Choose an autonomous sewage system. Three easy steps

The number of families moving from urban high-rises to their own house in nature is growing every year. However, a person quickly gets used to comfort, and when leaving an apartment, he wants to preserve it.

In a country cottage we need many household amenities, without which we no longer wish to do. A rare person would agree not to pour water from the tap, but to carry it in a bucket from a well hundreds of meters from the house. Few people will refuse from full heating and especially from electric lighting, returning to the candles and oil lamps.

Choose an autonomous sewage system. Three easy steps

Today the popularity of autonomous sewage systems, or septic tanks, is gaining momentum. More and more families are abandoning illegal cesspools in favor of aeration stations for biological wastewater treatment. Accumulative septic tanks are also a thing of the past: living outside the city and breathing clean air, people do not agree to put up with the smell of drains and the constant call of the vacuum truck, which in some cases can turn into a serious item of the family budget. We have become more experienced and have already calculated the final cost and benefits of installing an autonomous sewage system on our site, because comfort and independence are important to us.

There are many manufacturers of septic tanks of various volumes and modifications on the current market. And as in any other industry, there are leaders among companies and models.

Choose an autonomous sewage system. Three easy steps

How among the variety of septic tanks to choose the one that suits you? Three simple steps will help you decide!

  • If you already know how many people will use the autonomous installation, how many bathrooms, sinks, shower cabins or baths will have in your home, then you are on the right track!

For example, in your family there are 4 people, you plan to put 1 toilet, 3 sinks and 1 shower stall.

  • Don't forget about the home appliances you plug into your station!

For example, you want to install 1 washing machine and 1 dishwasher.

Choose an autonomous sewage system. Three easy steps

  • Then you should study your area of ​​residence and the type of soil. This is necessary in order to determine the modification of the installation.

For example, your groundwater level is high, groundwater is predominant, there is a storm ditch behind the fence.

To summarize : since you plan to connect a large number of equipment, then the salvo discharge of the septic tank should be large. Therefore, you need a station designed for salvo discharge of 350 liters with the forced discharge of purified water.

With these simple steps, you can choose the best option for a septic tank.

Of course, you have a certain amount of money that you are willing to spend on a wastewater treatment plant. And now at this stage it is necessary to decide on the manufacturer and the company that will bring and connect it.

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