American style - the history of creation and design principles

The article will talk about what the American style is, how it was formed, what principles of interior design lie at its core. Indicated the main rules, lists the signs of the modern direction, formulated tips that will allow you to accurately reproduce the decor at home. Photos and videos are interesting master classes that clearly demonstrate the possibilities of implementing the concept in practice.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

American interior - one large open space

The described direction is perfectly suited for the design of large spacious houses, cottages and summer cottages . In itself, it represents the synthesis of several interior styles at once (classics, country, art deco). Anything can be mixed in it, but in the end a picture should be obtained, the plot of which can tell about the advantages of democracy, demonstrate functionality that is not formed to the detriment of sophistication. In everything there should be a sense of mannerism, a desire to flaunt one’s material wealth.

History of the emergence of

When America was still being settled by immigrants from Europe, in the countries where these peoples had previously lived, there was already a culture of creating interior filling. When someone grew rich and equipped luxurious mansions on a new land, they were decorated in the spirit of the fatherland.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

A cozy living room decorated in American style

However, this case was fraught with many difficulties: it was impossible, for example, on the spot accurate to the smallest detail recreate the English style. There was no necessary furniture, necessary fabric, there were no usual finishing materials. Therefore, in the course went what is at hand. In this way, a completely different interpretation of already familiar concepts was born. This principle formed the basis of the new direction. The design of the house in the American style was not conservative. He went farther and farther away from European primness, was added by new elements, gradually becoming distinctive and unique.

When the country united, it no longer entered devastating wars. All states prospered, people grew rich, therefore luxury came first. But she was not as intrusive as in France. Americans bet on respectability. New style throughout all centuries absorbed the best features of the new directions of interior design.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Interior in the best traditions of American style

When the World Exhibition of Industry Achievement took place in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, the whole world picked up ideas Art Deco, in America they received their most powerful development. Then, the Chrysler company built its famous skyscraper in the United States in New York; the main features of the new direction were embodied in the architecture and interior. Hollywood began to make films, the action of which took place in expensive extravagant interiors.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

American Art Deco of the Beginning of the 20th Century

Their popularity was so great that the industrialists began to produce inexpensive art furniture. Deco, beautiful accessories, available to everyone without exception. The passion for the new style was general, so it is not surprising that he had such a strong influence on the formation of his own direction.

After fifty years, when consumer demand for products in the art deco style subsided a bit, the industrialists decided to use the already developed scheme and induce a new hysteria, but in a different direction. The basis of a large advertising company was chosen to popularize rural topics. She offered to live in harmony with nature, there was a partial rollback from Art Deco towards the country. But the new program could not repeat the sensation: rich people did not want to be like farmers. Therefore, at the end of the century, when multifunctional home appliances began to appear on the market, American designers again returned to their favorite topic. It was then finally determined the features of the American style.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Rural theme in the American interior

Signs of the modern direction

The main principle of the interior of the American house is the open plan of the interior spaces of all living rooms. Between them there are no doors, no partitions. In rooms the open space should be felt. Therefore, the described direction is best suited only for larger houses.

Open space does not mean the absence of functional areas. Their formation is carried out by using in the decoration of various building materials, and by organizing different lighting scenarios.

Despite the passion for freedom, Americans carefully safeguard their personal space, which is why bedrooms, children's rooms, and sanitary facilities are a complete, closed space in which their own preferences are put in the first place.

The furniture in the room is located around one central point.For example, a soft band around the TV, in the bedroom interior filling can be carried out around a large comfortable bed.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Furniture in the American interior is located around one central point - in this case around the fireplace
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Americans put comfort at the center of their minds, so when choosing a color palette they often refuse bright exciting colors. Home for them - a fortress in which you can relax. They prefer to have fun and chat with friends in places of entertainment, negotiations are held in offices. Residential homes - personal territory, which is jealously guarded.

It is made in soft monochromatic colors. All shades of milky, sandy, beige, cream are often chosen. Sometimes contrasts are created. But for this purpose the listed basic colors and their shades are used. Can connect to them and palette brighter. Americans are very fond of combining white with brown or soft red. You can see a combination of white with yellow, with blue or turquoise. But most often the monotony is diluted with texture or patterns. In the latter case, preference is given to geometric shapes.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

The principle of the right combination of colors

Making the ceiling, walls and floor

Creating an interior of an American-style home begins with finishing work. Ceilings make smooth and smooth. Along the perimeter of them can decorate molding. But it should be as simple as possible. No florid floral motifs, as in the classics. Here, stucco determines only the boundaries of the two surfaces that are joined to each other. The ceiling is painted or whitened in white. If the ceilings have a sloping shape, it must be additionally decorated with wooden beams.

Walls are simply plastered and painted in a monotonous, inconspicuous color. Wallpaper is also sometimes used, but the color of the canvas should also be dim. It may be drawing, but it must be very small. Designers pay attention to the fact that the use of bright colors is unacceptable. They kill the sense of space and freedom, which is a fundamental element of the American style. If there is a desire on the walls to form some kind of inserts, it is better to use panels made of natural stone or wood for this. Bearing in mind that the second principle of direction is democratic, it is permissible to use their imitation made of artificially created basis instead of natural materials.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Light walls and ceiling

The choice of material for floor decoration depends largely on the functionality of the room. In the living room it is necessary to make wooden floors, in the kitchen it is better to use ceramic tiles under the tree, in the hallway the use of self-leveling floor or artificial stone is permissible. Carpets lay nowhere. They can appear only in the bedroom. It is possible with a reservation to lay out a small fluffy rug under the sofa and armchairs. But all spaces of passage are not worth covering.

How to fill the house with the spirit of freedom - American style: 95 options for decorating walls, floor and ceilings in the presented video:

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For interior filling of spacious rooms, you need to choose furniture of large sizes and impressive dimensions. It should be multi-functional, very convenient and practical at the same time.

Usually the furniture in the American house looks like this: a massive sofa and armchairs are installed exactly in the middle of the room. A television area is organized opposite them. All other items are placed along the walls in a circle. They must be in harmony with each other. Shelves and wooden cases are bought in the living room, which are then not put together, but arranged. There must be open space between each object. This is done in order not to disturb the feeling of space.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Traditional arrangement of furniture

If there is no real fireplace in the living room, you should definitely put it in imitation. This will add comfort. On sale today there are neat models with a classic portal.

A very elegant design is chosen for the bedroom. There are no restrictions and strict principles.The main thing that the owner of the room was comfortable and cozy rest. Therefore, there must necessarily appear a large bed with a soft headboard, bedside tables, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe. Americans love to wake up, lie down for a bit or sit on an easy chair, watching what is happening on the street. Therefore, this attribute is also part of the interior content.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

American-style bedroom decoration

Often, Americans themselves buy furniture from one collection to decorate each individual room. Today, all the major furniture piers make up their own and offer buyers to buy ready-made living room or ready-made kitchen. It is very convenient: the collections are made by experienced designers, they take into account all the peculiarities of the style and compose the furniture content with the current fashion trends.

The video shows how to properly arrange the furniture, forming an American style of interior:

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For the kitchen, classic wooden sets with the minimum amount of finishing on the facades are most suited. Preference is given to island planning. Kitchen island at the same time can be a bar, and a dining table, and a working area. But in American homes, kitchen is a place to cook. Eat it they prefer in the canteens. Therefore, they organize a full-fledged lunch group there. In the dining room, the family usually gathers for dinner. Breakfast takes place in the kitchen. In the dining room meet and guests. Therefore, this room is also decorated elegantly and pretentiously, like a living room.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

American style in the interior of the kitchen


Since the decoration of the living space is neutral, the main accents in the interior described directions are formed using textiles. He is in charge here. In the design of windows, a complex construction is most often used, consisting of Japanese blinds, transparent organza and flowing curtains, mostly made of natural materials (cotton, linen, silk) without a pattern or with a very small geometric pattern. If you use wallpaper with floral patterns for the walls, you need to duplicate it when choosing fabrics. No ruches, no lambrequins: the cut is very simple, straight and strict.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Direct straight cutting
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It is in a house, the interior of which is formed according to the principles of the American style, can be implemented in different ways. There should be a lot of light: both natural and artificial. In the center of the bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms are allowed to hang one large chandelier with crystal pendants or wrought iron elements. In a couple to her on the walls should be installed sconces. In addition, it is necessary to place floor lamps, floor and table lamps in the rooms. Allowed to do around the perimeter of the ceiling lighting. When installing it, it is important to observe one rule: no technical elements should be visible.

American style - the history of creation and design principles

Chandelier, wall lamps and floor lamps in the same style


When everything that was listed above, will appear in the interior, the picture will already have a finished appearance. The decor is designed to dilute its formality. You can use soft pillows, fresh flowers, paintings and photographs. But they should not be much.

The video shows several variants of American style in the interior of a private house:

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Summary on the topic

The American style is inherently very flexible and liberal. It is suitable for everyone: both rich and prosperous people. But it can only be used by owners of large houses and spacious apartments. Only in such conditions will it be possible to recreate the atmosphere of freedom and ease, which is the hallmark of the described direction.


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