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Music Summer Program;
Kostas Kalafatis & young Stavrakas will sing & play
Greek music once a week, mostly on Wednesdays.

Saturday 27th of June 2009

Book a table at phone no. 24240 24734

See Kostas Kalafatis & Xristos Metrentzis
at Annas Restaurant, September 2008, Skopelos,
on YouTube

Mail from Kostas; 

"The song I sing and play with Xristos is <<oti ki an po den se xechno..>>
means everything I say I can't forget you,
composed by Vasilis Tsitsanis.

- και το αρωματικό φυτό Βασιλικός
I just had to add the "Vasilikos" ...
(-the small green you see up here!)

Anna tempted me to try
some of her new dishes,
just delicious!

She has bought a "thing" where she smokes fish and meat.
The small dish to the left is my favorite; lightly smoked trout
with slices of pears and parsley.
In front delicious small fish on tomato and finely cut
couchettes, - the different tastes melts in the mouth.
To the right the tomato-salad with a new twist of
olive-dressing, onions and menthe.


Anna is a chef
but she has a chef by her side; Konstantinos Aivazoglou, her nephew.
He has traveled the world and worked at different places, amongst them;

"Noma in Copenhagen named best restaurant in the world

A Danish restaurant that forages for much of its food in the local countryside has been named the best in the world, in an influential survey of chefs and critics around the world.

"If you work with me you will often be starting your day in the forest or on the shore because I believe foraging will shape you as a chef. I know it has shaped me. If you see how a plant grows and you taste it in situ you have a perfect example of how it should taste on the plate. But it's more than that. When you get close to the raw materials and taste them at the moment they let go of the soil, you learn to respect them." - said the head chef of Noma in an interview.

Read more here; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinknews/7635378/

Annas opened at Easter 2004, - after her daughter had told her to come and see this nice restaurant which was vacant!
It is situated in the heart of town, on the way to the Old Kastro,
in a nice, flowery garden where one can sit with comfort.
Annas is a very cozy place, real tablecloths and good service, 
- and if it is cold or rainy one may sit inside!
I love the big, dark red fireplace!

The nicely decorated menu has many temptations,
different from what you find in most of the tavernas in town.

My favorites are;
The salad with spinach, bacon, mushrooms and ...
The new salad with pears and ...
Annas Wild Rice - different rice with wonderful other "things"!
The grilled salmon - if it is on the menu!
Keep in mind that often Anna has more dishes to offer!
The other night she had crayfish, very nicely grilled with salt, 
but it was not too salty, just fantastic!

Spinach, muchroms and bacon salad! "Karavides" Chicken Arxestratos

Annas åpnet til påske 2004, - etter at hennes datter hadde mast på henne at hun i alle fall kunne ta en titt på den "ledige" restauranten! Annas ligger i hjertet av byen, i en koselig have, på vei mot Gamle Kastro.
Et sted med meget koselig atmosfære, skikkelige duker og god service, - og er det kaldt eller regn, kan man sitte inne!
Den store, mørk røde peisen er bare herlig!
Menyene er små og koselige med mange fristelser.
Mine favoritter er;
Salat med spinat, bacon, sopp og ...
Den nye salaten med pærer og ...
Annas Wild Rice - forskjellig ris med 
mange spennende "ting"!
Grillet laksekotellet - hvis den er på menyen!
Pluss at Anna ofte har noe ekstra å tilby, - i går var det kreps! Helt nydelig grillet med salt, alikevel ikke for salt!

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