Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

In this article we will talk about what a grand line folding roof is. To begin with, the features, advantages and disadvantages of such technology in general will be considered. Then you can learn about the nature of the coating from the company Grand Line, be able to get acquainted with the varieties of the folded roof of this manufacturer, options for polymer compositions and price proposals for the material. At the end of the article there is a video about working with folded roofing.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

Fold roofing - a common variant of covering

A little about the folding roofing in general

The fold is called a seam, which are connected to each other metal sheets that make up the roof covering. This method is widespread due to its complete tightness. It is believed that the folded roof - the most durable and reliable option. In addition, this coating has other positive aspects:

  • Fold roof is characterized by absolute fire safety ;

  • The weight of such a coating is small , therefore it does not require gain of the truss system;

  • Thanks to smooth plane moisture on such a roof is practically not delayed.

But the metal roof necessarily requires a lightning conductor, because it can accumulate electrical potential. Also, the folded roof "without a fight" lets in all sounds, and therefore requires good sound insulation.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

A folded roof consists of docked metal strips

Despite the presence of flaws, many experts consider a folded roof the best quality and best option.

Components of such roofing are called “paintings”. "Pictures" have a special mustache at the ends, and when two mustaches are joined, a fold is formed. It is most often vertical, but may be horizontal.

To simplify installation, there are so-called clickfals. These are sheets with special latches on both sides. Connect them easily and quickly.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

Klikfalts "Grand Line"

Various materials are used to manufacture a folded roof. The most common galvanized steel with polymer coating. The characteristics of this material include corrosion resistance and durability, as well as low cost. If you choose simply galvanized faltsevoy roof Grand Line, then you should take into account that the protective layer will eventually become covered with dark spots and require painting.

Choosing a folded roof, you should pay attention to the polymer coating. For example, pural protects well against external influences, and plastisol increases the strength of the sheet.

Fold roof can be copper. The advantage of this solution in plasticity: you can create a roof of almost any configuration. Zinc roofing is distinguished by its silver color due to zinc carbonate coating. However, it has a shorter service life. Aluminum folding seam roof aesthetic, durable and not subject to corrosion. However, it is sensitive to temperature extremes.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

Aluminum folding roof

The folding type of coating is very popular due to its cost and performance. It can be used for the construction of industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial and commercial buildings, outbuildings and residential buildings.

Features of the folding Grand Line

The manufacturer states that his folding roof can serve more than 30 years. Per square meter of surface accounts for 275 grams of zinc. Thanks to the additional stiffeners, the coating is resistant to mechanical damage, you can walk on it. The connection is made in such a way that it completely eliminates leakage, so the truss system will always remain intact and dry. Planned repair of the folding line of the Grand Line, as the manufacturer claims, will be required not earlier than 15-20 years after installation.

Varieties of the folding line of the Grand Line

There are two main modifications of the folding roof of the company.

Klikfaltsy Grand Line - self-latching plates designed for mounting with PS screws. Such material is used for roofs of 16 ° and more. Klikfaltsy not suitable for roofing complex configuration

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

Roofing works using Klicfalz Grand Line
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Even the Grand Line company produces "pictures" with a double stand-up fold. This type of fastening provides increased tightness of the connection. For fixing the elements, special accessories are used - clamps. Double rebate can be used for roofs with an angle of inclination of 3 °.

Comparing these two technologies, it is worth noting that, although the first is simpler, it is still better to use the second one. It is more reliable and hermetic, and also suitable for all types and configurations of roofs.

The Grand Line produces "pictures" with a length from 0.9 to 1.2 m. The width of all elements is standard and is 51 cm.

Types of coatings of the folding line Grand Line

The company has several of the most popular and reliable coatings in the range. It is their consumers who most often choose.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

Fold roofing is treated with polymer coatings

Here are the most common polymer coatings:

  • Polyester . The metal is coated with 25 microns with a layer of composition. The thickness of the metal base is 0.5 mm. This is the most versatile and affordable material, because it is quite inexpensive. The declared service life is 25 years.

  • Quarzit Matt . Apply a layer of to 50 μm on a half-millimeter galvanized metal. The warranty on such faltsevuyu roof - 35 years.

  • Safari . Service life of 30 years. Well protected from ultraviolet radiation . "Paintings" with such a coating are fully protected from corrosion.

There are also less durable coatings, such as Atlas, Drap, Satin. The warranty on them is 15 years. It can be noted a very rich color range of folded roof from this manufacturer. For example, there are colors "red wine", "green moss", "terracotta", "wet asphalt" and many others.

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How much does a Grand Line

folding roofing cost? The price depends on the type of polymer, the thickness of the material, the length of the "picture", the presence of galvanization. Averages at the price and characteristics materials are comparable at cost to similar types of roofing coverings.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

The Grand Line roof with a double standing seam

Now about the roof with a double standing seam. A square meter of a folded roof with a Quarzit Matt covering and 0.5 mm thick will cost 725 rubles. The same in size material, colored composition Atlas costs about 580 rubles. For 670 rubles, you can purchase a square meter of the “picture” covered with Safari, and a roof painted with polyester will cost about 550 rubles.

Klikfalts coated with polyester will cost 600 rubles per square meter. m. Similar material, painted Quarzit Matt will cost 560 rubles, and per square meter of Klikfaltz coated with Drap will have to pay 520 rubles.

Folding roof Grand Line, folding Grand Line, klikfalts Grand Line and its advantages

The component element of the folded roof is the “picture”

As you can see, the price of the Grand Line rebate ranges from 500 to 750 rubles per square meter.

The video tells about the features of working with a folded roof covering and about what you need to know about the operation of this material:

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The folding of the Grand Line is characterized by high performance and absolute tightness of the joint. The roof, made with the use of this material, will serve for a long time and without complaints. The price of "pictures" for a faltsevy roof allows to call this material rather available. Thanks to all these qualities, metal roofing on the folds is one of the most popular and common options.


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