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Angelos and his 4 sons; Xristofforos, Xristos, Andreas and Reginos in 2003

Ta Kimata; a family restaurant in the Old Harbour of Skopelos.
Ta Kimata, next to the waves, - the name means waves.
We are still many who calls the restaurant Angelos,
- the name of the father sitting up her, he left us in 2014 unfortnately!

This is Skopelos` oldest taverna,
establishes in 1896 by the boys great grandmother.

When I came to Skopelos in 1983 it was Angelos who was the face of
the restaurant and his brother Takis the chef in the kitchen.
Now both men are gone, but you can feel them around, anyway!

Angelos is lucky; Think to get 4 sons and
all of them takes over work in the family taverna!

Takis son, Xristos, have the bar Pavlos, upstairs.

The taverna and the whole house was fully restored in 2005.
The kitchen is very modern but the dishes are still
the great Greek food that we all love,
but also some more new dishes has arrived!!

I like that one can go into the kitchen and have a look at all the
temptations while one of the boys tells you what they all are.
Seafood and la carte is also possible.



Giant Beans in Tomato Sauce 

Stuffed Cuttlefish

Pork on pita bread, a receipt from the grandfather

They have a lot of fresh fish & seafood, depending on the season,
- always kept on ice.


Yogurt with Honey and walnuts,
a perfect end to a great meal!



More photos;

The Old Boys; Angelos & Takis April 2011
Unfortunately they both left us spring 2014
Kalo Taxidi!

The proud grandparents with their first grandchild;
Angelos the 5th!
It is great to know that there is already one young man
to take over the family business,
and he has got a small sister this winter.



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