Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

The first impression of the house and its owners is formed even with a fleeting look at the house. The facade of the house can be judged not only about the taste of the owners, but also about their lifestyle and preferences. Maybe that's why brick does not lose its popularity in a country house building, allowing you to create original and reliable buildings.

In modern construction, brick cladding of the facade with various types of material is a popular way to solve three problems at once - to strengthen, insulate and give an attractive view to suburban housing. Beautiful brick houses are the subject of admiration of friends, easy annoyance of neighbors and a wonderful backdrop for selfies.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Bright brick bricks in the decoration of a country cottage

Kinds of facing bricks

Material that is used to finish the facade walls, bears various names: front, front, facing. It takes on the effects of the environment, so it must have special technical characteristics. In construction, several types of products are used, differing in composition, production method and performance characteristics: ceramic, silicate, clinker and hyperpressed. If the shape of the product is different from the traditional rectangular, then this brick is called shaped.


Clinker is one of the best materials for facade decoration. A unique technology and a special type of clay is used for its production, which is burned in a furnace at a temperature above 1000 ° C. The advantages of the clinker products are:

  • Strength . Material resistance to abrasion exceeds the characteristics of high-quality concrete.

  • Durability . Facing will keep the qualities at least hundred years.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Not a complete collection of varieties of clinker
  • Absorbency . Due to roasting conditions, it is only 8% (ordinary brick absorbs up to 15-25% of water).

  • Frost resistance . The material has a frost resistance coefficient F300 and is designed for 250-300 freeze-thaw cycles. The most frost-resistant products with a glazed surface (completely moisture-resistant).

  • Decorative qualities . Additives introduced into the clay during the production process provide about a hundred shades, from beige yellow to dark brown. The front side of the clinker can have a matte, glossy, glazed, or grooved surface.

Minuses can be considered:

  • Thermal Conductivity . Significant, like any stone; is 0.7 W / (m ° С).

  • Laying features . Working with clinker requires skill - the material absorbs moisture gradually, and the adhesion to the solution occurs slowly.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Under the clinker trim there is a layer of insulation
  • color . Even in one batch, products with different shades come across, which delays the masonry process - builders have to spend time to distribute the dark and light stones nicely (evenly) on the wall.

  • Solution . For clinker installation, a special (and more expensive) mortar is needed; the usual composition does not provide high-quality masonry, and the lining can "float".


The advantages of ceramic facing bricks are:

  • Frost-resistance . Quality, invaluable in the conditions of the northern climate. Together with strength, frost resistance is the main indicator of durability of a material. The combination of characteristics and price / quality ratio makes ceramic brick an ideal material for Russian weather conditions.

  • Strength . Due to the small volume of porosity, the masonry is durable and resistant to natural whims.

  • Variety . The industry produces products of all shapes, colors and textures. This diversity allows you to build beautiful brick houses that imitate old buildings and successfully restore old mansions.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Russian frosts

are not afraid of high-quality ceramic facing:

  • To the high price . Bricks undergo multi-stage processing, which affects the final cost (when compared with silicate products).

  • Requirement for solution . Masonry mortar must be of high quality, otherwise it is worth waiting for the appearance of salting - a bloom from evaporated mineral salts.

  • Color differences . Bricks from different batches can be very different in tone, which can ruin the appearance of the facade.

Hyper pressed

This material refers to artificial stones; it is made from cement, limestone and waste from other industries (marble, limestone, dolomite, shell rock), which reduces the cost of products. The hyper pressed brick differs in the high durability; It is used in the decoration of the facades of houses, arbors, fences and garden paths.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Hyper pressed brick for the most refined taste
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The facades of brick houses of this kind have the following advantages:

  • The strength of the material and the correctness of the geometry . Strength parameters exceed the performance of silicate and ceramic products. The deviation of the size is less than 0.5 mm, which saves mortar and shortens the laying time.

  • Convenience in work . Cladding can be performed not only simultaneously with the construction of the wall, but also on the finished facade.

  • Suitability for lining . The material has a variety of colors and a wide selection of fittings. It is frost-resistant, easy to cut and has a low water absorption (5-6%). The splitting of the facial edges perfectly imitates the texture of natural stone, from which the brick facade of any style benefits.

  • Masonry strength . One and a half times higher than that of ceramic, due to the improved quality of setting with masonry mortar.

  • Durability . The masonry will outlast most walls - its properties are preserved for 150–200 years.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Fragment of the facade of a hyperpressed "torn" brick

The main disadvantages of a hyperpressed brick are its weight and high heat capacity. These features require strengthening the foundation and wall insulation, which inevitably leads to an increase in the cost of construction work.


The silicate brick finish is widespread in the private housing industry; Its popularity is due to several factors:

  • Environmental friendliness . The production materials are sand and lime, safe (in terms of health effects) natural raw materials.

  • Strength and frost resistance . Important qualities for the facade decoration, the guarantee of service is 50 years.

  • Assortment . Colored and textured silicate bricks are available for cladding. Color is obtained by adding artificial dyes, in contrast to ceramic products, which receive shade by mixing several grades of clay in different proportions. Shaped products are missing.

Silicate bricks have a serious drawback - the low threshold of water and heat resistance, which imposes a ban on their use for cladding the foundation and chimneys.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

White brick facade with contrasting trim
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Brick façade: advantages and disadvantages

Brick has a thousand-year history of use, it was known by the builders of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire; Today, both construction and decorative materials are successfully used in suburban housing construction. Decorative brick is used in the interior (for cladding fireplaces and walls) cladding and is a popular material to adjust the facade.

The advantages of brick cladding are:

  • Reliability . It is achieved due to the high strength of the material and its resistance to atmospheric phenomena (humidity, temperature, precipitation, direct sunlight).

  • Durability . The brick is not susceptible to biological agents, is not susceptible to oxidation or the action of corrosion and has a decent service life (50-150 years).

About the production of clinker products in the following video:

  • Practicality . The material has excellent sound insulation qualities, and the facade with insulation serves as an excellent heat insulator. Many facade products are made hollow, which also helps retain heat.

  • Environmental friendliness . Facing brick is a natural material used in the manufacture of clay and other natural substances.

  • Assortment . On the market there are various types of facing products in a wide color palette, of various shapes and textures. Thanks to this diversity and the work of the designer, the facades of houses made of brick acquire an individual appearance.

The material is not without certain minuses:

  • Weight .The mass of brick cladding should be taken into account when calculating the foundation, as it is a significant additional load.

  • Requirements for the facade of the building . It is not recommended to conduct brick cladding on walls with uncorrected defects (cracks).

  • The quality of the solution is . May affect the strength and appearance of the lining (formation of efflorescence).

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

The yellow brick cottage creates an atmosphere of comfort

Facade facing options

Facing brick is a great way to give individual character to a country cottage. Architects and designers know many options for decorative masonry, based on a single technique - highlighting color. All combinations of colors and textures are conventionally divided into two ways:

  • Colored jointing . A facing brick of one (or more) color is used, a colored masonry mix is ​​selected for it, which is suitable for tone or contrast.

  • A brick of several colors and textures is used; This allows you to select the elements of the facade and emphasize the main lines of the structure.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Colored jointing of the clinker facing
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To get a beautiful facade of the house, the options are chosen based on certain rules:

  • The reference point is the architectural style of a country house.

  • In order not to lose half of the attractiveness, it should be remembered that the entrance group of the house, the walkway and the fence with the gate must be a single architectural ensemble .

  • Most often, the effective and sufficient reception will be highlighting of the main elements of the facade - corners and windows. To emphasize the window openings will help the use of material with a different texture or the use of different types of brick ligation.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Painted brick facade

Facing wooden houses

Frame and wooden house owners from a bar or log, they often resort to facing with bricks as a way not only to decorate the house, but also to increase the time of its operation. The house becomes more solid, acquires a solid look and a higher cost in the market. Facing wooden cottages consists of three stages:

  • Preparing the house . It is necessary to ensure that the building can withstand extra weight. The construction is inspected, the quality of the ceilings is checked. Beams with cracks, mold marks and other damage are replaced with new parts. The facade is treated with antiseptic impregnation and fire retardant (means of slowing down the burning).

  • Warming . It is carried out at will, for which mineral wool is used as a thermal insulation material. Material does not interfere with air circulation, allowing a wooden facade to breathe and prolonging its service life.

  • Facing work . The facing layer is made of clay or silicate bricks at a distance of about 5 cm from the wall. The laying is fixed by galvanized pins.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Facing the wooden facade

Facing stone and brick buildings

Facing device for These types of buildings have their own characteristics:

  • Insulation . Buildings of stone and brick can be insulated with materials that do not allow air to pass through, for example, foam plastic. If the insulation is performed with glass wool, the membrane film is additionally stretched. Thermal insulation material is attached to the wall with dish-shaped dowels.

  • Cladding . Brickwork is connected to the insulation, securing the self-tapping screws on the plate dowels.

About the choice of facing brick in the following video:

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Ways to finish the facade under a brick

cladding - a long and painstaking occupation), materials capable of imitating brickwork will come to the rescue:

  • Front panels or tiles with imitation of brick

  • Brick under brick.

  • Brick siding.

All these materials are practical and easy to use and maintain. They are used for cladding facade walls and plinth, decorate openings and details of the facade. The market offers a large selection of colors, shapes and sizes, allowing you to create virtually indistinguishable from the present brick look of a country house.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Modern country house in the English style

Styles of the facades of brick houses

Centuries of using bricks as building and facing The material has led to the emergence of a variety of ways and styles of building design, as a result of which beautiful brick facades of private houses are obtained, we suggest looking at the photos of different styles below. There are several popular trends in decorating modern brick houses:

  • English style . The most popular cottages, whose facades are made of red brick, although the house of brown brick will not violate the canons. The direction is characterized by clear geometric shapes, restraint in the palette and decor, adjusted proportions and a small neat porch. Modern English houses still do without the basement, but the attic is an essential component of the image.

  • Gothic . A country cottage in the Gothic style is a personal fortress with all (unlike the medieval predecessors) comforts and external attributes: strict facade lines, wrought iron elements and a facade lined with brick. The rougher the material, the more brutal the building looks. Brick can be of any color; to enhance the effect of the color of the roof and trim is selected in contrast.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Provencal style brick cottage
  • Country or Provence . Both styles bear the features of a free country life and look cozy and elegant; in the design of the brick is often combined with plaster and wood. Traditionally, it is customary to distinguish between brick facades in shades. For houses in Provence style, they often choose cold (gray, bluish, white) tones; for country-style facades, they are warm, from delicate beige and ivory to rich curry.

  • European style . It combines the traditions of several European countries, including Germany, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands. Most often, the European-style cottage facades combine half-timbered elements (medieval technology) with stone, plaster and brick. The facades of houses with gray and light brick look practical and respectable.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

European style is fabulously cozy and practical
  • Historical direction . Brick facades of houses, made in the Romanesque or classical style, rococo, baroque or modern style, look luxurious and majestic, but require the involvement of an experienced architect who is able to maintain the correct proportions and overall design.

  • Modern Styles . These include constructivism, minimalism, hi-tech and modern eclecticism. The facades of such houses have their own characteristics and can be decorated in a thousand different ways, and bricks will look appropriate everywhere. In the exterior design is often carried out painting of brick facades. This can be done on a brick, immediately after the masonry has dried, or by pre-plastering the surface.

Beautiful brick houses, brick facades, stylish designs, projects and photos

Modern design - brick cladding and panoramic windows
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Despite the variety of modern methods of country construction, brick facades still attract with their timeless elegance and reliability in operation. The use of bricks in the exterior decor is a practical way to give the house a beautiful appearance, and yourself - positive emotions.


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