Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Today we will understand the topic - the fence of the suburban area. The variety of options offered is enormous, and everyone tries to choose the type that suits him by some parameters. Therefore, we will try to tell about all the types of fences, to make it easier to choose, and in some ways, perhaps, to argue with the architect or representative of the contracting organization.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Country fence - decoration of a country site

It should be noted that the summer fence is a reflection of the inner world of the owner of a country site. We want to be open to the whole world - we mount openwork protective structures made of metal profiles. At the forefront of putting safe living - we raise a powerful fence, through which personal life does not peep. I want to show that you are a creative person, then we use new materials and technologies in the construction. At the same time turn on the fantasy. You do not want to bother at all, then choose the simplest solution, for example, a fence made of corrugated flooring.

Types of protective structures

Let's go from simple to complex. That is, we will first consider fences, the construction of which is simple. And then we move on to more complex varieties.

Simple protective structures

The simplest option is a fence from a chain-link mesh. Traditional fence for summer cottages, simple and cheap, open to all winds territory. In fact, such a fence only denotes the borders of the dacha. He does not carry any security load.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Fence at the cottage from the chain-link mesh

The device of such a fence requires only the grid itself, a steel pipe with a diameter of 32 or 40 mm, cement and gravel. Here is an algorithm for how to install a fence from a chain-link mesh:

  1. Dig around the perimeter of the site every 1.5-2.0 m pits 60-70 cm deep.

  2. In these pipes are installed, trimmed to the width of the grid, plus the depth of the dug holes. The standard grid width is 1.5 m, although up to 4 m can be ordered.

  3. Racks are filled with concrete solution.

  4. The net is unwound from the roll and is tied to the posts with a binding wire evenly along the height of the supports.

Today the market offers ready-made sections of rabbits fencing structures, which are rectangular shapes of different sizes. A convenient option, much more noble than simply stretching the grid and tying it to the posts.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Cottage fencing from a chain-link mesh in sections

Fence from a picket fence

Traditional fencing of a site. Since wood in Russia has always been affordable and cheap, it was no sin to use it for protective functions. However, under the negative influence of natural loads, such a fence served not for long. But no one about this twisted, because cheap wood immediately changed new.

Already in the years of the Soviet Union, summer residents simply painted wooden fence designs, prolonging their life. It should be noted that today the picket fence has not gone into oblivion. Wood, however, has risen in price. Therefore, it was replaced by plastic. Polymeric fencing is a huge variety of decorative design. But this is not the only advantage:

  • with time does not change of its operational characteristics: does not fade, does not crack, does not warp, does not rot;

  • there is no need to periodically paint;

  • plastic does not appear colonies of harmful microorganisms;

  • the price is not higher than wooden products;

  • the installation is exactly the same as the wooden picket fence.

The only drawback is low mechanical strength. This especially applies to shock loads.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Wooden picket fence protecting the cottage

Today, manufacturers offer two types of plastic picket fence:

  1. These are separate elements that are mounted on plastic rails.

  2. These are whole sections that are installed between support columns.

For the price, the two options are practically the same. As for the installation technology, it is similar to the installation of a grid of hazelnut. That is, install the pillars-racks to which the sections are attached. Or, first horizontal guides, and already to the last he picket.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Plastic picket fence complete with support pillars

Wooden fences

And although the traditional picket fence is classified as wooden designs, I would like to identify several options for fences made of wood. The first type is the construction of horizontally laid boards.There are two options:

  • discharged , when between the boards, by the way, not necessarily trimmed, a decent gap is left;

  • solid —when no gaps are left.

The first option is divided into two groups: single-layer and two-layer. In the first case, everything is clear - these are the stands on which the boards are mounted on one side. The second is the posts to which the boards are mounted from two sides. In this case, they are set so that the back layer closes the gaps of the outer layer. In the photo below it is clearly visible.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Two-layer wooden fence made of horizontally laid unedged boards
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In principle, wooden fences for summer cottage are quite a lot of variety, if you turn on the fantasy. From boards or bars, you can collect decorative shields of different configurations, patterns and sizes. Look at the photo below for one of these original options.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

The peculiar design of the wooden fence

Metal fences

Again, we denote that the chain-link is classified as metal country fences. In addition, you can use plaster mesh of small steel reinforcement. But the bright representative of this category is the fence of corrugated board.

This material, as soon as it appeared on the market, immediately gained great popularity. Summer residents began to cover the roofs of houses, build small buildings from profiled sheets, build canopies and roofs. And, of course, did not fail to use as fences.

All are well profiled:

  • durable ;

  • with a large variety of color design ;

  • a decent service life ;

  • easy to install ;

  • does not require additional maintenance;

  • acceptable price of material;

  • the ability to combine with other building materials and structures.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Fencing to give and profiled metal sheets

As for the technology of building a fence of corrugated, it is it is that after installing the support posts, lags from a profiled pipe are mounted on them. By the way, the supporting pillars can be from a pipe (with a round or rectangular section), beams, logs, bricks or blocks. Lags are attached to the uprights, and already to them with self-tapping screws sheeting.

Watch the video, which shows how to build a fence of corrugated flooring correctly:

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The group of metal fences includes fences erected from metal structures. It would probably be wrong to attribute them to simple structures. Because the manufacture of decorative grids itself is a creative process, albeit a laborious one. Therefore, the price of these products is considerable.

But since the conversation is about the simplicity of the structure, this variety can be attributed to the group of simple intake structures. On the market today you can buy a huge variety of decorative items. Here both ready sections, and separate details which gather in a uniform design already on a place of erection of a fence. The latter option is preferable for creative people, because of the details they collect various patterns, alternating them in different sequences or positions. The photo below shows a metal fence of an inconspicuous view, but a very original one. Notice how it fit well between the stone pillars.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Decorative lattice from a steel square as a dacha fence

Complex protective structures

So, with simple fences to give understand. Note that many gardeners choose them because of the simplicity and low cost of construction. But not everyone is committed to simple solutions. Therefore, we will tell about powerful, heavy fences, which cost a lot of money. But behind them, as they say, like a stone wall.

To begin with, a powerful foundation, usually a strip one, is necessarily poured under heavy fencing structures. It must be kept for 28 days, so that the concrete gained its brand strength. And only after that they proceed to the construction of the intake structure.

Traditionally, such fences are made of brick, stone or blocks. And if the first two materials are not only the supporting elements of the building, but also finishing, then with the blocks everything is not always simple. Today, the aesthetic side of the issue is given much attention.And gray concrete blocks are not always presentable. Such fences are installed on the back of the suburban area, where no one sees them. But from the front side the blocks have to be lined. And there are a lot of options. For example, in the photo below is a fence trimmed with tiles made of artificial stone.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Block fence lined with stone tiles
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As for the brick fence, it is possible to suggest a large number of ways to lay it, especially the outer layer, to create a decorative filling for the dacha fence. As one of the options in the photo below.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Brick fence for giving

Stone fencing for the suburban area is another popular type. It should be noted that the technology of construction of stone buildings is not easy. It requires a specialist with experience in this type of work. But if you find such a master, then you can build a very original protective building in the country. Look at the photo below. It is just a work of art.

Fencing suburban area - a huge variety of proposals

Fence at the dacha of cobblestone


Today, there are more and more offers to build unique protective structures. One of them is gabions. In fact, it is a three-dimensional form of steel mesh (ruby or plaster), which is filled with natural stone. Although some summer residents for filling use broken brick or concrete. By the way, it also looks good.

The uniqueness of this design lies in the fact that the grid structure can be assembled in various shapes and sizes. Here, as in the case of other types of fences for the garden, you just need to turn on the fantasy.

According to its purely technical and operational characteristics, gabions are not inferior to stone structures. They are also durable, have almost unlimited service life, they are easy to care for (wash off dust with water pressure). But the construction process is not as complicated as in the case of brick or block structures. The main task of the manufacturer is to follow the technology of filling stones exactly.

The video shows how to properly assemble a fence from gabions:

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Summing up

We told about all the popular destinations in the category of fence designs for summer cottage. In fact, every year new materials appear that are used for the construction of fences of country sites. Recently, the technology "Brig", more and more offered plastic products. But traditional models do not lose their positions.

Of course, one must treat fences differently. For example, the fence for the garden for the suburban area - it is simple and light construction, often from the grid. The fencing of the site itself is increasingly being chosen more original.


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