Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

The article will talk about where you can buy a loft in Moscow, how this acquisition can be justified, what disadvantages it has, who can afford such housing. Photos and videos clearly demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment under the roof.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

New buildings with attic floors in Moscow

Analysis of existing offers

Attic sales in Moscow are also conducted at the primary, and in the secondary market. There are very practical projects of houses built in the style of a loft, in which all the under roof space is equipped with all the necessary requirements. And here the buyer has the right to choose what to buy: a multi-level apartment with an attic or the attic itself without additional space. Such housing is offered with ready repair or without finishing.

In any case, all technical components are already present: reliable windows are installed on the roof, high-quality sound and heat insulation of the roof is carried out, heating is carried out, and hot and cold water is supplied. Similar square meters are in residential complexes "The Loft Сlub", "Wine House", "Dawn LOFT ★ STUDIO 334".

They are located in cozy alleys, inside they have apartments of various sizes, each with its own development infrastructure (shops, beauty salons, parking lots, bars, playgrounds for children, and other significant social facilities). Buying such an attic in Moscow will be expensive, but it will provide decent living conditions and provide an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of living under the roof.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

Residential complex "Dawn LOFT ★ STUDIO 334" - luxury homes with an attic

Modern penthouses are very different from those that are located in the houses of old buildings. At the second low quality indicators and uncomfortable layout. At the first all internal space is organized taking into account modern ideas of comfort.

In the secondary market, attic houses are mostly settled in old houses (a house on Filippovskaya Street, a house with a glass, a profitable house of Vishnyakov, a house on Savinskaya and Kotelnicheskaya Embankment). Usually they offer a species apartment with attic or housing with open terraces. The choice of such proposals is justified when there is a desire to settle in the very center of the capital and have views of famous attractions.

They are few. This is explained by the fact that the architects of the capital before the revolution that occurred in 1917, preferred to erect buildings in the style of classicism. They did not have space for large attics. With the advent of Soviet power, constructivism became the main style. He also did not anticipate the construction of a large attic. Only 5% of the entire old housing stock in Moscow is suitable so that you can restore the roof and organize residential apartments under its space. But here, the developer has many restrictions.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

House with a glass in the capital

Attic price

The price range is very large: according to realtors in the capital it ranges from 5 to 30 thousand dollars per square meter. Described housing in the capital belongs to the category of elite, so it is 10% more expensive than classic apartments. There is a great demand for attic without additional meters on the lower level ranging from 90 to 120 square meters with a price of 15 thousand dollars per square.

Should I buy an attic

Only after the collapse of the USSR was the construction charter changed. It made changes in which the height of the ridge of the roof and the height of its eaves are no longer regulated by law. Construction companies were able to build houses in which living space increased due to the use of attic space. Additional expenses on its arrangement were justified by the fact that a well-insulated roof helped reduce heat loss and reduce electricity consumption in winter.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

Living space under the attic
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So what did the buyer end up with? From the positive moments:

  • Beautiful view from window . Attic is located on the top floor, from there opens a large panorama . If the house is in a good area, you can enjoy views of the parks or attractions.

  • No upper neighbors . Many people do not like the fact that something constantly knocks over their heads, any, even a very humble family living over someone, will produce a noise that can irritate very sensitive people.In the attic in this regard is much quieter only because there is nothing and no one above it.

  • High insolation and energy efficiency . Attic windows are located on sloping roofs . Due to this, one of them penetrates into the apartment much more than daylight . This helps to significantly save on electricity, and therefore, reduce utility bills.

  • Additional exit to roof . This option is not everywhere, but for some attic it is present. Having access to the flat roof, you can get out on it and arrange picnics . If there is no fear of heights, this additional advantage should please.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

Attic in new buildings in Moscow with access to the roof
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With a great desire, you can install a real fireplace in the attic. The truth for this will have to get permission and significantly to spend money, but the idea is worth it.

Attic is good because inside it you can create an open plan, organize some hidden corners where you can stay with yourself or fully enjoy online communication. Those who have already had experience of living in such rooms, notes that they significantly expand the range of home activities. Life acquires special significance and is filled with new meaning. There is an opportunity to look at the surrounding space quite differently, the usual stereotypes are crumbling, the desire to create appears. And this is the most important advantage of buying non-standard apartments.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

Complex geometry of attic spaces

But in any situation you need to understand sensibly and rationally. There are a number of aspects of life in the attic, which can be attributed to the minuses. Any attic space has a complex geometry: bevels, angles, sloping walls. To furnish such a space is difficult. Large furniture is not suitable for this. Not every style can be chosen for the design of the room. Best of all for the designated purposes are suitable modern trends that are more popular with young people or creative persons. This means that not everyone can live in the attic.

In the attic floors (especially in the houses of old buildings) there are low ceilings. They are not straight, as in standard apartments, the ceiling is formed at the junction of two walls. This, psychologists say, causes psychological discomfort to many. When a person is forced to spend most of the day in such a space, it begins to press a little. It is difficult to cope with this, and it must be taken into account.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

Attic rooms with low ceilings
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In Moscow, penthouses belong to the category of luxury housing. They a priori can not be cheap. In residential areas, such proposals simply do not exist; in the historical center, the price tags themselves always “bite”. As a result, not everyone can afford to buy a loft.

In Russia, the described type of housing takes root difficult. In most cases, such a rejection is due to the harsh climate. In winter, snowfall often overwhelms the roofs with snow, no one will clear the roof every time to open the skylight of the roof windows, so it becomes dark in the attic during the winter.

If the roof is poorly insulated, it will also be cold. In order to qualitatively heat the described room, it is necessary to install different heating systems: both central and "warm floor", and to keep electric heaters in reserve. Then it will be possible to create a comfortable environment. In the summer, the roof and the windows on it become very hot with the sun; it cannot survive without air conditioning. And in the attic there must be good ventilation, otherwise fungus and mold will quickly settle in it.

The video tells how Moscow lofts are massively rearranged to the attic:

Another problem of all the attic is the leakage of the roof. In this case, at their own expense will have to change the roof of the whole house. If the roof was improperly insulated, condensation will constantly accumulate inside the premises. It is a favorable environment for the development of fungi and mold.

Almost all attic rooms have no summer rooms (balconies or terraces), few lucky people have open access to the roof. In winter, they do not go out, so breathe fresh air will not succeed. And this also needs to be taken into account when choosing the option described for permanent housing.

Buy an attic in the capital: all the pros and cons

Club house with penthouses on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment in Moscow
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Summary of the topic

Practice shows that the demand for apartments with attic is not as great as we would like. Many are incredulous about such apartments. This is due to the presence of a large number of minuses. There are more than pluses. But those who manage to turn them into additional bonuses, really enjoy a comfortable life. In the attic is difficult to live with young children. Older people, it is also poor fit. But romantic couples, students, writers and artists, musicians and sculptors in such a space can appreciate all the advantages of the described choice.


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