Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

Wooden construction has become one of the main decisions of country houses. Wood is an environmentally friendly material and has a lot of positive qualities. In addition, wood - the material is quite economical and at the same time can serve a long time. That is why today there are projects of houses from timber 6 by 9. Among the many options you can easily get confused, besides building a house is not an easy task. What to do if there is no building experience and you need to build yourself a home in a short time? The answer is contained in this article.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

Project of a house from bar 6 by 9

Basic information about house 6 by 9

Why the choice is worth just for that size? As practice shows, this ratio of sizes provides a large open space and small waste during construction. Houses of timber 6 by 9 meters will be able to fit almost anywhere, and leave plenty of space around the facade. Due to the structure of the beam, the whole structure is reliable and has a neat appearance. The buildings are provided with all the necessary rooms for a comfortable stay. The house has the following rooms:

  • kitchen,
  • bedroom,
  • living room,
  • sanitary unit,
  • spacious corridor .

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

The layout of the rooms in the house is 6 by 9

As a rule, each cant house 6 by 9 has a second floor . Due to the additional level, the building has a more compact look, but without loss of free space. Many worry that the two floors are quite difficult to heat. It should be noted that the tree itself is a good heat insulator. All heat will be safely stored, and the heating costs will be significantly reduced without loss of valuable degrees.

Choosing the right drawing

The variety of 6x9 house designs can be confusing at first, because it's difficult to determine a new field of knowledge. It is important to know exactly what the pros and cons of a specific construction object. Therefore, it is important to consult with knowledgeable experts who provide projects of houses from the bar 6x9. Usually such companies are engaged in so-called "turnkey construction". This type of work is ideal for those who are not very versed in construction. As a result, the customer gets the perfect option without unnecessary problems and costs.

Why it is impossible to choose projects of houses from a bar of other sizes? There are two ways of development of events:

  1. Construction of smaller housing.
  2. Construction of a larger house.

In each version presented, donate either square meters or invested funds. If you choose a more compact option, money will be saved. At the same time, there will be constant discomfort and lack of free space. On the other hand, if you choose a spacious apartment, there is a risk of leaving the project in half, since the necessary funds will run out. Such housing will be difficult to heat. It turns out that the project of a house 6x9 is an ideal housing option for a person with an average income.

Video description

Before the construction, you need to create a detailed project. Not be redundant and 3D-model. An example can be seen in the video:

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

How to build a house from a timber

To build a house from timber 6 to 9, you need to complete several stages of construction. Since there is a development plan, the zero cycle does not take much time. At this stage, you need to have drawings of the future construction and calculate the amount of material, as well as select its quality and type. As soon as the construction team is ready to work and all the necessary resources are ready, you can proceed to the next stage.

Initial stage

Foundation work is the foundation of any construction. The quality of performance depends on the life of the building. You can choose three main types of foundation:

  1. Belt.
  2. Pile and screw.
  3. Support-columnar.

The last type of support is recommended to be used only if the ground is stable and reliable. After the foundation is ready, you need to start building a house.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

The first stage of construction is the construction of the foundation.

The first step is the binding and waterproofing, and then the logs are laid. Cutting is done in steps of 600-700 mm. The cross section should be 50x150 mm, and the distance between the lags should not exceed 59 cm. These parameters meet all standards and allow you to save on building materials.

Construction of walls

The next step will be the construction of walls with a bar. Between every two logs installed must be a gutter fiber strip.Such a construction will not let through the cold air, on the contrary, it will keep warm inside the house for a long time. Once the walls are mounted, you can proceed to the overlap of the first floor, not forgetting to leave insulation between the levels.

Roof and roof

The penultimate stage is the construction of the roof and roofing work. In this case, as a farm, you can set the usual wooden bars. In some projects you can find an extension in the form of a balcony. It will be helpful to decide which plan is needed, even before construction begins, in order to avoid rearrangements and changes to the project during construction.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

Roofs are usually covered with ondulin or metal tile

Mostly ondulin is used for roofing. This material is well proven to be in operation. The material is inexpensive and easy to use. If funds allow, you can install metal tile. It is important to make a complete waterproofing, regardless of the type of roofing material.

Finishing touches

And finally, the final stage is the finishing of the facade and the inner lining. Around the perimeter inside and outside the house is insulated and sheathed with decorative wooden lining. The house can be considered built after all the windows and doors have been installed.

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Variety of projects

Own house from a bar according to project 6 by 9 is good not only compactness, but also comfortable and cheap accommodation. Wood as the best material for construction does not cause allergies or headaches. After the end of the project does not need to spend a lot of time and money on finishing. The convenient form of each log allows you to build a planned frame without any problems. As a result, all these factors contribute to a faster and cheaper work of the company. So, a house from a 6x9 lumber can be built in 10 days, and further processing takes several more days. As a result, for a month you can build yourself a house.

As mentioned, houses from a 6x9 bar can have a different look and configuration. Each of them has its own positive properties that meet the different needs of customers. Different shape of the walls, the location of doors and windows, as well as types of roofs for the house of the bar. Below are a few examples of similar structures.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

One of the modest options that has everything you need to live. This type of building is ideal for those who have little space for construction.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

This 6 9 timber house is equipped with several rooms and a small veranda. Enough space for family and visiting guests. This project is considered the ideal price-quality ratio.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

The building has a beautiful finish and a competent layout. Inside the building there is a built-in fireplace that can perform the function of heating and at the same time serve as an element of decor. Under the roof are two cozy bedrooms.

Projects of houses from timber 6 by 9: options, materials, construction

An example of a luxurious building with spacious rooms and nice design. Under the roof of the building can accommodate two bedrooms and a small hall. On the ground floor there is a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room.
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So, by choosing the right company, which is responsible in its responsibilities, it is possible to build a cozy fortress. Deadlines will not exceed 1 month, while the quality of performance will be high. At the end of all the work you get an environmentally friendly, warm and durable home.

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