Brick beds: functions and varieties

The article will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a brick bed, its functions and purpose, possible forms and types for creating a flower bed, using the described consumable material, what technologies are used to create a brick frame. Photos and videos of finished works will demonstrate the capabilities of modern decor.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

High brick flower beds

Flowerbed design - basic functions

When creating landscape design, everything is subordinate to the chosen style. You can recreate it by using the same elements. If you build beds of bricks at the dacha, the brick should be used for paving walkways, and to create a decorative garden. By means of it the decorative reservoir or an external contour of a distributive well is made out. In this way, the effect of integrity and common perception of appearance is formed.

The framing of flower beds plays a big role in the implementation of landscape design. It is not just a symbolic fence. With it, you can select the borders of the flower garden and create an obstacle to the spread of plants through the growth of the root system. Such a curb will not be able to protect the landing from overly active pets, but it will not allow the earth to crumble from the flowerbed.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Brick walkways and flower beds

Different brick application options

There are a large number of design options in which used brick The choice of something concrete depends on the ultimate goals. If the flower garden is formed by planting plants in a circle, you need an appropriate circular design. It can be done in different ways: lay two layers of the stack on each other and do it in a plane, not in a volume. Such a flower bed will then take the form of a closed ring.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Flat brick bed

Round flower beds look good when they are located exactly in the center of some open area. For its decoration, experts advise the use of bright and low flowers that can attract attention. If you plan to plant flower cultures growing up in a flower garden, it makes sense to make a raised frame. Flowerbeds with high walls look very impressive, but they take a lot of space.

An oval-shaped flowerbed, like a round flower garden, can decorate some central ground. They are often used to create the exterior in the French style, ideal for the decoration of small areas of the area.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Raised flower beds folded from bricks

Rectangular flower beds help to visually enlarge the area of ​​the plot. This design is often used for dividing flower beds along a house or for decorating a fence. Good look rectangular flower beds, broken along the tracks.

Bunk beds are constructions consisting of two segments. Such an embodiment implies for planting making a choice in favor of different plants. On the lower tier, ground cover flowers will look good, on the top floor those plants that, when flowering, are capable of hanging down in beautiful clusters.

If the strict rectangular shape fits poorly with the garden decor, you should use flower beds-polygons. They will not just decorate the local area, they will divide it into separate zones and allow you to separate the resting place from the garden. The construction of multi-tiered beds of brick will require additional costs: under them you need to build a strong powerful foundation, the depth of which should be equal to seventy centimeters.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Multilevel brick beds
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Main advantages of brick flower gardens

Beds collected with the help of bricks can have different diameters and heights. The choice of a particular option depends on the taste preferences and goals. Today in the construction market you can find bricks of a different type, texture, color (from soft yellow to dark brown and terracotta). You can experiment with the layout of the modules. Therefore, the possibilities of flower garden decor are almost endless.

Brickwork can be made brighter with additional finishing. Experts, answering the question of how to paint bricks in a flower bed, advised to use facade paints. They do not fade in the sun, have a certain level of vapor permeability, low moisture absorption and high wear resistance.

Any border will look pretty pretty. With it you can make the correct zoning of the site. Expendable material has a relatively low cost. Often bricks remain after the construction of a house or outbuildings. Then on the purchase of consumables can save significantly.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Zoning of the site using brick beds
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Brick is a durable material, it can last for a long time, over the years brick flower gardens become even more decorative. Aging gives them more charm. Only natural stone can compare with such technical characteristics. But its use in landscape design is very expensive. Brick - the best choice for those who prefer to carry out a thorough improvement of the local area.

Main disadvantages

When choosing a brick for framing a flower bed, it is important to take into account the disadvantages of the described embodiment. The main thing is the lack of mobility. A flower bed made of brick will acquire its permanent location. To disassemble it will be problematic. Only clinker is suitable for its production - a material made from high-quality clays. They are formed by high pressure, and then fired in a furnace at a temperature of 1200 degrees. Such a brick has very low moisture absorption, it is not afraid of severe frosts and heat.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Stationary flower bed as part of the overall design of the yard

Clinker is the most suitable material for paving and for building a floral frame, but it stands expensive. Hollow brick has an affordable price, but its service life is not long. Therefore, before you start to draw up the site, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the described material.

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Clinker for paving
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How to make a bed of bricks

It is easy to make a flower bed with the help of brickwork. To do this, you must purchase the basic material and bulk mixes for the preparation of the binder solution (sand and cement). The follow-up algorithm is extremely simple:

  1. First, on the ground make markup , mark the outline of the future flower garden. This can be done with lime or white sand . If they are not at hand, experts advise to simply throw on the ground some bright tape .

  2. Then a small pit is dug out along the marking, a depth 30 cm.

  3. bottom fits the sand pad (it will act as a drainage).

  4. Straightly on the pillow the first layer of brick is laid.

  5. Between the bricks are connected with sand - cement mortar .

  6. In the side section there are small openings , which allow the excess moisture to exit to the outside . The absence of such an element provokes the formation of a soil coma and will lead to the appearance of rotting processes.

  7. Pegs hammered into the ground, and fishing line stretched between them will allow you to control the correct masonry level .

  8. Through five , six days after completion of work, it is possible to fill in fertile soil in a bed .

  9. Before planting, it is necessary to pour plenty of water and let soil well to settle .

Brick beds: functions and varieties

Steps to create a brick bed

Plants are planted according to a predetermined pattern, in a strictly defined order. Only in this way it will be possible to achieve the desired decorative effect from their flowering. Place a stationary flower bed must be in a well-lit area. The constant presence of a shadow adversely affects the development of flower crops. Lack of sun slows down metabolic processes. From this plant wither and lose their juicy appearance.

The video shows compact flower beds made of bricks:

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Summary of the topic

The brick framing of the flowerbed is made quite simple.It will be expensive, but the expenses are fully justified by a good decorative effect. The choice of brick for decoration of flower gardens is justified when the house on the site is decorated with the same material, or when it is surrounded by a massive brick fence.

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