Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Keeping a car in good technical condition is an important responsibility of the car owner. But no less important is to keep the garage in proper condition. Therefore, let's talk about the aspect of garage repair. That is, we will talk about what types of repairs are used to ensure that this building meets the requirements of the location of a car in it. How this event is held, what prices are valid today.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Garage after an overhaul

Types of garage repair

Like any building, the garage must be periodically repaired. And although this house has a small size, it is subjected to the same loads as a huge building. So, over time, cracks will appear on the surfaces of the bearing and non-bearing structures, the paint will fade, the plaster will be peeled off and so on.

Depending on the severity of defects, repairs may be cosmetic and capital. Consider both separately.

Renovation of the garage

This is the simplest of the two above mentioned measures, it is also the cheapest. In fact, it includes:

  • cleaning the surfaces of the walls and the ceiling from the old finish, more often it is paint;

  • sealing of defects on the walls and ceiling with cement-based repair mortar;

  • putty of the ceiling and walls with a thin layer with which the planes are leveled;

  • painting flattened surfaces;

  • testing of the floor base for its strength;

  • if the strength is low, then you must get rid of by any means;

  • then are poured new screed;

  • if the screed is in good condition, it can be repaired by breaking the cracks and filling them with repair compound;

  • top of the concrete floor reinforce : cementing, painting, laying special rubber mats and other methods.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Garage after redecoration

If the metal gates have identified defects, then they are fixed in a mandatory okay

As you can see, redecorating in the garage is a simple and low-cost process. It will cost an average of 10,000 rubles for you. up to 30,000 rubles. It all depends on the size of the building, on the seriousness and number of defective areas, how serious the flaws of the gate, the roof and the floor are.


This is a more serious event, which will have to invest a serious amount of money. Because this type of repair work is associated with a major refurbishment of the premises, both outside and inside. It is difficult to carry it out on your own, because without certain tools, skills and knowledge this cannot be done. That is, it requires professional builders. So, the best option is to use the service "turnkey garage repair".

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Optimal repair in the garage - use the turnkey service

The service is convenient because you do not need to do anything, buy , measure, peck and stuff, stuff. Your task is to provide a garage for an inspection to a measurer-estimator, who will determine the quality of the garage, measure the size and determine the volume of future repairs. After which he will make an estimate, the price of which varies from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles. It is in this document that the final amount of the repair will be stated, indicating what work should be carried out (by points).

If you agree to such financial investments, you will sign an agreement with you, where this amount will be agreed. It will also indicate the timing of the repair. The estimate will be bound to the contract, as an integral part of it. You just have to hand over the keys to the foreman or foreman, and after a stipulated time, come and take the job.

Of course, garage repair is a serious matter, and you, as its owner, will want to check how the work moves. Therefore, you should at least have a little idea what the masters will do.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Properly compiled estimates are the key to saving the repair budget

Repairing the basement and viewing pit

what begins the repair process in the garage. If there is a basement in the building, then for its major change, you will need to remove the screed and remove plaster or any other finish from the walls. Under them is always a waterproofing layer, often of rolled materials, glued on the plane with bitumen mastic. So all this is dismantled. Leave only bare walls and a pillow under the concrete floor.

The ceiling, which is either a reinforced concrete floor slab or a monolithic concrete slab, is cleared of paint. Be sure to conduct a visual analysis on the subject of the qualitative state. After that, all defects are embroidered and filled with repair compound. If necessary, level the ceiling with a putty, before applying which the plane must be primed.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Repairing the basement in the garage
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Next, waterproof the floor and walls. It is in this sequence. That is laid on a pillow strip rolled waterproofing material with overlap relative to each other with an offset of 10-15 cm with their plant on the walls of the basement to a height of 15-30 cm. The second layer also fits in the same way, only in the perpendicular direction.

Then the walls are waterproofed. They are pre-plastered, then covered with bitumen mastic, to which the rolled material is fixed in strips from top to bottom. It is important here that the stacked strips cover the waterproofing layer laid on the floor. Waterproofing on the walls is also carried out in two layers.

The next step is to fill the screed and apply the plaster on the walls. Plaster can be replaced with a brick lining.

Repair of the inspection pit is carried out identically. Just there is not such a large amount of work.

The video shows the basement of the garage before the repair:

Repair of the interior

The complexity and cost of repairing the garage depend on how was built floor of the building. If it is a floor slab or a monolithic slab, then the repair is only to replace the screed. If the floors were erected on the ground, then here too the screed must be removed, but they additionally check the condition of the airbag and waterproofing.

The latter is usually changed, but the pillow is not always. If it is smooth, without significant recesses, then it does not touch. Although the repair itself pillows - it is only a small thickness of the sprinkling of coarse sand, which is well tamped.

  1. Next, as is the case with the basement, the waterproofing is covered in two layers with overlapping walls.

  2. Lay a reinforcing frame made of steel reinforcement with a diameter of 10-14 mm in the form of a grid with cells of 20x20 cm.

  3. Flood the coupler .

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Floor screed in the garage after filling it
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As for the walls, their major repair is the removal of plaster and the application of a new one.

Repairing the ceiling in a garage depends on what it is. This is usually a pendant or hemmed construction. The cladding used is drywall, plastic panels, galvanized iron sheets and other sheet or panel materials. Finishing you just need to dismantle and install a new one, not necessarily the same.

Often the ceiling in the garage is a concrete slab plastered from below. Do not bother with plaster. Replace it with a suspension structure made of a material that is well-cleanable.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

The walls and floor of the garage, finished with porcelain stoneware

Gate repair

First of all get rid of paint and rust . To do this, use or special chemical solutions, or a grinder with a metal brush mounted on it. Then the surfaces are primed and painted with paint for exterior work.

Today, the theme of garage insulation is becoming more and more common. This fully applies to the gate. Therefore, in the estimate of the overhaul of the construction garage, it is necessary to make a gate insulation point. It will be inexpensive, but it will be more pleasant to operate a structure that meets practically all the requirements for comfortable operation.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Warming of garage doors

Today, the doors are insulated with polystyrene foam plates. They are selected in thickness, which should correspond to the thickness of the door frame. Expanded polystyrene is cut out under the warmed areas and glued to the metal sheets with special glue. Pre-assembled on the gate frame of wooden bars, which will later be attached to the finish.

  1. Bars are fastened to the frame by self-tapping screws.

  2. Insert insulation plates between the elements of the lathing so that there are no gaps between the materials.

  3. Spend gate lining from the inside, for example, with plastic panels that are fastened with metal brackets with a stapler to a wooden frame.

The video shows how to properly insulate garage doors (one of the options):

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Repair of the roof

In the repair of the garage, the price of the roof is almost 30%. And the complexity of the process mainly depends on the type of roof construction.Usually, the garage roof is flat, respectively, and its major overhaul is reduced to the notice of those layers that cover it. And there are several layers:

  • concrete screed , which forms the angle of inclination (up to 5 0 );

  • heat insulation layer , if it is necessary;

  • bitumen mastic ;

  • under-roof carpet ;

  • built-up roof .

All these materials must be removed (removed) to the concrete base of the ceiling. After that, installation of new materials begins:

  1. seals the seams between the floor slabs using repair compound.

  2. Primer is applied.

  3. Fill the coupler with the compulsory slope.

  4. Processing of the surface of the screed layer with bitumen mastic. The process is carried out after the screed dries well.

  5. The underlay carpet is laid. The bands are laid across the garage with stripes overlapping each other with an offset of 10-15 cm. Joints are coated with bitumen mastic.

  6. Stack the weld surface using open fire (gas burner and propane cylinder). The bands are laid in the same way as the roofing layer, only along the structure.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Repairing the flat roof of the garage with a roll-up roof

If the roof structure was erected in the form of a truss then repair is not easier. They change not only the roofing material, but also some parts of the truss system and the battens. Often, the roofs of old garages completely remodel. For example, flat structures are made from pitched structures, and vice versa. And this is the most costly operation in all repairs garage construction.

Repairing a garage outside

This usually applies to walls. There are a lot of options here. The simplest is painting plaster. More difficult option - facing by a brick. Easier, but more expensive ventilated facade.

This point needs to be decided before the project starts. And here decides the owner of the garage. What he will order, the estimator and bring in the estimate. And the more expensive the lining, the higher the estimated costs.

Garage repair - stages of the construction and repair process

Facing the garage with bricks
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Conclusion on the topic

Whether the turnkey garage repair is worth the price that the estimate documentation will issue. Probably, "yes", because the overhaul can be considered a voluminous building event. In fact, the building becomes almost a new building. And this is not only the appearance, it is purely operational and construction parameters. It turns out that after the overhaul remains only the old skeleton structure. Everything else is new.


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