last for many years. Reliable stone building easily withstands all weather disasters, and with proper laying of the foundation and the construction of walls - even earthquakes.
    2. You can unleash your imagination by designing a house of any kind with your own unique style. A variety of stone, finishing materials of various colors and textures will allow you to create a unique home.
    3. The stone, by its nature, has a porous structure, thanks to which the house breathes , it is always cool in the heat and warm in the winter. In addition, it maintains a comfortable temperature and humidity.
    4. The stone has a high fire safety - it is fireproof. Even if a fire arises, it will be easy to eliminate with minimal losses.
    5. The foundation and walls of a stone house are so massive that they can withstand any kind of decoration , as well as various hanging parts - mailboxes, lanterns and other decorative elements.
    6. At all times, a stone house was considered a sign of wealth and high status of the owner.

    As you can see, stone houses have much less cons than pluses. Although in any case, the choice is yours.

    Prices for stone houses

    A house made of stone has always been quite expensive. Currently, a small one-story building with a total area of ​​up to 100 m2 will have to pay about two million rubles. Moreover, the cost has little effect on which material is used to erect walls - buildings of porous brick that are similar in size cost the same as a house made of gas-silicate blocks or foam concrete.

    As a more budgetary alternative to building stone, the construction market today offers a new technology for the construction of reinforced concrete panels. So, the same house with an area of ​​up to 100m2 will cost a little more than a million rubles.

    However, it is worth considering that the final price of a stone house depends on the specific conditions of the order. The exact cost can be calculated only by direct contact with the construction company and only after experts have studied all the features of the future construction, as well as all the wishes of the customer.

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