Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

A bath is an excellent solution for a bath. It allows you to quite vary the process of swimming. Wooden bath for a bath at the same time will help to save well, since it can be easily built with his own hands. There is also a large number of ready-made baths with baths. Such diversity will allow you to choose the most suitable option, taking into account the cost and personal preferences.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Classical bath tub

Types of bath tubs

A bath with a tree-based bath is the most traditional solution . The design is a simple large barrel, tied with metal hoops. Their height can vary from 1.3 to 1.7 m.

Such a variety is rather difficult to operate, as it is necessary to pour and pour water into it yourself. Often it is used simply as a decorative ornament to give a Russian style to the bath. But this type does not take up a lot of free space and leaves room for the arrangement of a shower cabin. Today, more modern fonts are made, which are completed with a system for supplying and discharging water, heating, hydromassage function.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Angular font

A font can have the following form:

  • Round. The most common option.
  • Rectangular.
  • Corner.
  • Oval.
  • As a bath.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Round font

According to Russian customs, you need to swim in icy water. Barrels with heating function were developed by the Japanese and became quite popular around the world. This option is used by many bath projects with a font. The disadvantage of this design is the decrease in free space due to the installed heating system. Because of this, most manufacturers began to install a heat generator on the outside of the product.

In more detail about different types of bath fonts you can learn from this video:

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Project selection

If there is a ready-made project or it will be ordered in a campaign, you will need to pay special attention to the appearance of the product. Thus, if a bath is being developed from a bar with a font and the room will be made in the Russian style, you need to choose the most suitable type of wood. The future interior of the building will depend on this factor.

Recently, fonts from other materials have become increasingly popular. Even designs with plastic structures are being developed. Their exterior was not originally the most attractive, but externally, they are decorated under wood, which allows them to perfectly fit into the interior. Also, plastic tubs are easy to maintain and have a long service life.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Bath project with font

When choosing a font, you will need to carefully study the project to find the most suitable size of the product. Quite common, though unusual, are bath projects that include a billiard room. They will allow not only to relax, but also a good fun. It is not recommended to give preference to large models, as they will occupy a lot of free space, but their functionality will not increase due to this. Free space can be allocated for the installation of useful products. Many make the installation of a washing machine or shower, entertainment accessories will also be an excellent solution.

Choosing a place for a bath

A bath with a font should be based on certain factors that must be foreseen in the design. The building should be located no closer than 2.5 m from the fence of the neighboring site. In order to avoid complications, this nuance is recommended to be discussed with neighbors. The following nuances should also be taken into account:

  1. The structure must be at least 10 m away from residential buildings.
  2. It is impossible to build a bath at intervals of less than 20 m from the water supply site.
  3. Experts recommend that buildings should be located on the south side and windows on the west side.
  4. Building procedures are best kept on higher ground to ensure natural water flow.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Location of the bath in the area

The convenience of building operation and its characteristics directly depend on these factors. When designing, they must be taken into account.

Choosing a place for mounting a font

When developing a project and before purchasing a product, you will need to carefully consider the issue of the location of the font. This factor directly affects the model, size and type of construction.

Often the installation is carried out in the sink.This place can be called the most appropriate, as the room has excellent moisture resistance, and the water that can spill out of the bath will not harm the furniture and surfaces. It should be borne in mind that if the bath project includes an entertainment zone, the installation of the structure should be made as far as possible from it.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

A font in the washroom
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Many users install fonts in other rooms. A fairly common solution is to install in a steam room, but this option is not always convenient, since there is often very little free space in this room.

There are cases when the bath project provides for the erection of a small building in which it is impossible to arrange even a small font. In these hands, the installation of the structure can be performed on the street near the main room or right near the entrance. But you will need to choose the most durable products, as the bath will be constantly exposed to the environment. The best solution would be to use plastic-based fixtures with the addition of a cap. It will protect the structure from precipitation or contamination and significantly increase its service life.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

A font in the street

The process of building a font

If necessary, the structure can be assembled without the involvement of specialists. This will save money. Assembling a wooden structure requires a minimum set of tools:

  1. Circular saw.
  2. Drill.
  3. Bulgarian.
  4. Electric jigsaw.
  5. Machines for working with metal.
  6. Tension design with a tape.

The preparatory procedures include the following steps:

  1. Assembling the bottom on the basis of grooved boards.
  2. Cutting slats to be used as the walls of the structure.
  3. Production of hoops based on steel, which will tighten the structure.

The number of slats depends on the size of the bathroom. The calculation can be easily performed by drawing on the shield the contour of the bottom of the future structure.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Drawing of a standard font

The shape of the docking part of the boards should ensure tight adhesion of materials. Most often, when making their own production, preference is given to oval or semicircular structures.

After the number of slats for the product walls has been calculated, you will need to carefully cut the bottom using an electric jigsaw. Then using a frezer on the entire circumference of the bottom at the end of the spikes are cut. After the hoops with the protracted structures are ready, you can proceed to the assembly of the product.

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The process of assembling a wooden structure

In order to create a high-quality font, all seams must be treated with a silicone compound before assembly. It will provide protection against leakage of the structure in case of deformation or damage to the panels.

In order to guarantee sufficient free space for the installation of a water discharge system, the length of the boards should be increased by 10 cm. This will help them to create a support contour below the bottom level. At the same time, a drain hole is made in the bottom. Then the lower part is mounted on a support and alternately connected to the wall panels. The last board joins with a mallet with a rubber tip.

The final procedure will be the installation of steel hoops. To do this, you need to compress the walls of the font with special equipment - a wide tape with a tensioning mechanism. After the construction is tightened, hoops are carefully placed on it. They need to be well tightened with a key, and in this process can be considered complete.

The stove for the font is created on the basis of stainless steel. The design is simple and is a sealed tank with a chimney. Fuel will load from above. You can create an outdoor heat source, but this work will be more laborious, since you need to take care of the heat exchanger. Hot water will be supplied by a circulation pump.

The process of assembling the font is shown in this video:

The procedure for creating a font on a concrete base

You can build a high-quality bath and on the basis of monolithic concrete. It can be installed outside or inside the bath. The stages of creating such a design are in many ways reminiscent of the foundation casting and look like this:

  1. Trenching.
  2. Installation of formwork.
  3. Creating waterproofing.
  4. Fitting the fittings.
  5. Pouring the concrete solution.
  6. Surface Finishing.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Concrete base for font

Before pouring concrete, you will need to install fittings, water pipes and sewage systems. To reduce heat transfer, foam-based materials are used on the outside of the formwork. Outside, the concrete structure must be carefully penetrated into the soil. Inside the building you can do the same way or raise the structure above the floor surface.

It is fast and easy to build a monolithic concrete structure. After digging up the trench, the installation of a plank bottom is carried out, and wooden panels are installed across the walls. The free space between the font and the soil will need to be carefully covered with sand and well compacted. The final process will be the installation of external or external heating structures.

Cost of fonts

The price of fonts can vary quite a lot. The cost of products based on natural wood is the highest. Often these structures are made from oak, larch or cedar. To budget solutions include plastic models, sheathed wood. This option has an attractive appearance and good quality.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Larch font

Plastic analogues have almost the same functionality as wooden solutions, but their service life is significantly above. Wood often suffers rotting and deformation under the influence of moisture, such problems do not threaten plastics. To increase the attractiveness of plastic fonts after installation can be tiled or clapboard.

Wooden bath tub: types, installation, cost

Plastic font with a plating

The size of the product and the presence of additional functions directly affect the cost of the product. In the construction of large structures will be used a lot of material, which will certainly lead to additional costs. So when designing a bath, the size of the fonts should be given special attention.

If there is a desire to save money due to self-production of containers, then first of all you need to evaluate your carpentry skills and knowledge of technology, because the font will stand in a hot and humid place. If there are such skills, then fine, but if not, then contact the specialists - the result will be faster, better and more reliable.

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Conclusion - briefly about the main thing

It is not necessary to make a large pool in the bathhouse - it is possible to take a dip in the font bath no less effectively after the steam room.

The fonts have no restrictions on the shape and size - they are simply selected depending on the size of the bath.

Since the fonts are quite demanding on the quality of installation, installation is better to order from professionals.

A little more attention

The wooden font is very beautiful, original, but, most likely, still an archaic?

Write in the comments, if there was complete freedom, you would prefer to follow the traditions and install a font in the bath, or arrange it all the same modern whirlpool?


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