Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

The article explains what you need to pay attention to when choosing a garage lock. Having received this information, you can, when communicating with sellers, separate fiction from objectivity and correctly choose a reliable and high-quality locking device at an affordable price.

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

Modern crime conditions force garage owners to install reliable locks

A garage lock must be resistant to both coarse and intelligent hacking. Under the first type of hacking means breaking out or drilling mechanism. Under the second - the use of special master keys, which allow in the normal mode without damaging the mechanism to open the lock on the garage.

What are

Locking devices for a garage are usually classified according to the installation method and the type of the secret part. By way of installation, they are divided into:

  • hinged lock for the garage;

  • invoice ;

  • mortise .

By the type of the secret part, they are divided into:

  • cylinder with single or two-row needle mechanism ;

  • cylinder disk under semicircular and cross key ;

  • cylinder for the perforated key ;

  • lever levers ;

  • screw ;

  • bolt ;

  • code .

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

Locks can be bought, and can be made to order, taking into account the specific parameters of the garage door


Garage-hinged lock, depending on the method of execution and protection of the structure, can be:

  • classic (granary or open) - an inexpensive and simple locking device. But its simplicity and the U-shaped bow are also its weak side. You can crack it by cutting or by pressing the handle with a crowbar. To prevent hacking on the market, reinforced models are offered in a cast-iron or steel case with a thickened hardened shackle.

  • finger or half-closed , instead of the classical handle in its design rod , (or finger) is used half-buried by a massive hull. Given the inconvenience of sawing or mechanical damage to the rod, attackers are more likely to be engaged in the eyes of the garage doors.

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

The mushroom design of the lock does not give chances to burglars who have only
  • the lock on the garage of the hinged type " fungus " is so named for its shape, the mushroom-shaped device got its name for the similarity of the locking rod with a cap at the end of the mushroom. Typically, such a lock is used where it is difficult to use other types of devices. In addition, if the lock is correctly oriented relative to the doors, it will be to its rod it is difficult to reach with a metal-cutting tool or pick it up with a crowbar.
  • closed or " turtle " is considered the most protected and reliable , because its the massive case covers both the lock rod and the door eyes . This provides protection not only from the usual handsaw, but also from the circular saw. Locks of this type are usually selected by individually for a specific garage, and the eyelets of the wings are made to the size of the rod. Only in this case the minimum clearance is ensured, which guarantees maximum protection.

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

The turtle lock is the most secure burglar-proof locking mechanism

Internal or mortise

An internal lock for the garage is additionally protected from burglary by placing the doors of a gate inside the steel leaf (doors in one of the wings). This greatly complicates the criminal intent, since in order to reach critical elements it will be necessary to first damage the metal of the valves, which is especially problematic with special armored plates.

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This is a device similar to the mortise design, its fundamental difference is that it is mounted not inside the door leaf of a garage door, but from its inside.This of course affects the aesthetics (which is not too important compared to safety), but it has several advantages:

  • installation requires less time and 19> auxiliary works;

  • it is possible to install more than massive and strong lock;

  • the additional distance from the outer plane of the gate, which additionally complicates the task of burglars .

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

The overhead locking device doesn’t look at least found - but it is reliably and maximally protected

Principles of operation of secret parts

Levels secret mechanisms open and closed by turning the key after the key to key lines form the plates (levers) in a certain order. The number of possible combinations of the location of the key grooves depends on the number of plates moved by it.

The main cylinder needle mechanism is a cylinder with moving elements located inside - code pins (pins), which, under the influence of a key groove, must line up in a certain order. An additional protection in such a device is the profile of the slit of a cylindrical larva. If it does not match the key profile, it will not work to insert the key into the lock. A variety of such cylinder mechanisms are the larvae under perforated keys with counter pins, in which the pins do not rise under the influence of the grooves of the key, but rather fall into the perforation of the key. Therefore, such keys are inserted into the keyhole not horizontally, but horizontally.

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

Perforated key larvae are virtually inaccessible for intellectual hacking.
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In a disk larva of a cylinder mechanism, unlocked by a semicircular key, the lock is opened and closed when the disks located in the larva turn to a certain position. At the same time, a groove is formed on the outer side of the discs, a finger falls into it, which causes the lock rotor to move, pushing its bolts. The principle of operation of the mechanisms under the cross key is similar to the principle of operation of devices under the semicircular key.

The video features specific examples of locks that can be installed and used in a garage. Recommendations for the installation of each lock are given.

In screw locks, the handle is locked or unlocked with a threaded rod that moves along the channel as it rotates. At the opposite end of the screw, hidden by the lock case, there is a spike, groove or a landing slot for the key.

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

It is better to use a screw garage lock as an additional lock

When using bolt locks, bolts with a long flat or round key with grooves that mirror the grooves on the bolts. When the key is removed, the lock springs return the deadbolts to their original closed position.

Code devices can be push-button and disk. The first ones are most often used as an additional lock to the lock of another construction more protected from breaking. Disc can be used as the main lock.

Garage lock: types of designs and 5 nuances of choice

The correct combination for the code disk secret part is difficult to choose
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Overall output

Today, there are many locking devices for the garage on the market. When choosing the most suitable, you must first pay attention to the ratio of resistance to cracking, and, accordingly, the price of the castle, as well as the value of the property to be protected. In principle, any lock can be cracked. But for criminals, risk, time spent on hacking and the benefits of theft still matter. If the benefit is less risk, and time and effort will have to spend quite a lot, attackers are likely to bypass your garage side. When choosing the best option of the castle, it is best to turn to professionals.

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