Modern solutions for the attic

The attic can serve as a dark and dusty trash for unnecessary things and debris, and can become an extra room, bathed in sunlight and beautifully furnished. If you prefer the second option, we suggest you to learn more about how to use the skylights to liven up the dead space under the roof.

Modern solutions for the attic

Skylights are not only practical, but simply beautiful

What is the difference between skylights

The windows on the facade of the house and in the attic are quite different. The front windows are always vertical, and their design is thought out to preserve heat, sound insulation, protection from wind and precipitation precisely with regard to the vertical location.

Skylights, which are mounted on the slopes of the roof, are always at an angle and stand the test more seriously. Therefore, the design requirements are much higher. The window must withstand the same tests as the roof - rain, hail, mechanical damage, and at the same time provide good thermal insulation and lighting of the attic. In addition, the skylight should be tightly connected to the roof so that the entire construction of the roofing pie does not let moisture through and remains reliable and warm.

Modern solutions for the attic

A high-quality roof window is a complex structure that should be installed by professionals

How many windows do you need an attic

To calculate the total area of ​​double-glazed windows, we turn to the building codes. In the most general case, 1 square. m is enough to cover 10 square meters. m rooms. In particular cases, the angle of the roof and the purpose of the attic are taken into account. Compared with vertical gable windows, skylights can transmit up to 40% more light depending on the slope. And if you plan to equip a library or a winter garden, the area of ​​windows can be increased. Just remember that on nice days you will have to take care of protection from the bright sun. For this purpose there are all sorts of accessories and special mounts for curtains.

Modern solutions for the attic

Roller blinds on the roof window

What do designers recommend

Skylights with the correct installation height will open in front of you wonderful landscape and add a romantic touch to the room. Designers warn that too high walls and windows create a very uncomfortable feeling. In addition, from these windows will be visible only a piece of the sky. If planning dictates the need for a high window, let it be a large window in the ceiling with a night view of the starry sky and a remote control.

Anyone who wants to get panoramic windows in the attic from the floor itself can install a balcony window. It consists of two parts. The top opens both vertically and horizontally and can transform into a balcony visor. The lower part unfolds, forming a railing. A real find for dreamers!

Companies - manufacturers of skylights offer other options with glazing from the floor. In any case, the location and size of the windows should emphasize the merits of additional living space, and not hide them.

Modern solutions for the attic

The dormer window in the Peura house at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country"

Install yourself or trust the professionals

A frequent question that arises from customers: is it possible to save and install a glass unit on your own? How difficult and what skills will require.

For proper installation, the sets of windows have a hermetic salary (which protects against water ingress into the room and is developed separately for each type of roofing materials), hydro and thermal insulation, plus a vapor barrier apron.

The waterproofing circuit corresponds exactly to the window size, connects to the roof without gaps and eliminates the ingress of water, and the drainage chute above the window drains condensate from the under-roof space.

Completion of branded roof windows are always accompanied by detailed instructions and, in principle, are convenient enough for self-installation even by a non-professional. But only if there is confidence that you confidently imagine the roof structure and will be able to comply with the technology of joining the glass with all the layers of the roof. Otherwise, it is much safer to entrust this process to a professional.

Modern solutions for the attic

Also, be aware that installing a roof window equates to high-rise work, especially in homes with a “second light”

High-tech glazing

Modern technological glass units for construction could hit owners of private houses that lived, say, 50 years ago. We will tell about a couple of important developments that make roof windows as easy to use as possible.

For children's rooms or workrooms, it is better to install a glass unit triplex. The upper glass is impact resistant, the inner is laminated. Even a strong hail will not break it, and in case of serious damage the fragments do not fall.

Windows designed for openings under the ceiling have learned to wash themselves. Under the influence of ultraviolet, the external surface of the glass destroys and repels dirt, which is then washed off by rain or blown by the wind.

Speaking of sunshine. The windows with glass triplex have a layer that protects against ultraviolet radiation. Furniture and interior will not fade even after years.

Modern solutions for the attic

Dormer window in the house from the company FACHMANN at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country"

According to VELUX statistics, universal wooden ones are most popular with customers models suitable for typical attic rooms. In rooms with high humidity, such as pools or bathrooms, it is preferable to install windows with a polyurethane coating. The expert draws attention to the eaves and front windows, as well as double-glazed windows with additional elements. The choice of model depends on the geometry of the attic and design projects.

How professional installation of roof windows is made, if the distance between the rafters is smaller than the window frame, is clearly shown in the video:

Obligatno addition to the windows make up accessories such as mosquito nets, awnings from overheating, blinds or curtains. They not only perform protective functions, but also complement the image of the room, giving it a complete look.


An attic with thoughtfully set windows will be a favorite leisure place for romantics and dreamers. It does not matter what will be in the room under the roof: children's room, a cozy home library or mini-bar. The main thing is that this place will inspire creativity and give a feeling of home comfort.


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